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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
All's Well That Ends WellAW IV.iii.140Parolles, the gallant militarist – that was his own phraseParrolles the gallant militarist, that was his owne phrase
Antony and CleopatraAC I.ii.108Rail thou in Fulvia's phrase, and taunt my faultsRaile thou in Fuluia's phrase, and taunt my faults
HamletHam I.iii.108Or – not to crack the wind of the poor phrase,Or not to crack the winde of the poore Phrase,
HamletHam I.iv.19They clepe us drunkards and with swinish phrase
HamletHam I.v.175Or by pronouncing of some doubtful phrase,Or by pronouncing of some doubtfull Phrase;
HamletHam II.i.47According to the phrase or the additionAccording to the Phrase and the Addition,
HamletHam II.ii.110Ophelia – That's an ill phrase, a vile phrase; ‘ beautified ’Ophelia. / That's an ill Phrase, a vilde Phrase, beautified
HamletHam II.ii.111is a vile phrase. But you shall hear. Thus:is a vilde Phrase: but you shall heare these
HamletHam II.ii.441savoury, nor no matter in the phrase that might indictsauouty; nor no matter in the phrase, that might indite
HamletHam V.i.251Bears such an emphasis, whose phrase of sorrowBeares such an Emphasis? whose phrase of Sorrow
HamletHam V.ii.155The phrase would be more germane to the The phrase would bee more Germaine to the
Henry IV Part 22H4 III.ii.71accommodo. Very good, a good phrase.Accommodo: very good, a good Phrase.
Henry IV Part 22H4 III.ii.72Pardon, sir, I have heard the word – phrasePardon, Sir, I haue heard the word. Phrase
Henry IV Part 22H4 III.ii.73call you it? By this day, I know not the phrase, but Icall you it? by this Day, I know not the Phrase: but I
Henry VH5 III.vi.74perfectly in the phrase of war, which they trick up withperfitly in the phrase of Warre; which they tricke vp with
Henry VH5 IV.vii.17are all one reckonings, save the phrase is a littleare all one reckonings, saue the phrase is a litle
Henry VIIIH8 I.i.34For so they phrase 'em – by their heralds challenged(For so they phrase 'em) by their Heralds challeng'd
King LearKL IV.vi.8In better phrase and matter than thou didst.In better phrase, and matter then thou did'st.
Measure for MeasureMM V.i.90The phrase is to the matter.The phrase is to the matter.
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW I.i.139The tevil and his tam! What phrase is this, ‘HeThe Teuill and his Tam: what phrase is this? he
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW I.iii.27A fico for the phrase!a fico for the phrase.
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW II.i.12phrase – but I say, love me. By me,phrase; but I say, loue me: By me,
OthelloOth I.iii.82And little blessed with the soft phrase of peace;And little bless'd with the soft phrase of Peace;
Romeo and JulietRJ I.iv.37For I am proverbed with a grandsire phraseFor I am prouerb'd with a Grandsier Phrase,
Troilus and CressidaTC III.i.42phrase indeed.phrase indeede.
Twelfth NightTN V.i.330Write from it if you can, in hand or phrase,Write from it if you can, in hand, or phrase,


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SonnetsSonn.85.4 And precious phrase by all the Muses filed. And precious phrase by all the Muses fil'd.


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battlein the phrase 'strike a battle'
chinein the phrase 'mose in the chine'
epithetturn of phrase, expression
fair[in phrase]
humoursentiment, turn of phrase, manner of expression
passageexpression, turn of phrase
phrasephrasing, language, manner of expression
phrasemanner, style, way
phrasecall, name, style
quirkextravagant turn of phrase, verbal flourish
tickle[catch phrase] make your bottom tingle
turnneed, requirement, purpose [especially in the phrase ‘serve one's turn’ = meet one's need]
twenty, and[ballad catch phrase, used as an intensifer] and many more


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extravagant turn of phrasequirk
phrase, extravagant turn ofquirk
phrase, turn ofhumour
phrase, turn ofpassage
phrase, turn ofepithet
turn of phraseepithet
turn of phrasepassage

Themes and Topics

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Exclamations...squo steal&rsquo foh / a fico for the phrase contempt often expressed in a gestu...
Regrets... in conjunction with an emphatic word or phrase or can be preceded by o or ah a number...
Swearing... introductory ‘by’ followed by the sworn phrase but there are several other types of co...
French...sture me h5 iv iv 4 [pistol] title phrase of a ballad possibly derived from gaeli...

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Word FamilyWord Family GroupWords
PHRASEBASICphrase n, phrase v
PHRASENOTphraseless adj


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