The Two Gentlemen of Verona
M u s i c i a n s A t t e n d a n t s MILAN FOREST VERONA LUCETTA ANTONIO PANTHINO LAUNCE SPEED PROTEUS JULIA EGLAMOUR SERVANT THURIO VALENTINE OUTLAWS SILVIA JULIA as Proteuspage Sebastian DUKE of Milan HOST of Tavern servant lovers later suitor son daughter courtier suitor servants maid 1ST 2ND 3RD ANTONIO 174 ANTONIO, father of Proteus DUKE 175 THE DUKE OF MILAN EGLAMOUR 176 Milan HOST 178 Host of the Inn where Julia lodges in Milan JULIA 179 JULIA, the beloved of Proteus, later disguised as SEBASTIAN, a page LAUNCE 180 LAUNCE, servant of Proteus LUCETTA 181 LUCETTA, waiting-woman of Julia FIRST OUTLAW 177 FIRST OUTLAW SECOND OUTLAW 185 SECOND OUTLAW PANTHINO 183 PANTHINO, servant of Antonio PROTEUS 184 PROTEUS THIRD OUTLAW 189 THIRD OUTLAW SERVANT 186 Servants SILVIA 187 SILVIA, his daughter and the beloved of Valentine SPEED 188 SPEED, servant of Valentine THURIO 190 THURIO, a foolish suitor for Silvias hand VALENTINE 191 VALENTINE [Valentinus] OUTLAWS 182 UNISON Outlaws

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