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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
Henry VI Part 11H6 V.iii.31Unchain your spirits now with spelling charms,Vnchaine your spirits now with spelling Charmes,


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abhominationvariant spelling of ‘abomination’
artere, artire[early spelling of ‘artery’] sinew, ligament, tendon
artire[early spelling of 'artery'] sinew, ligament, tendon
burthenearlier spelling of ‘burden’
Callicecommon spelling of Calais, port in NW France
cessevariant spelling of ‘cease’
cestern, cesternevariant spelling of ‘cistern’ [= water receptacle, vessel, reservoir]
fiftvariant spelling of ‘fifth’
heighthvariant spelling of ‘height’
livelessspelling variant of ‘lifeless’
murthervariant spelling of ‘murder’
orthographycorrect spelling
phangF spelling of 'fang'
quirevariant spelling of ‘choir’
raddockF spelling of ruddock
sapegoF spelling of 'serpigo'
sculF spelling of 'school'
shrike[Q variant] alternative spelling of 'shriek'
sienF spelling of 'scion'
sinowF spelling of 'sinew'
soopstakeF, Q2 spelling of 'swoopstake'
spellingincantatory, which work spells
stoopF spelling of 'stoup'
stopeF spelling of 'stoup'
stytheF spelling of 'stithy'
swolnvariant spelling of ‘swollen’
swoondvariant spelling of ‘swoon’ or ‘swound’
swownvariant spelling of ‘swoon’
titelyQ spelling of 'tightly'
Troudle taileF spelling of 'trundle-tail'
wee awayF spelling of 'oui'
whitlyF spelling of 'whitely'
wooselQ spelling of 'ousel'
wroathF, Q spelling of 'wroth'
yasF spelling of 'eyas'


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spelling, correctorthography

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Past tenses... where the difference seems to be one of spelling only such as chopt for chopped (ayl ii ...
World [outside Britain], places and peoples... callice r2 i i 126 common spelling of calais port in nw france ca...
French... iv 14 in the following case the spelling change is enough to suggest a foreign ac...
Scottish...on in vowel quality as suggested by the spelling - a contrast with the way fluellen’s wel...
Welsh...d there is the occasional case where the spelling looks distinctive with little differenc...