Henry IV Part 1
S o l d i e r s THE KINGS PARTY THE ROBBERY AT GADSHILL FALSTAFF AND HIS COMPANIONS THE REBELS KING HENRY IV SHERIFF 1ST CARRIER 2ND CARRIER OSTLER VINTNER FRANCIS a drawer Sir John FALSTAFF Harry HOTSPUR MESSENGERS SERVANT 1ST 2ND Lady Mortimer Lord Edward MORTIMER Kate, LADY PERCY Richard Scrope, ARCHBISHOP of York Henry Percy, Earl of NORTHUMBERLAND Earl of DOUGLAS Sir Richard VERNON SIR MICHAEL Thomas Percy, Earl of WORCESTER Owen GLENDOWER HOSTESS Mistress Nell Quickly 1ST TRAVELLER 2ND TRAVELLER PRINCE HAL (Henry) Lord John of LANCASTER Earl of WESTMORLAND Sir Walter BLUNT sons supporters associates Eastcheap Tavern brothers daughter sibs spouse associates attendant spouse son G A D S H I L L P E T O B A R D O L P H P O I N S L o r d s A t t e n d a n t s S o l d i e r s C H A M B E R L A I N KING HENRY 705559 KING HENRY IV, formerly Henry Bolingbroke, son of John of Gaunt [Harry]PRINCE HAL 705568 HENRY (or HAL), Prince of Wales, the King's eldest son [Harry Monmouth; later, King Henry V]LANCASTER 705561 LORD JOHN OF LANCASTER, a younger son of King Henry IV [Duke of Bedford]WESTMORLAND 705578 EARL OF WESTMORLAND, kinsman by law to Henry IV [1st Earl]BLUNT 705546 SIR WALTER BLUNTNORTHUMBERLAND 705564 HENRY PERCY, Earl of NorthumberlandHOTSPUR 705558 HARRY HOTSPUR, his son [Harry Percy]LADY PERCY 705560 LADY PERCY (KATE), Hotspur's wife, sister of MortimerWORCESTER 705579 THOMAS PERCY, Earl of WorcesterMORTIMER 705563 EDMUND, LORD MORTIMERGLENDOWER 705556 OWEN GLENDOWER [Owain Glyndwr]DOUGLAS 705549 EARL OF DOUGLAS [Archibald]VERNON 705576 SIR RICHARD VERNONARCHBISHOP 705544 RICHARD SCROOP, Archbishop of YorkSIR MICHAEL 705574 SIR MICHAEL, a member of the household of the ArchbishopFALSTAFF 705550 SIR JOHN FALSTAFF [Sir John Oldcastle; Jack]POINS 705567 POINS [Edward Poins; Poines; Poynes; Pointz; Ned; Yedward]BARDOLPH 705545 BARDOLPH [Harvey]PETO 705566 PETOHOSTESS 705557 MISTRESS QUICKLY, hostess of the Tavern in Eastcheap [Nell]FRANCIS 705554 FRANCIS, a drawerVINTNER 705577 VintnerGADSHILL 705555 GADSHILLCHAMBERLAIN 705548 ChamberlainSHERIFF 705573 SheriffOSTLER 705565 Ostler [Tom]FIRST CARRIER 705551 First Carrier [Mugs]SECOND CARRIER 705569 Second CarrierMESSENGER 705562 MessengerFIRST MESSENGER 705552 First MessengerSECOND MESSENGER 705570 Second MessengerFIRST TRAVELLER 705553 First TravellerSECOND TRAVELLER 705571 Second TravellerTHIEVES 705575 UNISONSERVANT 705572 Servant

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