Religious personalities and beings

Name Example Gloss
Abel 1H6 I.iii.40 Bible (Genesis 4): son of Adam and Eve, killed by his brother Cain
Abraham R3 IV.iii.38 Bible (Genesis 12): Hebrew patriarch, whose name is changed by God from Abram to Abraham (Genesis 17)
Abram MV I.iii.69 Abraham above
Achitophel 2H4 I.ii.34 Bible (2 Samuel 16): adviser to King David, who sided with Absalom in the conspiracy against David
Adam Ham V.i.31 Bible (Genesis 2): first human being
Amaimon, Amamon MW II.ii.282 name of a devil
Arthur H5 II.iii.9 malapropism for Abraham Abraham above
Barabbas MV IV.i.293 Bible (John 18): robber released instead of Christ at the Passover
Barbason MW II.ii.283 name of a devil
Beelzebub TN V.i.281 the Devil; or, a principal devil
Belzebub H5 IV.vii.135 the Devil; or, a principal devil
Bennet, Saint TN V.i.36 medieval name of Benedict; here, name given to a church
Cain Ham V.i.77 Abel above
Castiliano TN I.iii.39 [unclear meaning] possibly, a name of the devil
Crispian, Crispin, Saints H5 IV.iii.40 Crispinus and Crispianus, martyrs under Roman emperor Diocletian; joint feast day 25 October
Daniel MV IV.i.220 Bible (Daniel): influential Babylonian administrator and visionary
Deborah 1H6 I.ii.105 Bible (Judges 4): Hebrew prophetess, judge, and army commander
Denis, Saint 1H6 first apostle of France, 3rd-c
Dives 1H4 III.iii.31 Bible (Luke 16): rich man who feasted while the beggar Lazarus starved at his gate
Flibberdigibbet KL III.iv.110 name of a devil
Fraterretto KL name of a devil
George, Saint 3H6 II.i.203 patron saint of England, 3rd-c
Golias, Goliath 1H6 I.ii.33 Bible (1 Sam 17): Goliath; giant, seen as a model of strength
Hagar MV II.v.42 Bible (Genesis 16): bondwoman to Sarah, whose child was Ishmael, a ‘wild-ass of a man’
Herod Ham III.ii.14 Bible (Matthew 2): Judean king, portrayed in medieval mystery plays as a wild and angry figure
Hoppedance /Hobbididence KL name of a devil
Jacob MV I.iii.68 Bible (Genesis 25): Hebrew patriarch, the younger son of Isaac
Jacob, Saint MV I.iii.68 Philip and Jacob in   DAYS AND DATES
Japhet 2H4 II.ii.112 Bible (Genesis 10): Noah’s third son, the ancestor of Europeans
Jaques, Saint AW III.iv.4 Saint James; name of a pilgrim centre in Compostella, N Spain
Jephthah Ham II.ii.409 Bible (Judges 11): judge in Israel who promised God to sacrifice the first he met if he returned home victorious; this proved to be his daughter
Jeronimy, Saint TS induction.1.7 Jerome; but here a confusion with Hieronimo
Jezebel TN II.v.40 Bible (1 Kings 16): infamous wife of King Ahab
Job 2H4 I.ii.127 Bible (Job): patriarch, seen as a symbol of destitution and patience
Joshua LLL V.i.120 Bible (Joshua) Israelite leader
Judas R2 IV.i.170 Bible (Matt 26 ) Judas Iscariot, betrayer of Christ
Judas Maccabaeus LLL V.i.121 Bible (1 Maccabees) leader of a Jewish revolt, 2nd-c BC
Judith E3 II.i.170 Bible (Apocrypha; also, Judith); heroine who kills Assyrian general Holofernes with a sword
Laban MV I.iii.68 Bible (Genesis 30) uncle of Jacob
Jacob above
Lambert, Saint R2 I.i.199 7th-c bishop of Maastricht, and martyr
Lazarus 1H4 IV.ii.24 Dives above
Legion TN III.iv.85 name of a devil
Lucifer MW II.ii.282 name of a principal devil; or, the Devil
Mahu KL III.iv.137 name of a devil
Martin, Saint 1H6 I.ii.131 patron saint of France, 4th-c
Mephostophilus MW I.i.123 name of a devil
Modo KL III.iv.136 name of a devil
Nicholas, Saint 1H4 II.i.62 here, as patron saint of travellers
Nicholas, Saint TG III.i.292 here, as patron saint of scholars
Obidicut KL IV.i.58 name of a devil
Pharaoh MA III.iii.130 Bible (Exodus 14) Egyptian ruler
Philip, St 1H6 I.ii.143 Bible (Acts 21): evangelist who had four daughters who were prophets
Philip and Jacob in DAYS AND DATES
Pilate R2 IV.i.238 Pontius Pilate, Roman prefect of Judea, 1st-c
Prodigal MW IV.v.7 Bible (Luke 15): son who foolishly wastes his share of his father’s estate
Samson 1H6 I.ii.33 Bible (Judith 13): judge, possessor of legendary strength
Sarah E3 II.i.255 Bible (Genesis 16): Abraham’s wife, seen as a model of submission to a husband
Abraham above
Satan AW V.iii.259 the Devil
Smulkin KL III.iv.134 name of a devil
Solomon LLL I.ii.168 Bible (1 Kings 1): son and successor of David; proverbial for his wisdom
Whore of Babylon H5 II.iii.35 Bible (Revelation 17): prostitute figure, taken as a symbol of degenerate Rome, and thus of Roman Catholicism
Withold, Saint KL III.iv.115 [possible reading] defender against harms