Gods and goddesses

Being Location Example Gloss
Aeolus 2H6 III.ii.92 Yet Aeolus would not be a murderer Greek god of the winds
Aesculapius MW II.iii.25 What says my Aesculapius? Roman god of healing; from Greek Asclepius
Apollo WT III.i.19 the oracle, / Thus by Apollo's great divine sealed up Greek sun god, often thought of as pulling the sun across the sky in a horse-drawn chariot; god of prophecy (who spoke through the oracle at Delphi), poetry, music, archery, and healing; also known as Phoebus Apollo, or Phoebus Delphos in WORLD PLACES
Astraea 1H6 I.vi.4 Divinest creature, Astraea’s daughter Daughter of Zeus and Themis; Greek goddess of justice
Ate MA II.i.234 the infernal Ate Greek goddess of discord and vengeance
Athene TNK III.v.94 Pallas inspire me! Greek goddess of wisdom and learning; protectress of Athens; also known as Athena, Pallas Athena, or Pallas
Aurora MND III.ii.380 Aurora’s harbinger Roman goddess of the dawn
Bacchanals AC II.vii.102 Shall we dance now the tipsy Bacchanals Bacchus below
Bacchus LLL IV.iii.315 Love's tongue proves dainty Bacchus gross in taste Roman god of wine; associated with drunken revelry; devotees, festivals, and dances were known as Bacchanals
Bel MA III.iii.131 like god Bel’s priests in the old church-window Babylonian god, discredited by Daniel (Bible: Apocrypha; or, Daniel 14)
Bellona TNK I.i.75 the helmeted Bellona Roman goddess of war
Boreas TC I.iii.38 let the ruffian Boreas once enrage / The gentle Thetis Greek god of the north wind
Ceres Tem IV.i.60 Ceres, most bounteous lady, thy rich leas / Of wheat Roman goddess of crops and fruit
Cupid AYL I.iii.1 wicked bastard of Venus Roman god of love, son of Venus and Mercury; depicted as a winged boy with curved bow and arrows, and blindfolded
Cynthia Ven 728 Cynthia for shame obscures her silver shine Roman goddess of the moon; one of the identities of Diana Diana below
Cytherea PP 4.1 Cytherea ... / Did court the lad with many a lovely look One of the titles of the Roman goddess of beauty and love
Diana, Dian 1H4 I.ii.25 Let us be Diana’s foresters, gentlemen of the shade, minions of the moon Roman goddess associated with the Moon, chastity, and hunting; also known as Cynthia, Luna, and Phoebe
Dictynna LLL IV.ii.36 Dictynna ... A title to Phoebe, to Luna, to the moon One of the titles of the Roman goddess of the Moon
Dis Tem IV.i.89 dusky Dis my daughter got Roman god of the underworld; another name for Pluto Pluto below
Flora WT IV.iv.2 Flora / Peering in April’s front Roman goddess of flowers, who appears with the spring
Fortune AYL I.ii.30 Let us ... mock the good housewife Fortune from her wheel Roman goddess, often represented as a woman at a spinning wheel, or controlling a rudder, and as blind
Ganymede AYL I.iii.122 Jove’s own page [name adopted by Rosalind] beautiful boy, son of a Trojan prince, taken by Jove to be cup-bearer to the gods Jupiter below
Graces, Three TC I.ii.236 Had I a sister were a grace daughters of Zeus and Hera; Greek goddesses of grace and beauty
Hecat, Hecate Mac II.i.52 Witchcraft celebrates / Pale Hecat's offerings Greek goddess of the underworld; associated with magic, ghosts, witchcraft
Hermes H5 III.vii.17 more musical than the pipe of Hermes messenger of the Greek gods, often shown wearing winged shoes; god of science and commerce, inventor of the lyre and flute
Hymen Ham III.ii.168 Hymen did our hands / Unite Greek god who led a wedding procession; associated with a torch, a crown of flowers, and a flute; also known as Hymenaeus
Hymenaeus Tit I.i.328 everything / In readiness for Hymenaeus stand Hymen above
Hyperion Tim IV.iii.185 Whereon Hyperion's quickening fire doth shine Greek god, son of Uranus and Gaia, who fathered the Sun (Helios), Moon (Selene), and Dawn (Eos); often, the Sun itself, associated with a horse-drawn chariot
Iris TNK IV.i.87 as Iris / Newly dropped down from heaven Greek goddess of the rainbow; messenger of the gods, especially of Zeus and Hera
Isis AC I.ii.65 let him marry a woman that cannot go, sweet Isis, I beseech thee Egyptian goddess of the moon, fertility, and magic; wife of Osiris
Janus MV I.i.50 by two-headed Janus, / Nature hath framed strange fellows in her time Roman god who guards gates and doors; depicted with two faces, one at the back of his head
Jove Luc 568 She conjures him by high almighty Jove Jupiter below
Juno WT IV.iv.121 sweeter than the lids of Juno's eyes Roman supreme goddess, wife of Jupiter; associated with the Moon, childbirth, marriage, and female identity
Jupiter Cym V.v.428 Great Jupiter, upon his eagle backed Roman supreme god; associated with the heavens and the weather, especially thunder and lightning; also known as Jove
Lucina Cym V.iv.43 Lucina ... took me in my throes Roman goddess of childbirth
Luna LLL IV.ii.39 Dictynna ... A title to Phoebe, to Luna, to the moon One of the titles of the Roman goddess of the Moon Diana above
Mars TNK I.iv.17 By th'helm of Mars Roman god of war, second only to Jupiter
Mercury Ham III.iv.59 the herald Mercury messenger of the Roman gods, with the attributes of Hermes; also, god of commerce Hermes above
Merops TG III.i.153 Phaethon – for thou art Merops’ son - / Wilt thou aspire to guide the heavenly car husband of Clymene; Phaethon was the son of her union with Helios Phaethon below
Minerva Cym V.v.164 laming ... straight-pight Minerva Roman goddess of wisdom, the arts, and trades
Muses MND V.i.52 The thrice three Muses mourning for the death the nine goddesses in Greek mythology, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who gave artistic inspiration; also called the Helicons, as they lived on Mt Helicon
Nemesis E3 III.i.120 Steer, angry Nemesis, the happy helm Greek goddess of vengeance, especially retribution for human folly, pride, or excessive good fortune
Neptune MND II.i.126 Full often hath she ... sat with me on Neptune's yellow sands Roman water-god; chiefly associated with the sea and sea-weather
Pallas Tit IV.i.65 Apollo, Pallas, Jove or Mercury / Inspire me Athene above
Phaethon, Phaeton R2 III.iii.178 down I come like glistering Phaethon son of Helios, the Greek sun-god, who tried to drive his chariot but was destroyed when he drove it too near Earth; symbol of pride
Phoebe LLL IV.ii.39 Dictynna ... A title to Phoebe, to Luna, to the moon One of the titles of the Roman goddess of the Moon Diana above
Phoebus H5 IV.i.266 like a lackey ... / Sweats in the eye of Phoebus Latin name for Apollo as the sun-god; also called Phoebus Apollo Apollo above
Pluto Cor I.iv.36 Pluto and hell! one of the titles of the Greek god of the underworld, Hades Plutus below
Plutus AW V.iii.101 Plutus ... / That knows the tinct and multiplying medicine Greek god of wealth and gold; also known as Pluto
Priapus Per IV.vi.4 She's able to freeze the god Priapus Greek god of human and plant fertility
Proserpine / Proserpina TNK IV.iii.25 do nothing all day long but pick flowers with Proserpine Roman goddess of the underworld; Hades abducted her while she was picking flowers; associated with springtime
Saturn Sonn 98.4 heavy Saturn laugh'd and leap'd with him Roman god of seed time and harvest
Tellus Per IV.i.13 I will rob Tellus of her weed [i.e. flowers] Roman goddess of the earth
Titan Ven 177 Titan ... with burning eye did hotly overlook them one of the titles of the Roman sun-god, Sol
Triton Cor III.i.89 this Triton of the minnows minor Greek sea god, the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite
Venus TNK V.i.74 to the goddess Venus / Commend we our proceeding Roman goddess of beauty and love  Adonis
Vulcan TN V.i.50 As black as Vulcan in the smoke of war Roman god of fire, and the gods’ blacksmith; his forge was under Mt Etna, and thus associated with destruction and hell

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