Original textModern textKey line
Or rather of stealing a Cade of Herrings.Or rather of stealing a cade of herrings.2H6 IV.ii.32
Silence.Silence!2H6 IV.ii.36
He was an honest man, and a good Bricklayer.He was an honest man and a good bricklayer.2H6 IV.ii.38
I knew her well, she was a Midwife.I knew her well; she was a midwife.2H6 IV.ii.40
She was indeed a Pedlers daughter, & She was indeed a pedlar's daughter, and2H6 IV.ii.42
sold many Laces.sold many laces.2H6 IV.ii.43
I by my faith, the field is honourable, Ay, by my faith, the field is honourable,2H6 IV.ii.47
and there was he borne, vnder a hedge: for his Father had and there was he born, under a hedge; for his father had2H6 IV.ii.48
neuer a house but the Cage.never a house but the cage.2H6 IV.ii.49
No question of that: for I haue seene him No question of that; for I have seen him2H6 IV.ii.53
whipt three Market dayes together.whipped three market days together.2H6 IV.ii.54
But me thinks he should stand in feare of fire, But methinks he should stand in fear of fire,2H6 IV.ii.58
being burnt i'th hand for stealing of Sheepe.being burnt i'th' hand for stealing of sheep.2H6 IV.ii.59
All. ALL
God saue your Maiesty.God save your majesty!2H6 IV.ii.67
The first thing we do, let's kill all the Lawyers.The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.2H6 IV.ii.72
Nay, he can make Obligations, and write Court hand.Nay, he can make obligations, and write court-hand.2H6 IV.ii.87
They vse to writ it on the top of Letters: 'Twill go They use to write it on the top of letters. 'Twill go2H6 IV.ii.92
hard with you.hard with you.2H6 IV.ii.93
All. ALL
He hath confest: away with him: he's a VillaineHe hath confessed: away with him! He's a villain2H6 IV.ii.99
and a Traitor.and a traitor.2H6 IV.ii.100
Nay, 'tis too true, therefore he shall be King.Nay, 'tis too true; therefore he shall be king.2H6 IV.ii.138
All. ALL
I marry will we: therefore get ye gone.Ay, marry, will we; therefore get ye gone.2H6 IV.ii.144
And furthermore, wee'l haue the Lord Sayes head, And furthermore, we'll have the Lord Say's head2H6 IV.ii.151
for selling the Dukedome of Maine.for selling the dukedom of Maine.2H6 IV.ii.152
All. ALL
No, no, and therefore wee'l haue his head.No, no; and therefore we'll have his head.2H6 IV.ii.163
They are all in order, and march toward vs.They are all in order, and march toward us.2H6 IV.ii.178
Heere sir.Here, sir.2H6 IV.iii.2
I desire no more.I desire no more.2H6 IV.iii.8
If we meane to thriue, and do good, breake open the If we mean to thrive and do good, break open the2H6 IV.iii.14
Gaoles, and let out the Prisoners.gaols and let out the prisoners.2H6 IV.iii.15
My Lord, there's an Army gathered together in My lord, there's an army gathered together in2H6 IV.vi.11
Smithfield.Smithfield.2H6 IV.vi.12
I haue a suite vnto your Lordship.I have a suit unto your lordship.2H6 IV.vii.3
Onely that the Lawes of England may come out of your Only that the laws of England may come out of your2H6 IV.vii.5
mouth.mouth.2H6 IV.vii.6
And worke in their shirt to, as my selfe for example, And work in their shirt too; as myself, for example,2H6 IV.vii.48
that am a butcher.that am a butcher.2H6 IV.vii.49
What say you of Kent.What say you of Kent?2H6 IV.vii.51
Why dost thou quiuer man?Why dost thou quiver, man?2H6 IV.vii.85
All. ALL
It shall be done.It shall be done.2H6 IV.vii.106
My Lord, / When shall we go to Cheapside, and take vp My lord, when shall we go to Cheapside and take up2H6 IV.vii.118
commodities vpon our billes?commodities upon our bills?2H6 IV.vii.119
All. ALL
O braue.O, brave!2H6 IV.vii.121
All. ALL
God saue the King, God saue the King.God save the King! God save the King!2H6 IV.viii.18
All. ALL
Wee'l follow Cade, Wee'l follow Cade.We'll follow Cade! We'll follow Cade!2H6 IV.viii.32
All. ALL
A Clifford, a Clifford, / Wee'l follow the King, and À Clifford! À Clifford! We'll follow the King and2H6 IV.viii.52
Clifford.Clifford.2H6 IV.viii.53
All. ALL
God saue the King, God saue the King.God save the King! God save the King!2H6 IV.ix.22