World [outside Britain], places and peoples

Location Example Gloss
Afric Cym I.ii.98 Africa, thought of as a desert place
Afric TC I.iii.370 African
Almaigne E3 I.i.152 Germany
Almaine Oth II.iii.77 German
Andren H8 I.i.7 Andres, valley in Picardy, N France
Angiers KJ II.i.1 Angers, NW France; capital of the former province of Anjou
Antiates Cor people from Antium (modern Anzio), S Italy
Aquitaine LLL I.i.135 region of SW France; acquired by England on the marriage of Henry II to Eleanor of Aquitaine, 1152
Arabia Cor IV.ii.24 region of SW Asia (modern Saudi Arabia and nearby countries), thought of as a desert area
Arde H8 I.i.7 Ardres, town in Picardy, N France; site of the Field of the Cloth of Gold, where Henry VIII and Francis I met
Ardea Luc.1 capital city of the Rutuli, S of Rome
Argier Tem I.ii.261 Algiers; seaport capital of Algeria, N Africa
Aulis TNK I.i.212 seaport in Boeotia, SE Greece [Q Anly]
Barbary Ham V.ii.145 Barbary Coast of North Africa, famous for swift horses and a breed of cock-pigeon
Barfleur E3 III.iii.20 Harfleur, Normandy, France; besieged by Henry V in 1415
Basan, Hill of AC III.xiii.127 Bible (Psalms 68): area noted for cattle
Belgia CE III.ii.145 [before the Treaty of Antwerp, 1609] present-day Netherlands, Belgium, and parts of nearby France
Bergomask MND V.i.344 in the manner of the people of Bergamo, N Italy
Bermoothes Tem I.ii.229 Bermuda islands
Boheme E3 III.iv.86 Bohemia below
Bohemia WT I.i.1 historic province of W Czech Republic
Britain R3 IV.iii.40 Breton, from Brittany, NW France
Britaine H5 II.iv.4 Brittany, NW France
British E3 IV.iv.75 Breton, from Brittany, NW France
Brittaine R2 II.i.278 Brittany, NW France
Brittayne E3 I.i.133 Brittany, NW France
Calaber 2H6 I.i.7 Calabria, region of S Italy
Callice R2 I.i.126 common spelling of Calais, port in NW France
Calydon 2H6 I.i.233 region of ancient Aetolia, WC Greece, where the hunt for the Calydonian boar took place Meleager in CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY
Candy TN V.i.58 Candia (modern Heraklion), port in Crete
Capitol Ham III.ii.113 geographical and ceremonial centre of ancient Rome, the seat of government
Carentan E3 III.iii.20 town in Normandy, N France
Champaigne 1H6 I.i.60 Compiègne, Picardy, NE France
Chartreux H8 I.i.221 Carthusian abbey at Chartreuse, Grenoble, E France; also, used as the name of the order
Charybdis MV III.v.14 mythological whirlpool in the Straits of Messina which swallowed ships whole Scylla below
Cocytus Tit II.iii.236 one of the mythological rivers of the underworld, which souls of the dead must cross
Colchos MV I.i.171 Colchis, ancient region at the eastern end of the Black Sea; in mythology, home of the Golden Fleece
Collatium Luc.4 city of Collatine, husband of Lucrece
Colossus 1H4 V.i.123 huge bronze statue of the sun-god Apollo, which bestrode the harbour entrance to the port of Rhodes
Corinth CE I.i.88 Greek city-state; on an isthmus separating the Adriatic Sea from the Aegean
Crete H5 II.i.70 Mediterranean island, known for its shaggy dogs
Crotoy E3 III.iii.20 Le Crotoy, Normandy, N France
Cydnus Cym II.iv.71 river in Cilicia, S Turkey, now River Tarsus; meeting place of Cleopatra and Antony, 41 BC
Dalmatians Cym III.i.74 people from ancient Dalmatia; Balkan region bordering the Adriatic Sea, modern SW Croatia; also known as Illyria, Illyricum
Dardan, Dardania TC prologue.13 region of which Troy was the capital Troy below
Delphos WT II.i.183 island of Delphi, C Greece, famous for its oracle
Elysium Cym V.iv.97 mythological location of heaven
Ephesus Per III.ii.42 former port on W coast of Asia Minor; site of Diana’s temple, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Epidamnum CE I.i.42 town on coast of Illyricum (Dalmatia), Adriatic Sea Dalmatians above
Epidaurus CE I.i.94 town on coast of Illyricum (Dalmatia), Adriatic Sea Dalmatians above
Erebus 2H4 II.iv.153 mythological place of darkness where Shades passed on their way from Earth to Hades
Ethiop, Ethiope AYL IV.iii.36 someone from Ethiopia; a stereotype of dark complexion
Ethiope MND III.ii.257 Ethiop above
Europa MA V.iv.45 Europe
Florentine AW I.ii.1 from Florence, Tuscany, NC Italy
Gallia 1H6 [unclear meaning] old name for France [Gaul]
Gallian Cym I.vii.66 from France
Goths Tit I.i.28 warlike Germanic tribe from C Europe, 3rd--5th-c
Guynes H8 I.i.7 Guines, town in Picardy, N France
Harfleur H5 III.chorus.17 town in Normandy, N France; besieged by Henry V in 1415
Hellespont Oth III.iii.453 Dardanelles; narrow strait in NW Turkey, connecting the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara Leander in CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY
Hesperides E3 IV.iv.29 mythological garden in the Isles of the Blest, at the W end of the earth, where golden apples grew
Hybla 1H4 I.ii.41 town in Sicily, famed for the honey from its nearby hills
Hyrcan Mac III.iv.100 Hyrcania below
Hyrcania 3H6 I.iv.155 ancient Per sian region on the Caspian Sea; known for its ferocious wild animals
Iceland H5 II.i.39 country known for its long-haired dogs
Ilion LLL V.ii.650 city of Troy Troy below
Ilium Ham II.ii.472 city of Troy Troy below
Illyria TN I.ii.2 E seaboard of the Adriatic and its hinterland (Dalmatia); modern Croatia Dalmatians above
Ind AYL III.ii.84 Indies below
Inde LLL IV.iii.220 India
Indian H8 V.iv.34 American Indian
Indies MV I.iii.18 East Indies, thought of as a region of great wealth
Ithaca Cor I.iii.85 island of W Greece; home of Ulysses, where Penelope waited for his return from the Trojan Wars
Lacedaemon Tim II.ii.156 Sparta, city-state of S Greece
Lapland CE IV.iii.11 province of N Finland; known for sorcery and witchcraft
Lethe TN IV.i.61 one of the mythological rivers of the underworld, causing oblivion to those who drank from it
Limbo AW V.iii.260 domain on the border of hell containing the souls of unbaptised infants and of those just people born before Christ
E3 III.iii.20 Saint Lô, Normandy, N France
Louvre H8 I.iii.23 palace of the French Kings, Paris
Marcellus AW IV.iv.9 Marseilles, S France
Mediterraneum LLL V.i.55 Mediterranean
Messaline TN II.i.15 probably Marseilles, S France
Messina MA I.i.1 port in Sicily, S Italy
Misena, Mt AC II.ii.166 Mt Misenum, port in S Italy
Mytilene Per IV.ii.3 city in Lesbos, Greece [spelled variously in Q]
Netherland E3 III.i.24 [before the Treaty of Antwerp, 1609] present-day Netherlands, Belgium, and parts of nearby France
Nilus AC I.ii.49 River Nile, Egypt
Olympus TC II.iii.10 mountainous region of N Greece; the home of the gods
Ossa Ham V.i.279 mountain in Thessaly, N Greece
Pannonians Cym III.i.74 people from ancient Pannonia (in and around modern Hungary)
Paphos Tem IV.i.93 Cyprus; favourite abode of Venus, goddess of love
Parthian AC I.ii.101 from Parthia, ancient kingdom of W Asia; known for skilled horsemen and archery
Pelion MW II.i.74 mountain in Thessaly, N Greece; gods revenged themselves on rebellious Titans by burying them under Mt Pelion
Pentapolis Per II.i.100 city region on N African coast, modern Libya
Philippan AC II.v.23 Philippi below
Philippi JC IV.iii.168 battle site in Thrace, Asia Minor, where Antony defeated Brutus and Cassius Brutus, Marcus
Phrygia TN III.i.50 once the C plateau of Asia Minor and its W flank; area of Asia Minor where Troy was situated
Polonian E3 III.i.34 from Poland
Pontic Sea Oth III.iii.450 Black Sea
Portugal, Bay of AYL IV.i.193 sea of supposed great depth off Portugal [unclear location]
Propontic Sea Oth III.iii.453 Sea of Marmora, Turkey
Pyrenean KJ I.i.203 Pyrenees, mountain range between France and Spain
Rialto MV I.iii.19 commercial exchange in Venice, NE Italy; also, bridge spanning the Grand Canal
Saba H8 V.v.23 Bible (1 Kings 10): Sheba, proverbial for wealth
Sardis JC IV.ii.28 capital of Lydia, Asia Minor; once the political centre
Scylla MV III.v.14 rock (or sea-monster) in the Straits of Messina opposite to Charybdis Charybdis above
Scythian E3 II.i.72 someone from Scythia, ancient region of E Europe; people known for pitilessness
Senoy AW I.ii.1 Sienese; from Siena, Tuscany, C Italy
Sestos E3 II.ii.155 location of the temple of Aphrodite, on the Hellespont Hellespont above
Sicil 2H6 I.i.6 Sicily, S Italy
Sicilia 2H6 I.i.47 Sicily, S Italy
Sicils 3H6 I.iv.122 Naples and Sicily (formerly, the ‘Two Sicilies’)
Sicyon AC I.ii.114 town in S Greece, where Antony’s wife Fulvia stayed
Simois Luc 1437 river flowing from Mt Ida to the plain of Troy, W Turkey
South Sea AYL III.ii.191 South Seas, seen as a distant and unknown location
Sparta MND IV.i.113 city of Peloponnesia, S Greece
Stygian TC III.ii.8 of the River Styx Styx below
Styx Tit I.i.91 the principal mythological river of the underworld
Syracuse, Syracusa CE I.i.1 port city in Sicily, S Italy
Tarpeian rock Cor III.i.212 rock in Rome, from which criminals were thrown to their deaths
Tarsus Per I.ii.115 ancient city of Asia Minor, S Turkey
Tartar E3 II.i.71 someone from Tartary, C Asia; known for pitilessness; also, a stereotype of dark complexion
Tartar CE IV.ii.32 Tartarus; underworld place of confinement for those who incurred the wrath of the gods
Taurus MND III.ii.141 Turkish mountain range
Tenedos TC prologue.11 island near Troy, W Turkey Troy below
Thasos JC V.iii.104 Thassos, island near Philippi, N Greece
Theban KL III.iv.150 from Thebes Thebes below
Thebes TNK I.i.42 city-state in Boeotia, SE Greece; associated with wisdom and learning
Thessalian MND IV.i.121 of Thessaly Thessaly below
Thessaly AC IV.xiii.2 ancient region of NE Greece
Thracian 3H6 IV.ii.21 of Thrace; region of ancient NE Greece associated with the worship of Dionysus
Tiber Cor II.i.46 river in Rome
Tripolis MV I.iii.18 Tripoli; seaport capital in N Africa (modern Libya)
Troy TC prologue.8 ancient city of W Turkey, besieged for 10 years during the Trojan Wars; also called Ilium, Ilion
Troyant 2H4 II.iv.162 Trojan Troy above
Tunis Tem II.i.73 former N African state [in modern Tunisia]
Tyre, Tyrus Per I.i.1 Mediterranean port, SW Lebanon
Volquessen KJ II.i.527 Vexin, district around Rouen, NW France

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