Original textModern textKey line
Crackt and disseuered my renowned Lord:Cracked and dissevered, my renowned lord. E3 I.i.123
The treacherous King no sooner was informde,The treacherous King no sooner was informedE3 I.i.124
Of your with drawing of your army backe:Of your withdrawing of your army back, E3 I.i.125
But straight forgetting of his former othe,But straight, forgetting of his former oath, E3 I.i.126
He made inuasion on the bordering Townes:He made invasion of the bordering towns. E3 I.i.127
Barwicke is woon, Newcastle spoyld and lost,Berwick is won, Newcastle spoiled and lost,E3 I.i.128
And now the tyrant hath beguirt with seege,And now the tyrant hath begirt with siegeE3 I.i.129
The Castle of Rocksborough, where inclosd,The castle of Roxborough, where enclosedE3 I.i.130
The Countes Salsbury is like to perish:The Countess Salisbury is like to perish.E3 I.i.131
How fares my Aunt? we are not Scots,How fares my aunt? We are not Scots.E3 I.ii.82
Why do you shut your gates against your friends?Why do you shut your gates against your friends?E3 I.ii.83
The king himselfe is come in person hither:The king himself is come in person hither.E3 I.ii.86
Deare Aunt discend and gratulate his highnes.Dear aunt, descend, and gratulate his highness.E3 I.ii.87

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