Names of Elizabethan items of clothing are frequently found in Shakespearean English, and several of the terms are still in use today with essentially the same meaning (such as apron, hat, cuff, garters, skirt, stockings). A number of dress-making terms are brought together in the description of Katherina’s dress by the tailor in TS IV.iii.120,ff.

For the head

Term Example Male (M) or Female (F) Gloss
bonnet AYL III.ii.363 M soft brimless head-dress
cap TS IV.iii.70 F loose-fitting decorative head-dress
cap R3 III.vii.35 M soft brimless head-dress
coif WT IV.iv.226 M, F close-fitting cap covering the top, back and sides of the head, worn by both sexes
corner-cap LLL IV.iii.51 M cap with (three) corners, mortar-board
coxcomb MW V.v.137 M fool's cap, with a crest like a cock's crest
porringer H8 V.iv.48 M, F hat shaped like a pudding basin or soup-bowl
statute-cap LLL V.ii.281 M, F woollen cap ordered (by an Act of 1571) to be worn on Sundays and holy days by all below a certain rank

For the lower body

Term Example Male (M) or Female (F) Gloss
codpiece WT IV.iv.607 M cloth case or pocket worn by men at the front of breeches or hose
cut MA III.iv.18 F ornamental gap in a dress to show the colour underneath
farthingale TG II.vii.51 F long skirt extended at the back or on all sides by a framework of hoops
gaskins TN I.v.23 M loose-fitting breeches
hose AYL II.vii.161 M clothing for the legs and loins; breeches; or: clothing for the leg or lower leg
nether-stock AYL II.vii.161 M stocking for the lower leg
pantaloon AYL II.vii.159 M loosely fitting breeches, especially as worn by comic stage characters
petticoat AYL II.iv.7 F long skirt or skirts
round hose TG II.vii.55 M breeches puffed out at the hips
ruff AW III.ii.7 M flap of a top-boot
slop, slops 2H4 I.ii.29 M large loose breeches
stock TN I.iii.128 M stocking

‘Doublet and hose’ is a very common locution for typical male attire of the period (as in AYL II.iv.6).

For the whole or upper body

Term Example Male (M) or Female (F) Gloss
doublet Ham II.i.78 M close-fitting jacket with short skirt, worn by men
down-sleeves MA III.iv.19 F long sleeves to the wrist
frock Ham III.iv.165 M, F long coat or tunic; gown, dress
gaberdine MV I.iii.109 M loose upper garment of coarse material
half-kirtle 2H4 V.iv.21 F lower part of a kirtle; skirt
jack 1H4 IV.ii.47 M sleeveless jacket or tunic, usually of quilted leather
jerkin TG II.iv.19 M long close-fitting jacket worn over or in place of a doublet, worn by men
kirtle 2H4 II.iv.268 F dress, gown
lace WT III.ii.171 F lacing for an undergarment
mantle JC III.ii.171 M, F loose sleeveless cloak
rebato MA III.iv.6 M, F wing-shaped ornamental collar standing up behind the head
robe JC II.ii.107 M, F long loose outer garment extending from neck to ankles
ruff 2H4 II.iv.130 M, F frill of stiff folded linen, worn around the neck
sea-gown Ham V.ii.13 F robe of a coarse material, with a high-collar, short sleeves, and mid-leg length
side-sleeves MA III.iv.19 F hanging sleeves open from the shoulder and falling away backwards
stomacher Cym III.iv.85 F decorative garment used under a bodice to cover the chest and stomach

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