King John
M E S S E N G E R FAULCONBRIDGE FAMILY ENGLISH COURT ENGLISH COURT FRENCH COURT James GURNEY CHATILLON EXECUTIONER CONSTANCE MELUN QUEEN ELEANOR KING JOHN ENGLISH HERALD FRENCH HERALD KING PHILIP II LEWIS THE DAUPHIN PETER OF POMFRET a prophet CARDINAL PANDULPH papal legate ARTHUR Duke of Brittaine BLANCHE of Spain HUBERT of Angiers PRINCE HENRY (Henry III) LADY FAULCONBRIDGE [Sir Robert Faulconbridge ] Robert FAULCONBRIDGE Earl of PEMBROKE Earl of SALISBURY Archduke of AUSTRIA Lord BIGOT Earl of ESSEX Philip the BASTARD (Richard) follower follower lovers lord ally ambassador [Richard I Coeur-de-lion] son son son son son son M E S S E N G E R b r o t h e r s s p o u s e n e p h e w n i e c e f o l l o w e r m a r r i e s KING JOHN 704889 KING JOHN PRINCE HENRY 704898 Henry III PEMBROKE 704895 EARL OF PEMBROKE [William Marshal] PEMBROKE <i>and</i> BIGOT 704896 EARL OF PEMBROKE [William Marshal] SALISBURY 704901 EARL OF SALISBURY [William de Longespée] ESSEX 704884 EARL OF ESSEX BIGOT 704877 LORD BIGOT PEMBROKE <i>and</i> BIGOT 704896 LORD BIGOT ROBERT FAULCONBRIDGE 704900 ROBERT FAULCONBRIDGE, son of Sir Robert Faulconbridge [Falconbridge] BASTARD 704876 Philip the BASTARD, his half-brother, revealed as the son of King Richard Coeur-de-lion [Philip Falcon - bridge / Faulconbridge] HUBERT 704888 - lower of King John GURNEY 704887 JAMES GURNEY, a follower of Lady Faulconbridge PETER 704897 PETER OF POMFRET, a prophet ENGLISH HERALD 704883 A HERALD EXECUTIONER 704885 AN EXECUTIONER QUEEN ELEANOR 704899 QUEEN ELEANOR, mother of King John BLANCHE 704878 BLANCHE of Spain, niece of King John LADY FAULCONBRIDGE 704891 LADY FAULCONBRIDGE, widow of Sir Robert Faulconbridge [Falconbridge] KING PHILIP 704890 KING PHILIP II LEWIS THE DAUPHIN 704892 LEWIS THE DAUPHIN [Louis] ARTHUR 704874 ARTHUR, Duke of Brittaine (Brittany), nephew of King John [Earl of Richmond; Arthur Plantagenet] AUSTRIA 704875 ARCHDUKE OF AUSTRIA (Viscount of Limoges) MELUN 704893 MELUN, a French lord CHATILLON 704880 CHATILLON, ambassador from France to King John FRENCH HERALD 704886 A HERALD CONSTANCE 704881 CONSTANCE, mother of Arthur CARDINAL PANDULPH 704879 CARDINAL PANDULPH [Pandolf] FRENCH MESSENGER 705900 A MESSENGER MESSENGER 704894 A MESSENGER

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