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Enter Simonydes, with attendaunce, and Thaisa.Enter Simonides with Lords and attendants, and Thaisa Per II.ii.1.1
Are the Knights ready to begin the Tryumph?Are the knights ready to begin the triumph?triumph (n.)
public festivity, pageant, display of celebration, tournament
Per II.ii.1
They are my Leidge,They are, my liege,liege (n.)
lord, sovereign
Per II.ii.2
and stay your comming, / To present them selues.And stay your coming to present themselves. Per II.ii.3
Returne them, We are ready, & our daughter heere,Return them we are ready; and our daughter here,return (v.)

old form: Returne
answer, report, say in reply [to]
Per II.ii.4
In honour of whose Birth, these Triumphs are,In honour of whose birth these triumphs are, Per II.ii.5
Sits heere like Beauties child, whom Nature gat,Sits here like beauty's child, whom Nature gatget (v.)
beget, conceive, breed
Per II.ii.6
For men to see; and seeing, woonder at.For men to see and, seeing, wonder at. Per II.ii.7
It pleaseth you (my royall Father) to expresseIt pleaseth you, my royal father, to express Per II.ii.8
My Commendations great, whose merit's lesse.My commendations great, whose merit's less. Per II.ii.9
It's fit it should be so, for Princes areIt's fit it should be so, for princes are Per II.ii.10
A modell which Heauen makes like to it selfe:A model which heaven makes like to itself. Per II.ii.11
As Iewels loose their glory, if neglected,As jewels lose their glory if neglected,jewel (n.)

old form: Iewels
fine ornament, costly adornment
Per II.ii.12
So Princes their Renownes, if not respected:So princes their renowns if not respected.respect (v.)
value, have regard for, prize
Per II.ii.13
T'is now your honour (Daughter) to entertaine'Tis now your honour, daughter, to entertainentertain (v.)

old form: entertaine
receive, admit, let in
Per II.ii.14
The labour of each Knight, in his deuice.The labour of each knight in his device.device (n.)

old form: deuice
heraldic design, emblematic figure, armorial
Per II.ii.15
Which to preserue mine honour, I'le performe.Which, to preserve mine honour, I'll perform.honour (n.)
credit, good name, reputation
Per II.ii.16
The first Knight passes by.The First Knight enters and passes by, his squire Per II.ii.17.1
presenting his shield to Thaisa Per II.ii.17.2
Who is the first, that doth preferre himselfe?Who is the first that doth prefer himself?prefer (v.)
promote, advance, recommend
Per II.ii.17
A Knight of Sparta (my renowned father)A knight of Sparta, my renowned father,Sparta (n.)
city of Peloponnesia, S Greece
Per II.ii.18
And the deuice he beares vpon his Shield,And the device he bears upon his shield Per II.ii.19
Is a blacke Ethyope reaching at the Sunne:Is a black Ethiop reaching at the sun.Ethiop, Ethiope (adj./n.)
Ethiopian, African, person with a dark countenance
Per II.ii.20
The word: Lux tua vita mihi.The word, Lux tua vita mihi.word (n.)
maxim, saying, adage, motto
Per II.ii.21
thy light is life to me
He loues you well, that holdes his life of you.He loves you well that holds his life of you.hold (v.)

old form: holdes
keep, preserve, conserve
Per II.ii.22
The second Knight.The Second Knight passes by Per II.ii.23
Who is the second, that presents himselfe?Who is the second that presents himself? Per II.ii.23
A Prince of Macedon (my royall father)A prince of Macedon, my royal father, Per II.ii.24
And the deuice he beares vpon his Shield,And the device he bears upon his shield Per II.ii.25
Is an Armed Knight, that's conquered by a Lady:Is an armed knight that's conquered by a lady. Per II.ii.26
The motto thus in Spanish. Pue per doleera kee per forsa.The motto thus in Spanish, Piu per dolcera che per forza. Per II.ii.27
3.Knight.The Third Knight passes by Per II.ii.28
And with the third?And with the third? Per II.ii.28.1
The third, of Antioch;The third of Antioch, Per II.ii.28.2
and his deuice, / A wreath of Chiually:And his device a wreath of chivalry.chivalry (n.)

old form: Chiually
knightly rank [as displayed on a coat-of-arms: a twisted band encircling a helmet]
Per II.ii.29
the word: Me Pompey prouexit apex.The word, Me pompae provexit
the honour of the contest led me on
Per II.ii.30
4.Knight.The Fourth Knight passes by Per II.ii.31
What is the fourth.What is the fourth? Per II.ii.31
A burning Torch that's turned vpside downe;A burning torch that's turned upside down. Per II.ii.32
The word: Qui me alit me extinguit.The word, Qui me alit me extinguit.qui...
who feeds me extinguishes me
Per II.ii.33
Which shewes that Beautie hath his power & will,Which shows that beauty hath his power and will, Per II.ii.34
Which can as well enflame, as it can kill.Which can as well inflame as it can kill. Per II.ii.35
5.Knight.The Fifth Knight passes by Per II.ii.36
The fift, an Hand enuironed with Clouds,The fifth, an hand environed with clouds, Per II.ii.36
Holding out Gold, that's by the Touch-stone tride:Holding out gold that's by the touchstone tried.touchstone (n.)

old form: Touch-stone
type of stone used for testing the quality of a gold or silver alloy
Per II.ii.37
The motto thus: Sic spectanda fides.The motto thus, Sic spectanda fides.sic...
thus is faithfulness to be tested
Per II.ii.38
6.Knight.The Sixth Knight, Pericles, passes by Per II.ii.39
And what's the sixt, and last; the which, / The knight himselfAnd what's the sixth and last, the which the knight himself Per II.ii.39
with such a graceful courtesie deliuered?With such a graceful courtesy delivered?deliver (v.)

old form: deliuered
present, show, display
Per II.ii.40
Hee seemes to be a Stranger: but his Present isHe seems to be a stranger, but his present ispresent (n.)
object presented
Per II.ii.41
A withered Branch, that's onely greene at top,A withered branch that's only green at top. Per II.ii.42
The motto: In hac spe viuo.The motto, In hac spe hac...
in this hope I live
Per II.ii.43
A pretty morrall A pretty moral, Per II.ii.44
frõ the deiected state wherein he is,From the dejected state wherein he is,dejected (adj.)

old form: deiected
cast down, abased, humbled
Per II.ii.45
He hopes by you, his fortunes yet may flourish.He hopes by you his fortunes yet may flourish. Per II.ii.46
He had need meane better, then his outward shewHe had need mean better than his outward show Per II.ii.47
Can any way speake in his iust commend:Can any way speak in his just commend,just (adj.)

old form: iust
proper, true
Per II.ii.48
commend (n.)
commendation, support, praise
For by his rustie outside, he appeares,For by his rusty outside he appears Per II.ii.49
To haue practis'd more the Whipstocke, then the Launce.To have practised more the whipstock than the lance.whipstock (n.)

old form: Whipstocke
Per II.ii.50
He well may be a Stranger, for he comesHe well may be a stranger, for he comes Per II.ii.51
To an honour'd tryumph, strangly furnisht.To an honoured triumph strangely furnished.furnished (adj.)
equipped, fitted out, outfitted
Per II.ii.52
And on set purpose let his Armour rustAnd on set purpose let his armour rust Per II.ii.53
Vntill this day, to scowre it in the dust.Until this day, to scour it in the dust. Per II.ii.54
Opinion's but a foole, that makes vs scanOpinion's but a fool, that makes us scanopinion (n.)
public opinion, popular judgement
Per II.ii.55
scan (v.)
judge, assess, criticize
The outward habit, by the inward man.The outward habit by the inward man.habit (n.)
dress, clothing, costume
Per II.ii.56
But stay, the Knights are comming,But stay, the knights are coming. Per II.ii.57
We will with-draw into the Gallerie.We will withdraw into the gallery. Per II.ii.58
Exeunt Per II.ii.58
Great shoutes, and all cry, the meane (Within) Great shouts, and all cry ‘ The meanmean (adj.)

old form: meane
lowly, humble, poor
Per II.ii.58.1
Knight.knight!’ Per II.ii.58.2
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