Religious personalities and beings

Name Example Gloss
Abel 1H6 I.iii.40 Bible (Genesis 4): son of Adam and Eve, killed by his brother Cain
Abraham R3 IV.iii.38 Bible (Genesis 12): Hebrew patriarch, whose name is changed by God from Abram to Abraham (Genesis 17)
Abram MV I.iii.69 Abraham above
Achitophel 2H4 I.ii.34 Bible (2 Samuel 16): adviser to King David, who sided with Absalom in the conspiracy against David
Adam Ham V.i.31 Bible (Genesis 2): first human being  Eve below
Amaimon, Amamon MW II.ii.282 name of a devil
Arthur H5 II.iii.9 malapropism for Abraham Abraham above
Barabbas MV IV.i.293 Bible (John 18): robber released instead of Christ at the Passover
Barbason MW II.ii.283 name of a devil
Beelzebub TN V.i.281 the Devil; or, a principal devil
Belzebub H5 IV.vii.135 the Devil; or, a principal devil
Bennet, Saint TN V.i.36 medieval name of Benedict; here, name given to a church
Cain Ham V.i.77 Abel above
Castiliano TN I.iii.39 [unclear meaning] possibly, a name of the devil
Crispian, Crispin, Saints H5 IV.iii.40 Crispinus and Crispianus, martyrs under Roman emperor Diocletian; joint feast day 25 October
Daniel MV IV.i.220 Bible (Daniel): influential Babylonian administrator and visionary
Deborah 1H6 I.ii.105 Bible (Judges 4): Hebrew prophetess, judge, and army commander
Denis, Saint 1H6 first apostle of France, 3rd-c
Dives 1H4 III.iii.31 Bible (Luke 16): rich man who feasted while the beggar Lazarus starved at his gate
Eve LLL V.ii.322 Bible (Genesis 2) wife of the first human being  Adam above
Flibberdigibbet KL III.iv.110 name of a devil
Francis, Saint RJ V.iii.121 Francis of Assisi, Italian founder of the Francisan order, 13th-c
Fraterretto KL name of a devil
George, Saint 3H6 II.i.203 patron saint of England, 3rd-c
Golias, Goliath 1H6 I.ii.33 Bible (1 Sam 17): Goliath; giant, seen as a model of strength
Hagar MV II.v.42 Bible (Genesis 16): bondwoman to Sarah, whose child was Ishmael, a ‘wild-ass of a man’
Herod Ham III.ii.14 Bible (Matthew 2): Judean king, portrayed in medieval mystery plays as a wild and angry figure
Hoppedance /Hobbididence KL name of a devil
Jacob MV I.iii.68 Bible (Genesis 25): Hebrew patriarch, the younger son of Isaac
Jacob, Saint MV I.iii.68 Philip and Jacob in   DAYS AND DATES
Japhet 2H4 II.ii.112 Bible (Genesis 10): Noah’s third son, the ancestor of Europeans
Jaques, Saint AW III.iv.4 Saint James; name of a pilgrim centre in Compostella, N Spain
Jephthah Ham II.ii.409 Bible (Judges 11): judge in Israel who promised God to sacrifice the first he met if he returned home victorious; this proved to be his daughter
Jeronimy, Saint TS induction.1.7 Jerome; but here a confusion with Hieronimo
Jezebel TN II.v.40 Bible (1 Kings 16): infamous wife of King Ahab
Job 2H4 I.ii.127 Bible (Job): patriarch, seen as a symbol of destitution and patience
Joshua LLL V.i.120 Bible (Joshua) Israelite leader
Judas R2 IV.i.170 Bible (Matt 26 ) Judas Iscariot, betrayer of Christ
Judas Maccabaeus LLL V.i.121 Bible (1 Maccabees) leader of a Jewish revolt, 2nd-c BC
Judith E3 II.i.170 Bible (Apocrypha; also, Judith); heroine who kills Assyrian general Holofernes with a sword
Laban MV I.iii.68 Bible (Genesis 30) uncle of Jacob
Jacob above
Lambert, Saint R2 I.i.199 7th-c bishop of Maastricht, and martyr
Lazarus 1H4 IV.ii.24 Dives above
Legion TN III.iv.85 name of a devil
Lucifer MW II.ii.282 name of a principal devil; or, the Devil
Mahu KL III.iv.137 name of a devil
Martin, Saint 1H6 I.ii.131 patron saint of France, 4th-c
Mephostophilus MW I.i.123 name of a devil
Modo KL III.iv.136 name of a devil
Nicholas, Saint 1H4 II.i.62 here, as patron saint of travellers
Nicholas, Saint TG III.i.292 here, as patron saint of scholars
Obidicut KL IV.i.58 name of a devil
Pharaoh MA III.iii.130 Bible (Exodus 14) Egyptian ruler
Philip, St 1H6 I.ii.143 Bible (Acts 21): evangelist who had four daughters who were prophets
Philip and Jacob in DAYS AND DATES
Pilate R2 IV.i.238 Pontius Pilate, Roman prefect of Judea, 1st-c
Prodigal MW IV.v.7 Bible (Luke 15): son who foolishly wastes his share of his father’s estate
Samson 1H6 I.ii.33 Bible (Judith 13): judge, possessor of legendary strength
Sarah E3 II.i.255 Bible (Genesis 16): Abraham’s wife, seen as a model of submission to a husband
Abraham above
Satan AW V.iii.259 the Devil
Smulkin KL III.iv.134 name of a devil
Solomon LLL I.ii.168 Bible (1 Kings 1): son and successor of David; proverbial for his wisdom
Whore of Babylon H5 II.iii.35 Bible (Revelation 17): prostitute figure, taken as a symbol of degenerate Rome, and thus of Roman Catholicism
Withold, Saint KL III.iv.115 [possible reading] defender against harms



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