Original textModern textKey line
And you.And you.AW V.i.9
I haue beene sometimes there.I have been sometimes there.AW V.i.11
What's your will?What's your will?AW V.i.17.2
The Kings not heere.The King's not here.AW V.i.22.1
Not indeed,Not indeed.AW V.i.22.3
He hence remou'd last night, and with more hastHe hence removed last night, and with more hasteAW V.i.23
Then is his vse.Than is his use.AW V.i.24.1
Marrie as I take it to RossillionMarry, as I take it, to Rossillion;AW V.i.28
Whither I am going.Whither I am going.AW V.i.29.1
This Ile do for you.This I'll do for you.AW V.i.35.2
Gracious Soueraigne.Gracious sovereign,AW V.iii.128.2
Whether I haue beene too blame or no, I know not,Whether I have been to blame or no, I know not:AW V.iii.129
Here's a petition from a Florentine,Here's a petition from a FlorentineAW V.iii.130
Who hath for foure or fiue remoues come short,Who hath for four or five removes come shortAW V.iii.131
To tender it her selfe. I vndertooke it,To tender it herself. I undertook it,AW V.iii.132
Vanquish'd thereto by the faire grace and speechVanquished thereto by the fair grace and speechAW V.iii.133
Of the poore suppliant, who by this I knowOf the poor suppliant, who, by this, I know,AW V.iii.134
Is heere attending: her businesse lookes in herIs here attending. Her business looks in herAW V.iii.135
With an importing visage, and she told meWith an importing visage, and she told me,AW V.iii.136
In a sweet verball breefe, it did concerneIn a sweet verbal brief, it did concernAW V.iii.137
Your Highnesse with her selfe.Your highness with herself.AW V.iii.138

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