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Henry IV Part 11H4 I.i.64Stained with the variation of each soilStrain'd with the variation of each soyle,
Henry VH5 III.vi.34variation; and her foot, look you, is fixed upon avariation: and her foot, looke you, is fixed vpon a


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SonnetsSonn.76.2 So far from variation or quick change? So far from variation or quicke change?


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changevariation, modulation
descantmelodious accompaniment, tuneful variation
difference[heraldry] variation, distinguishing mark [on a coat-of-arms]
differencechange, variation, shifting
division[music] variation, modulation
varyvariation, vacillation, shifting


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tuneful variationdescant
variation [in heraldry]difference
variation [in music]division
variation, tunefuldescant

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Past tenses...tinue to do illustrated by modern usage variation between sweat and sweated) and in shake...
Scottish...ctiveness is almost entirely conveyed by variation in vowel quality as suggested by the sp...
Welsh...w i i 171 it is unusual to show a variation in vowel quality welsh pronun...

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