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Titus AndronicusTit II.iii.37No, madam, these are no venereal signs.No Madam, these are no Veneriall signes,


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boiledreceiving a sweating treatment [for venereal disease]
bone-ache, Neapolitan[pain in the bones from Naples] syphilis, venereal disease
burninfect [with venereal disease]
burnsuffer from venereal disease
consumptionwasting disease, venereal disease
malady of Francevenereal disease
Neapolitan bone-ache[pain in the bones from Naples] syphilis, venereal disease
poopmake a fool of; or: do away with [through venereal disease]
powdering-tubsweating-tub for the treatment of venereal disease
poxvenereal disease; also: plague, or any other disease displaying skin pustules
sweatuse the sweating-tub [as a cure for for venereal disease]
tubsweating-tub [for curing venereal disease]
tub-fastfasting while being treated for venereal disease in a sweating-tub
venerealdisplaying the character of Venus, associated with sexual desire
Winchester goose[contemptuous] groin swelling caused by venereal disease [one Bishop of Winchester licensed brothels in London]


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disease, suffer from venerealburn
infect [with venereal disease]burn
suffer from venereal diseaseburn
venereal diseasebone-ache, Neapolitan
venereal diseaseconsumption
venereal diseasemalady of France
venereal diseasepox
venereal diseaseWinchester goose
venereal diseasetub
venereal diseasepowdering-tub
venereal disease, suffer from burn

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