Original textModern textKey line
Ioy and all comfort in your sacred brest.Joy and all comfort in your sacred breast!Per I.ii.34
and stay your comming, / To present them selues.And stay your coming to present themselves.Per II.ii.3
See, not a man in priuate conference,See, not a man in private conferencePer II.iv.17
Or counsaile, ha's respect with him but hee.Or council has respect with him but he.Per II.iv.18
Follow me then: Lord Hellicane, a word.Follow me then. Lord Helicane, a word.Per II.iv.21
Know, that our griefes are risen to the top,Know that our griefs are risen to the top,Per II.iv.23
And now at length they ouer-flow their bankes.And now at length they overflow their banks.Per II.iv.24
Wrong not your selfe then, noble Hellican,Wrong not yourself then, noble Helicane,Per II.iv.26
But if the Prince do liue, let vs salute him,But if the prince do live, let us salute himPer II.iv.27
Or know what ground's made happy by his breath:And know what ground's made happy by his breath.Per II.iv.28
If in the world he liue, wee'le seeke him out:If in the world he live, we'll seek him out;Per II.iv.29
If in his Graue he rest, wee'le find him there,If in his grave he rest, we'll find him there;Per II.iv.30
And be resolued he liues to gouerne vs:And be resolved he lives to govern us,Per II.iv.31
Or dead, giue's cause to mourne his funerall,Or dead, give's cause to mourn his funeralPer II.iv.32
And leaue vs to our free election.And leave us to our free election.Per II.iv.33
Liue noble Hellicane.Live, noble Helicane!Per II.iv.40
To wisedome, hee's a foole, that will not yeeld:To wisdom he's a fool that will not yield,Per II.iv.54
And since Lord Hellicane enioyneth vs,And since Lord Helicane enjoineth us,Per II.iv.55
We with our trauels will endeauour.We with our travels will endeavour it.Per II.iv.56