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All's Well That Ends WellAW I.i.57Madam, I desire your holy wishes.Maddam I desire your holie wishes.
All's Well That Ends WellAW I.iii.32Faith, madam, I have other holy reasons, such asFaith Madam I haue other holie reasons, such as
All's Well That Ends WellAW II.i.138So holy writ in babes hath judgement shown,So holy Writ, in babes hath iudgement showne,
All's Well That Ends WellAW III.i.4.2Holy seems the quarrelHoly seemes the quarrell
All's Well That Ends WellAW III.v.38If you will tarry, holy pilgrim,If you will tarrie holy Pilgrime
All's Well That Ends WellAW IV.ii.23What is not holy, that we swear not by,What is not holie, that we sweare not by,
All's Well That Ends WellAW IV.ii.32Be not so holy-cruel. Love is holy,Be not so holy cruell: Loue is holie,
All's Well That Ends WellAW IV.iii.48Jaques le Grand; which holy undertaking with mostIaques le grand; which holy vndertaking, with most
Antony and CleopatraAC II.ii.244Become themselves in her, that the holy priestsBecome themselues in her, that the holy Priests
Antony and CleopatraAC II.vi.120very strangler of their amity. Octavia is of a holy, cold,very strangler of their Amity: Octauia is of a holy, cold,
Antony and CleopatraAC IV.viii.29Like holy Phoebus' car. Give me thy hand.Like holy Phobus Carre. Giue me thy hand,
As You Like ItAYL II.iii.13Are sanctified and holy traitors to you.Are sanctified and holy traitors to you:
As You Like ItAYL II.vii.122And have with holy bell been knolled to church,And haue with holy bell bin knowld to Church,
As You Like ItAYL III.iv.13touch of holy bread.touch of holy bread.
As You Like ItAYL III.v.99So holy and so perfect is my love,So holy, and so perfect is my loue,
The Comedy of ErrorsCE II.i.80Between you I shall have a holy head.Betweene you, I shall haue a holy head. 
The Comedy of ErrorsCE III.ii.14Teach sin the carriage of a holy saint;Teach sinne the carriage of a holy Saint,
The Comedy of ErrorsCE III.ii.27'Tis holy sport to be a little vain'Tis holy sport to be a little vaine,
The Comedy of ErrorsCE IV.iv.53To yield possession to my holy prayers,To yeeld possession to my holie praiers,
The Comedy of ErrorsCE V.i.104With wholesome syrups, drugs, and holy prayers,With wholsome sirrups, drugges, and holy prayers 
CoriolanusCor III.iii.51.1Like graves i'th' holy churchyard.Like Graues i'th holy Church-yard.
CoriolanusCor III.iii.113More holy and profound, than mine own life,More holy, and profound, then mine owne life,
CymbelineCym I.ii.18Always reserved my holy duty – what (Alwayes reseru'd my holy duty) what
CymbelineCym I.vii.166The truest mannered: such a holy witchThe truest manner'd: such a holy Witch,
CymbelineCym III.iii.4To a morning's holy office. The gates of monarchsTo a mornings holy office. The Gates of Monarches
CymbelineCym III.iv.61Did scandal many a holy tear, took pityDid scandall many a holy teare: tooke pitty
CymbelineCym III.iv.179And, doubling that, most holy. Your means abroad:And doubling that, most holy. Your meanes abroad:
CymbelineCym IV.iv.41To look upon the holy sun, to haveTo looke vpon the holy Sunne, to haue
CymbelineCym V.iv.115Was sulphurous to smell: the holy eagleWas sulphurous to smell: the holy Eagle
CymbelineCym V.v.269Prove holy water on thee; Innogen,Proue holy-water on thee; Imogen,
HamletHam I.iii.114With almost all the holy vows of heaven.with all the vowes of Heauen.
HamletHam III.iii.8Most holy and religious fear it isMost holie and Religious feare it is
Henry IV Part 11H4 I.i.24To chase these pagans in those holy fieldsTo chace these Pagans in those holy Fields,
Henry IV Part 11H4 I.i.48Brake off our business for the Holy Land.Brake off our businesse for the Holy land.
Henry IV Part 11H4 I.i.101Our holy purpose to Jerusalem.Our holy purpose to Ierusalem.
Henry IV Part 22H4 I.i.202Supposed sincere and holy in his thoughts,Suppos'd sincere, and holy in his Thoughts:
Henry IV Part 22H4 III.i.104We would, dear lords, unto the Holy Land.Wee would (deare Lords) vnto the Holy-Land.
Henry IV Part 22H4 IV.ii.7Your exposition on the holy text,Your exposition on the holy Text,
Henry IV Part 22H4 IV.v.210To lead out many to the Holy Land,To leade out many to the Holy Land;
Henry IV Part 22H4 IV.v.237Which vainly I supposed the Holy Land.Which (vainly) I suppos'd the Holy-Land.
Henry VH5 I.i.23And a true lover of the holy Church.And a true louer of the holy Church.
Henry VH5 IV.viii.121Do we all holy rites:Doe we all holy Rights:
Henry VI Part 11H6 I.ii.51A holy maid hither with me I bring,A holy Maid hither with me I bring,
Henry VI Part 11H6 I.iv.102A holy prophetess new risen up,A holy Prophetesse, new risen vp,
Henry VI Part 11H6 II.i.49Tut, holy Joan was his defensive guard.Tut, holy Ioane was his defensiue Guard.
Henry VI Part 11H6 III.i.58Yes, when his holy state is touched so near.Yes, when his holy State is toucht so neere.
Henry VI Part 11H6 III.i.59State holy or unhallowed, what of that?State holy, or vnhallow'd, what of that?
Henry VI Part 11H6 III.i.112If holy churchmen take delight in broils?If holy Church-men take delight in broyles?
Henry VI Part 11H6 III.iii.14We'll set thy statue in some holy place,Wee'le set thy Statue in some holy place,
Henry VI Part 11H6 V.iv.39Virtuous and holy, chosen from aboveVertuous and Holy, chosen from aboue,
Henry VI Part 11H6 V.iv.65Now heaven forfend! The holy maid with child?Now heauen forfend, the holy Maid with child?
Henry VI Part 22H6 I.iii.56His weapons holy saws of sacred writ;His Weapons, holy Sawes of sacred Writ,
Henry VI Part 22H6 II.i.37Faith, holy uncle, would 'twere come to that!Faith holy Vnckle, would't were come to that.
Henry VI Part 22H6 II.i.87Or of devotion, to this holy shrine?or of Deuotion, / To this holy Shrine?
Henry VI Part 22H6 IV.iv.9I'll send some holy bishop to entreat;Ile send some holy Bishop to intreat:
Henry VI Part 33H6 I.iv.105Now in his life, against your holy oath?Now in his Life, against your holy Oath?
Henry VI Part 33H6 III.iii.243To him forthwith in holy wedlock bands.To him forthwith, in holy Wedlocke bands.
Henry VI Part 33H6 V.i.89Perhaps thou wilt object my holy oath;Perhaps thou wilt obiect my holy Oath:
Henry VIIIH8 I.i.158As shore of rock. Attend: this holy fox,As shore of Rocke: attend. This holy Foxe,
Henry VIIIH8 I.ii.160Spoke by a holy monk, ‘ that oft,’ says he,Spoke by a holy Monke, that oft, sayes he,
Henry VIIIH8 II.ii.98And thank the holy conclave for their loves.And thanke the holy Conclaue for their loues,
Henry VIIIH8 III.i.102The more shame for ye! Holy men I thought ye,The more shame for ye; holy men I thought ye,
Henry VIIIH8 III.ii.144For holy offices I have a time; a timeFor Holy Offices I haue a time; a time
Henry VIIIH8 III.ii.263Whilst your great goodness, out of holy pity,Whil'st your great Goodnesse, out of holy pitty,
Henry VIIIH8 III.ii.325Your holy hat to be stamped on the King's coin.Your holy-Hat to be stampt on the Kings Coine.
Henry VIIIH8 IV.i.88As holy oil, Edward Confessor's crown,As holy Oyle, Edward Confessors Crowne,
Henry VIIIH8 V.ii.32By holy Mary, Butts, there's knavery!By holy Mary (Butts) there's knauery;
Henry VIIIH8 V.iii.119That holy duty, out of dear respect,That holy duty out of deare respect,
Henry VIIIH8 V.iii.132By all that's holy, he had better starveBy all that's holy, he had better starue,
Henry VIIIH8 V.v.29Holy and heavenly thoughts still counsel her;Holy and Heauenly thoughts still Counsell her:
Julius CaesarJC I.ii.8The barren, touched in this holy chase,The Barren touched in this holy chace,
Julius CaesarJC III.ii.255We'll burn his body in the holy place,Wee'l burne his body in the holy place,
King Edward IIIE3 II.i.251You would profane the holy name of love.You would prophane the holie name of loue,
King Edward IIIE3 II.i.270How much more to infringe the holy actHow much more to infringe the holy act,
King Edward IIIE3 II.i.443That is committed in a holy place;That is committed in a holie place,
King JohnKJ II.i.4And fought the holy wars in Palestine,And fought the holy Warres in Palestine,
King JohnKJ III.i.82Shall never see it but a holiday.Shall neuer see it, but a holy day.
King JohnKJ III.i.83A wicked day, and not a holy day!A wicked day, and not a holy day.
King JohnKJ III.i.135Here comes the holy legate of the Pope.Heere comes the holy Legat of the Pope.
King JohnKJ III.i.137To thee, King John, my holy errand is.To thee King Iohn my holy errand is:
King JohnKJ III.i.141Why thou against the church, our holy mother,Why thou against the Church, our holy Mother,
King JohnKJ III.i.144Of Canterbury, from that holy see.Of Canterbury from that holy Sea:
King JohnKJ III.i.145This, in our foresaid Holy Father's name,This in our foresaid holy Fathers name
King JohnKJ III.i.248Of true sincerity? O holy sir,Of true sincerity? O holy Sir
King JohnKJ III.iii.15If ever I remember to be holy(If euer I remember to be holy)
King JohnKJ III.iv.44Thou art not holy to belie me so!Thou art holy to belye me so,
King JohnKJ IV.iii.67The incense of a vow, a holy vow,The Incense of a Vow, a holy Vow:
King JohnKJ V.i.5Now keep your holy word. Go meet the French,Now keep your holy word,go meet the French,
King JohnKJ V.ii.65Look where the holy legate comes apace,Looke where the holy Legate comes apace,
King JohnKJ V.ii.68.1With holy breath.With holy breath.
King JohnKJ V.ii.71That so stood out against the holy church,That so stood out against the holy Church,
King JohnKJ V.ii.120My holy lord of Milan, from the KingMy holy Lord of Millane, from the King
King LearKL II.ii.72Like rats, oft bite the holy cords atwain,Like Rats oft bite the holy cords a twaine,
King LearKL III.ii.10O nuncle, court holy water in a dry house is betterO Nunkle, Court holy-water in a dry house, is better
King LearKL IV.iii.30The holy water from her heavenly eyes,
Love's Labour's LostLLL V.ii.160A holy parcel of the fairest damesA holy parcell of the fairest dames
Love's Labour's LostLLL V.ii.741The holy suit which fain it would convince,The holy suite which faine it would conuince,
MacbethMac III.vi.30Is gone to pray the holy king, upon his aid,Is gone, to pray the Holy King, vpon his ayd
MacbethMac III.vi.45His wisdom can provide. Some holy angelHis wisedome can prouide. Some holy Angell
MacbethMac IV.iii.154Put on with holy prayers; and 'tis spoken,Put on with holy Prayers, and 'tis spoken
Measure for MeasureMM I.iii.1No, holy father, throw away that thought;No: holy Father, throw away that thought,
Measure for MeasureMM I.iii.7My holy sir, none better knows than youMy holy Sir, none better knowes then you
Measure for MeasureMM III.i.49Most holy sir, I thank you.Most holie Sir, I thanke you.
Measure for MeasureMM III.ii.250Should be as holy as severe;Should be as holy, as seueare
Measure for MeasureMM IV.ii.78He doth with holy abstinence subdueHe doth with holie abstinence subdue
Measure for MeasureMM IV.iii.111The better, given me by so holy a man.The better giuen me by so holy a man,
Measure for MeasureMM IV.iii.146With a light heart. Trust not my holy orderWith a light heart; trust not my holie Order
Measure for MeasureMM V.i.144I know him for a man divine and holy,I know him for a man diuine and holy,
Measure for MeasureMM V.i.380Advertising and holy to your business,Aduertysing, and holy to your businesse,
The Merchant of VeniceMV I.i.30And see the holy edifice of stoneAnd see the holy edifice of stone,
The Merchant of VeniceMV I.ii.26Your father was ever virtuous, and holy men atYour father was euer vertuous, and holy men at
The Merchant of VeniceMV I.iii.69This Jacob from our holy Abram was,This Iacob from our holy Abram was
The Merchant of VeniceMV I.iii.96An evil soul producing holy witnessAn euill soule producing holy witnesse,
The Merchant of VeniceMV IV.i.36And by our holy Sabbath have I swornAnd by our holy Sabbath haue I sworne
The Merchant of VeniceMV V.i.31By holy crosses, where she kneels and praysBy holy crosses where she kneeles and prayes
The Merchant of VeniceMV V.i.33None but a holy hermit and her maid.None but a holy Hermit and her maid:
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW V.v.217Th' offence is holy that she hath committed,Th'offence is holy, that she hath committed,
A Midsummer Night's DreamMND III.ii.129When truth kills truth, O devilish-holy fray!When truth kils truth, O diuelish holy fray!
Much Ado About NothingMA III.i.114To bind our loves up in a holy band.To binde our loues vp in a holy band.
Much Ado About NothingMA III.iv.73meaning; I meant plain holy-thistle. You may think perchancemeaning, I meant plaine holy thissell, you may thinke perchance
Much Ado About NothingMA V.iv.58Give me your hand; before this holy Friar,Giue me your hand before this holy Frier,
Much Ado About NothingMA V.iv.68When, after that the holy rites are ended,When after that the holy rites are ended,
OthelloOth III.iii.321As proofs of holy writ. This may do something.As proofes of holy Writ. This may do something.
PericlesPer III.iv.7Delivered, by the holy gods,deliuered, by the holie gods
PericlesPer IV.vi.131holy words to the Lord Lysimachus.holie words to the Lord Lisimachus.
PericlesPer V.i.199Down on thy knees; thank the holy gods as loudDowne on thy knees, thanke the holie Gods as loud
Richard IIR2 III.iii.29Of holy reverence; who, I cannot learn.Of holy reuerence; who, I cannot learne.
Richard IIR2 IV.i.323You holy clergymen, is there no plotYou holy Clergie-men, is there no Plot
Richard IIR2 V.i.24Our holy lives must win a new world's crownOur holy liues must winne a new Worlds Crowne,
Richard IIR2 V.vi.49I'll make a voyage to the Holy LandIle make a voyage to the Holy-land,
Richard IIIR3 I.ii.5Poor key-cold figure of a holy king,Poore key-cold Figure of a holy King,
Richard IIIR3 I.ii.29Come now, towards Chertsey with your holy load,Come now towards Chertsey with your holy Lode,
Richard IIIR3 I.iii.45By holy Paul, they love his grace but lightlyBy holy Paul, they loue his Grace but lightly,
Richard IIIR3 I.iii.305I cannot blame her. By God's holy Mother,I cannot blame her, by Gods holy mother,
Richard IIIR3 I.iii.336With odd old ends stolen forth of Holy Writ,With odde old ends, stolne forth of holy Writ,
Richard IIIR3 I.iv.253Have you that holy feeling in your soulsHaue you that holy feeling in your soules,
Richard IIIR3 II.i.75A holy day shall this be kept hereafter;A holy day shall this be kept heereafter:
Richard IIIR3 III.i.41We should infringe the holy privilegeWe should infringe the holy Priuiledge
Richard IIIR3 III.ii.75You may jest on, but, by the Holy Rood,You may ieast on, but by the holy Rood,
Richard IIIR3 III.ii.115Good faith, and when I met this holy man,Good faith, and when I met this holy man,
Richard IIIR3 III.vii.2Now, by the holy Mother of our Lord,Now by the holy Mother of our Lord,
Richard IIIR3 III.vii.48For on that ground I'll make a holy descant;For on that ground Ile make a holy Descant:
Richard IIIR3 III.vii.63To draw him from his holy exercise.To draw him from his holy Exercise.
Richard IIIR3 III.vii.91When holy and devout religious menWhen holy and deuout Religious men
Richard IIIR3 III.vii.98True ornaments to know a holy man.True Ornaments to know a holy man.
Richard IIIR3 III.vii.245Come, let us to our holy work again.Come, let vs to our holy Worke againe.
Richard IIIR3 IV.iv.25When holy Harry died, and my sweet son.When holy Harry dyed, and my sweet Sonne.
Richard IIIR3 IV.iv.166No, by the Holy Rood, thou know'st it well,No by the holy Rood, thou know'st it well,
Richard IIIR3 IV.iv.404Immaculate devotion, holy thoughts,Immaculate deuotion, holy thoughts,
Richard IIIR3 V.i.4Holy King Henry and thy fair son Edward,Holy King Henry, and thy faire Sonne Edward,
Richard IIIR3 V.iii.129(To Richmond) Virtuous and holy, be thou conqueror!To Richm. Vertuous and holy be thou Conqueror:
Richard IIIR3 V.iii.242The prayers of holy saints and wronged souls,The Prayers of holy Saints and wronged soules,
Romeo and JulietRJ I.v.94This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this.This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this,
Romeo and JulietRJ I.v.100And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss.And palme to palme, is holy Palmers kisse.
Romeo and JulietRJ I.v.101Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?Haue not Saints lips, and holy Palmers too?
Romeo and JulietRJ II.iii.48Within thy help and holy physic lies.Within thy helpe and holy phisicke lies:
Romeo and JulietRJ II.iii.57By holy marriage. When, and where, and howBy holy marriage: when and where, and how,
Romeo and JulietRJ II.iii.61Holy Saint Francis! What a change is here!Holy S. Francis, what a change is heere?
Romeo and JulietRJ II.vi.1So smile the heavens upon this holy act,So smile the heauens vpon this holy act,
Romeo and JulietRJ II.vi.6Do thou but close our hands with holy words,Do thou but close our hands with holy words.
Romeo and JulietRJ II.vi.37Till Holy Church incorporate two in one.Till holy Church incorporate two in one.
Romeo and JulietRJ III.iii.82O holy Friar, O, tell me, holy Friar,O holy Frier, O tell me holy Frier,
Romeo and JulietRJ III.iii.114Thou hast amazed me. By my holy order,Thou hast amaz'd me. By my holy order,
Romeo and JulietRJ IV.i.37Are you at leisure, holy father, now,Are you at leisure, Holy Father now,
Romeo and JulietRJ IV.i.43Till then, adieu, and keep this holy kiss.Till then adue, and keepe this holy kisse.
Romeo and JulietRJ IV.ii.20By holy Laurence to fall prostrate hereBy holy Lawrence, to fall prostrate here,
Romeo and JulietRJ IV.ii.31Now, afore God, this reverend holy Friar,Now afore God, this reueren'd holy Frier,
Romeo and JulietRJ IV.iii.29For he hath still been tried a holy man.For he hath still beene tried a holy man.
Romeo and JulietRJ V.i.56Being holiday, the beggar's shop is shut.Being holy day, the beggers shop is shut.
Romeo and JulietRJ V.ii.1Holy Franciscan Friar, brother, ho!Holy Franciscan Frier, Brother, ho?
Romeo and JulietRJ V.iii.128It doth so, holy sir; and there's my master,It doth so holy sir, / And there's my Master,
Romeo and JulietRJ V.iii.157Among a sisterhood of holy nuns.Among a Sisterhood of holy Nunnes:
Romeo and JulietRJ V.iii.270We still have known thee for a holy man.We still haue knowne thee for a Holy man.
The TempestTem III.i.82And prompt me, plain and holy innocence.And prompt me plaine and holy innocence.
The TempestTem III.iii.95I'th' name of something holy, sir, why stand youI'th name of something holy, Sir, why stand you
The TempestTem IV.i.17With full and holy rite be ministered,With full and holy right, be ministred,
The TempestTem V.i.62Holy Gonzalo, honourable man,Holy Gonzallo, Honourable man,
Timon of AthensTim IV.iii.126Nor sight of priests in holy vestments bleeding,Nor sight of Priests in holy Vestments bleeding,
Timon of AthensTim V.i.171Giving our holy virgins to the stainGiuing our holy Virgins to the staine
Titus AndronicusTit I.i.326Sith priest and holy water are so near,Sith Priest and Holy-water are so neere,
Titus AndronicusTit II.iii.58Who hath abandoned her holy grovesWho hath abandoned her holy Groues,
Titus AndronicusTit III.ii.41As begging hermits in their holy prayers.As begging Hermits in their holy prayers.
Troilus and CressidaTC II.iii.126Disguise the holy strength of their command,Disguise the holy strength of their command:
Troilus and CressidaTC III.iii.74.1To holy altars.to holy Altars.
Troilus and CressidaTC V.iii.19O, be persuaded! Do not count it holyO be perswaded, doe not count it holy,
Twelfth NightTN IV.iii.23Now go with me and with this holy manNow go with me, and with this holy man
Twelfth NightTN V.i.140.1Call forth the holy father!Call forth the holy Father.
Twelfth NightTN V.i.156Attested by the holy close of lips,Attested by the holy close of lippes,
The Two Gentlemen of VeronaTG I.i.17Commend thy grievance to my holy prayers,Commend thy grieuance to my holy prayers,
The Two Gentlemen of VeronaTG II.ii.7And seal the bargain with a holy kiss.And seale the bargaine with a holy kisse.
The Two Gentlemen of VeronaTG IV.ii.5But Silvia is too fair, too true, too holy,But Siluia is too faire, too true, too holy,
The Two Gentlemen of VeronaTG IV.ii.40Holy, fair, and wise is she;Holy, faire, and wise is she,
The Two Gentlemen of VeronaTG IV.iii.44Where I intend holy confession.Where I intend holy Confession.
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK I.i.46Of holy Phoebus, but infects the windsOf holy Phaebus, but infects the windes
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK I.i.156Rinsing our holy begging in our eyesWrinching our holy begging in our eyes
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK II.i.125Let's think this prison holy sanctuary,Let's thinke this prison, holy sanctuary,
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK V.i.2Tender their holy prayers; let the templesTender their holy prayers: Let the Temples
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK V.i.12Before the holy altars of your helpers,Before the holy Altars of your helpers
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK V.i.149Seasoned with holy fear. This is my lastSeasond with holy feare; This is my last
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK V.i.164Out from the bowels of her holy altarOut from the bowells of her holy Altar
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK prologue.6That after holy tie and first night's stirThat after holy Tye, and first nights stir
The Winter's TaleWT III.ii.128You have not dared to break the holy seal,You haue not dar'd to breake the holy Seale,
The Winter's TaleWT V.i.29Incertain lookers-on. What were more holyIncertaine lookers on. What were more holy,
The Winter's TaleWT V.i.169Do climate here! You have a holy father,Doe Clymate here: you haue a holy Father,
The Winter's TaleWT V.iii.104Start not: her actions shall be holy asStart not: her Actions shall be holy, as
The Winter's TaleWT V.iii.148That e'er I put between your holy looksThat ere I put betweene your holy lookes


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A Lover's ComplaintLC.179 And be not of my holy vows afraid, And be not of my holy vowes affraid,
The Passionate PilgrimPP.18.45 There is no heaven; by holy then, There is no heauen (by holy then)
The Rape of LucreceLuc.571 By holy human law and common troth, By holie humaine law, and common troth,
The Rape of LucreceLuc.809 The impious breach of holy wedlock vow; The impious breach of holy wedlocke vowe.
SonnetsSonn.31.5 How many a holy and obsequious tear How many a holy and obsequious teare
SonnetsSonn.68.9 In him those holy antique hours are seen, In him those holy antique howers are seene,
SonnetsSonn.127.7 Sweet beauty hath no name, no holy bower, Sweet beauty hath no name no holy boure,
SonnetsSonn.153.5 Which borrowed from this holy fire of love Which borrowd from this holie fire of loue,


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devotedholy, consecrated, dedicated
divinehigh-priest, holy man
ghostlyspiritual, holy
graciousholy, sanctified
halidomwhat I hold holy; or: Our Lady
hallowbless, glorify, honour as holy
holidamwhat I hold holy; or: Our Lady
hollowbless, glorify, honour as holy
holyof holiness; also: full of holes
holyvirtuous, upright, of great excellence
holy tiemarriage
holy-cruelcruel by being holy
Holy-rood dayin Christian tradition, Holy Cross day, 14 September
piousreligious, holy; or: dutiful, loyal
reverentworthy of respect, holy, religious
sacredrevered, respected [as if a holy thing]
saintedsaintly, angelic, of holy character
sanctifiedconsecrated, holy
sanctimoniousholy, sacred, consecrated
sanctuaryholy place, church, religious place of safety
statute-capwoollen cap ordered (by an Act of 1571) to be worn on Sundays and holy days by all below a certain social rank
templehuman body [i.e. temple in which the Holy Spirit lives]
writ[archaism] gospel, holy scripture


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cap for holy daysstatute-cap
character, of holysainted
cruel by being holyholy-cruel
holy character, ofsainted
holy mandivine
holy placesanctuary
holy, cruel by beingholy-cruel
holy, honour ashollow
holy, honour ashallow
honour as holyhallow
honour as holyhollow
man, holydivine
place, holysanctuary
scripture, holywrit

Themes and Topics

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Archaisms... furious wight writ gospel holy writ per chorus ii 12 [gower alone o...
Clothing...n act of 1571) to be worn on sundays and holy days by all below a certain rank ...
Swearing...jestingly or prophanely speak or use the holy name of god or of christ jesus or of th...
...ame of god or of christ jesus or of the holy ghost or of the trinity&rsquo on pain ...
...p halidom tg iv ii 132 what i hold holy by my  holidam rj i iii ...
...sp holidam rj i iii 44 what i hold holy or our lady by my  holida...
...sp holidame ts v ii 98 what i hold holy or our lady by &rsquo lady ...
Classical mythology...sinon' s weeping / did scandal many a holy tear spy who alerted the greeks insid...
Days and dates... november r2 v i 80 holy-rood day holy cross day 14 september 1h4 i i 52 ...
Latin... sancta (adj ) 2h6 v i 5 sanctus holy sanguis (n m ) lll iv ii 3   bl...
Frequently Encountered Words (FEW)... both our remedies / within thy help and holy physic lies physic (n ) 2 (v ) place...

Words Families

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Word FamilyWord Family GroupWords
HOLYBASICholily adv, holiness n, holy adj
HOLYBADdevilish-holy adj, holy-cruel adj, holy-cruel adj
HOLYMINDholy-thoughted adj
HOLYOBJECTholy-water n, holy-thistle n
HOLYNOTunholy adj


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