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All's Well That Ends WellAW I.i.7you, sir, a father. He that so generally is at all times goodyou sir a father. He that so generally is at all times good,
All's Well That Ends WellAW II.iii.37Generally thankful.Generally thankfull.
As You Like ItAYL III.ii.337he hath generally taxed their whole sex withal.hee hath generally tax'd their whole sex withal.
Henry IV Part 22H4 IV.iii.93get wenches. They are generally fools and cowards – get Wenches. They are generally Fooles, and Cowards;
Henry VH5 I.i.88And generally to the crown and seat of France,And generally, to the Crowne and Seat of France,
Henry VIIIH8 II.i.47And generally: whoever the King favours,(And generally) who euer the King fauours,
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW II.ii.219admittance, authentic in your place and person, generallyadmittance, authenticke in your place and person, generally
A Midsummer Night's DreamMND I.ii.2You were best to call them generally, man by You were best to call them generally, man by
Richard IIR2 II.ii.131Wherein the King stands generally condemned.Wherein the king stands generally condemn'd
The Taming of the ShrewTS I.ii.271To whom we all rest generally beholding.To whom we all rest generally beholding.
Timon of AthensTim II.ii.115knight. And, generally, in all shapes that man goes upKnight; and generally, in all shapes that man goes vp
Troilus and CressidaTC II.i.3over, generally?ouer generally.


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generallyuniversally, without exception, in the eyes of all
Gorgongenerally applied to Medusa, one of three monsters who had snakes in their hair, ugly faces, huge wings, and whose staring eyes could turn people to stone
publishannounce, make public, make generally known
receivedfashionable, accepted as a norm, generally adopted
vulgargenerally known, commonly acknowledged


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adopted, generallyreceived
generally adoptedreceived
generally knownvulgar
known, generallyvulgar
known, make generallypublish

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Comparison...notions (such as chief) which today are generally not compared several of these forms can...
Functional shift...oner types are adjectives used as verbs generally expressing the notion of ‘to make [adjec...
Greetings...ssions with how are widespread they are generally different in form greetings may also be...
Here, there, and where
What and what...be split as what ever whatsoever is generally equivalent to whatever and is still fou...
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