Original textModern textKey line
But now of late, not able to trauell with herBut now of late, not able to travel with her2H6 IV.ii.44
furr'd Packe, she washes buckes here at home.furred pack, she washes bucks here at home.2H6 IV.ii.45
A must needs, for beggery is valiant.'A must needs, for beggary is valiant.2H6 IV.ii.51
He neede not feare the sword, for his Coate is ofHe need not fear the sword, for his coat is of2H6 IV.ii.56
proofe.proof.2H6 IV.ii.57
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God saue your Maiesty.God save your majesty!2H6 IV.ii.67
The Clearke of Chartam: hee can write andThe clerk of Chartham; he can write and read and2H6 IV.ii.80
reade, and cast accompt.cast accompt.2H6 IV.ii.81
We tooke him setting of boyes Copies.We took him setting of boys' copies.2H6 IV.ii.83
Ha's a Booke in his pocket with red Letters in'tH'as a book in his pocket with red letters in't.2H6 IV.ii.85
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He hath confest: away with him: he's a VillaineHe hath confessed: away with him! He's a villain2H6 IV.ii.99
and a Traitor.and a traitor.2H6 IV.ii.100
Sir, he made a Chimney in my Fathers house, &Sir, he made a chimney in my father's house, and2H6 IV.ii.139
the brickes are aliue at this day to testifie it: therefore deny the bricks are alive at this day to testify it; therefore deny2H6 IV.ii.140
it not.2H6 IV.ii.141
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I marry will we: therefore get ye gone.Ay, marry, will we; therefore get ye gone.2H6 IV.ii.144
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No, no, and therefore wee'l haue his head.No, no; and therefore we'll have his head.2H6 IV.ii.163
If this Fellow be wise, hee'l neuer call yee Iacke Cade If this fellow be wise, he'll never call ye Jack Cade2H6
more, I thinke he hath a very faire warning.more; I think he hath a very fair warning.2H6
Nay Iohn, it wil be stinking Nay, John, it will be stinking2H6 IV.vii.9
Law, for his breath stinkes with eating toasted, for his breath stinks with eating toasted cheese.2H6 IV.vii.10
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It shall be done.It shall be done.2H6 IV.vii.106
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O braue.O, brave!2H6 IV.vii.121
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God saue the King, God saue the King.God save the King! God save the King!2H6 IV.viii.18
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Wee'l follow Cade, Wee'l follow Cade.We'll follow Cade! We'll follow Cade!2H6 IV.viii.32
All. ALL
A Clifford, a Clifford, / Wee'l follow the King, and À Clifford! À Clifford! We'll follow the King and2H6 IV.viii.52
Clifford.Clifford.2H6 IV.viii.53
All. ALL
God saue the King, God saue the King.God save the King! God save the King!2H6 IV.ix.22