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The Comedy of ErrorsThe Comedy of ErrorsComedy of ErrorsComedyErrorsCEErrCom ErrCofE
A Midsummer Night's DreamA Midsummer Nights DreamMidsummer Nights DreamMidsummerDreamMND
The Two Gentlemen of VeronaThe Two Gentlemen of VeronaTwo Gentlemen of VeronaTwo GentsTGTGV2Gen
Richard IIIRichard IIIRichard 3R3R IIIRich IIIRich3
Antony and CleopatraAntony and CleopatraAntony & CleopatraAntonyACAntA&C
Troilus and CressidaTroilus and CressidaTroilus & CressidaTroilusTCTroTroiTroilT&C
King LearKing LearLearKLLr
The TempestThe TempestTempestTemTmpTemp
King Edward IIIKing Edward IIIKing Edward 3KEEdw
King JohnKing JohnJohnKJJn
PericlesPericles, Prince of TyrePericlesPer
Timon of AthensTimon of AthensTimonTim
The Merchant of VeniceThe Merchant of VeniceMerchant of VeniceMerchantMVMerchMerV
Julius CaesarJulius CaesarCaesarJCJul Caes
Titus AndronicusTitus AndronicusTitusTit
Twelfth NightTwelfth NightTNTwelTwN
Richard IIRichard IIRichard 2R2R IIRich IIRich2
Much Ado About NothingMuch Ado About NothingMuch AdoMAAdoMuchMu AdMAN
The Taming of the ShrewThe Taming of the ShrewTaming of the ShrewTamingShrewTSShr
Henry VI Part 1Henry VI Part 1Henry VI Pt 1Henry 6 Part 1Henry VI 1Henry 6 11H61 H VI1Hen VI
As You Like ItAs You Like ItAs YouAYLAYAYLI
Measure for MeasureMeasure for MeasureMeasureMMMeas
Love's Labour's LostLoves Labours LostLLLLLLoves Labours
The Merry Wives of WindsorThe Merry Wives of WindsorMerry Wives of WindsorMerry WivesWivesMWWivMWW
All's Well That Ends WellAlls Well That Ends WellAlls WellAWAWWAlls W
Henry VI Part 3Henry VI Part 3Henry VI Pt 3Henry 6 Part 3Henry VI 3Henry 6 33H63 H VI3Hen VI
Romeo and JulietRomeo and JulietRomeo & JulietRomeoRJRomR&J
Henry IV Part 1Henry IV Part 1Henry IV Pt 1Henry 4 Part 1Henry IV 1Henry 4 11H41 H IV1Hen IV
Henry VI Part 2Henry IV Part 2 Henry IV Pt 2Henry 4 Part 2Henry IV 2Henry 4 22H42 H IV2Hen IV
The Winter's TaleThe Winters TaleWinters TaleWTWint TWint
Henry VIIIHenry VIIIHenry 8H8H VIIIHen VIIIHen8
The Two Noble KinsmenThe Two Noble KinsmenTwo Noble KinsmenTNK2 Nob2NK
Henry VHenry VHenry 5H5H VHen VHen5
Henry IV Part 2Henry VI Part 2Henry VI Pt 2Henry 6 Part 2Henry VI 2Henry 6 22H62 H VI2Hen VI
Venus and AdonisVenus and AdonisVenus & AdonisVenusVen
The Passionate PilgrimThe Passionate PilgrimPassionate PilgrimPPPassPPassPil
The Rape of LucreceThe Rape of LucreceRape of LucreceLucreceLuc
A Lover's ComplaintA Lovers ComplaintLovers ComplaintLC
The Phoenix and TurtleThe Phoenix and the TurtleThe Phoenix & the TurtlePhoenPhTPhoenix and the TurtlePhoenix & the TurtlePhoenix

List of available snippets:

the assassination scene2b or not 2bAaron thousand more speechAdriana's speech to Antipholusall the world's a stageAngelo Isabella sceneAngelo Isabella sceneAnthony speechAntigonus' last speechAntony's big speechAriel's men of sin speech Arthur deathArthur on the wallsay but to dieay, ay antipholusbeatrice benedickbeatrice soliloquybeatrice speechBenedick beatriceBenedick speechBenedick speechBenedict gullingblow windsBrutus speechCaesar assassination sceneCaliban's isle is full of noises speechCassio drunkCinna the Poetcity wall speechclaudio ay but to dieClaudio speechCleopatra's bargeConstance grief fills upConstance grief speechCountess and Talbot sceneCountess EdwardCrabbecurse lovedating sonnetDaughter speechDaughter speechDaughter speechDaughter speechdeath of Arthurdeath of Thaisadefying time sonnetdeposition sceneDesdemona deathDesdemona EmiliaDesdemona willowdrunkEdward countessEngland speechet tu Brute sceneEven as one heatexit pursued by a bear speechfair is foul and foul is fairfair is foul sceneFairy sceneFalstaff fairy sceneFalstaff Hal Play KingFalstaff rejectedfamous sonnetFeste's rain songFishermenflesh soliloquyfoot handFriends Romans Countrymenfriends romans countrymenFriends Romans speechGaoler's Daughter speechGaoler's Daughter speechGaoler's Daughter speechGaoler's Daughter speechgarden scenegulling beatricegulling scenegulling scenegulllingHal Falstaff play kingHamlet's speech to the playershand chopping scenehath not a jew eyesHector deathHelen chooses BertramHenry rejects Falstaffhow all occasionshow many womenChorus speech in Henry VI am that I am sonnetI banish youI do much wonderI have been studyingI know thee not old manI left no ring with herIachimo speechIachimo trunk speechis this a daggerIsabella Angelo sceneIsabella Angelo sceneIsabella speechJack Cade sceneJailer's Daughter speechJailer's Daughter speechJailer's Daughter speechJailer's Daughter speechJaques speechJoan spiritsJohn of Gaunt England speechJohn Talbot sceneJulia speechJuliet's Romeo speechKate foot under handKate Petruchio moonKatherine and Alice sceneKatherine fingre scenekilling a fly sceneKilling of Cinnakilling of HectorKing Edward Countess SalisburyLady Macbeth sleepwalkingLaunce crab speechLaunce speechLaunce speechLear's storm speechlove curseMalvolio's lettermargaret mole hill Margaret speechMargaret Suffolk scenemechanicals' playminutes and time sonnetmole hill speechMoon scenemousetrapmy mistress eyes sonnetmy tablesnether lip sceneNow is the winternow might i do it pato all you host of heaveno for a muse of fireo she misused meo what a rogueonce more unto the breachOthello kills DesdemonaPericles FishermenPericles shipwreckPetruchio Kate moonPiratesPortia's mercy speechProspero's dreams speechProteus speechPucelle fiendsPucelle spirits scenePyramus and Thisberain it raineth songRichard's opening speechRichard's speech in prisonring speechRomeo Romeoroses scenerussiansrussians scenesceptered isle speechshipwreckShylock's jew speechsleepwalking sceneSonnet 113speak the speechspeech before Harfleurspeech to the playersstorm speechSuffolk Margaret scenesuch stuff as dreamsTalbot and CountessTalbot and Countess sceneTalbot and his sonthat famous sonnetthat speech from Hamletthe balcony scenethe barge she sat inthe dagger speechthe isle is full of noisesthe marriage sonnetThe Murder of Gonzagothe play within the playthe play's the thingthe quality of mercythe rain it raineth every daythe wedding sonnetthe witching time of nightthe yellow stockings speechthere is a world elsewherethree witches opening scenetime and minutes sonnetTimon city wallTimon finds goldTitus chops handto be or not to be trippingly upon the tonguevenus curses loveViola speechWar of Roses war of roses scenewedding scenewept all this whilewhat fire is in mine earswhat fire is in mywhen shall we three meet againwherefore art thou Romeowillow songyou are three men of sin

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