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As You Like ItAYL II.vii.144His Acts being seven ages. At first the infant,His Acts being seuen ages. At first the Infant,
As You Like ItAYL III.ii.169I was seven of the nine days out of the wonderI was seuen of the nine daies out of the wonder,
As You Like ItAYL III.ii.307pace is so hard that it seems the length of seven year.pace is so hard, that it seemes the length of seuen yeare.
As You Like ItAYL V.iv.66Upon a lie seven times removed. – BearVpon a lye, seuen times remoued: (beare
As You Like ItAYL V.iv.95with an ‘ If.’ I knew when seven justices could not takewith an If. I knew when seuen Iustices could not take
The Comedy of ErrorsCE V.i.310In seven short years that here my only sonIn seuen short yeares, that heere my onely sonne 
The Comedy of ErrorsCE V.i.321But seven years since, in Syracusa, boy,But seuen yeares since, in Siracusa boy 
CoriolanusCor II.i.109A letter for me! It gives me an estate of sevenA Letter for me? it giues me an Estate of seuen
CoriolanusCor II.i.144seven hurts i'th' body.seuen hurts ith' Body.
CoriolanusCor II.iii.1.1Enter seven or eight CitizensEnter seuen or eight Citizens.
CoriolanusCor IV.i.55If I could shake off but one seven yearsIf I could shake off but one seuen yeeres
HamletHam IV.v.156O heat, dry up my brains! Tears seven times saltOh heate drie vp my Braines, teares seuen times salt,
Henry IV Part 11H4 I.ii.14that take purses go by the moon and the seven stars, andthat take Purses, go by the Moone and seuen Starres, and
Henry IV Part 11H4 II.iv.101Hotspur of the north, he that kills me some six or sevenHotspurre of the North, he that killes me some sixe or seauen
Henry IV Part 11H4 II.iv.175As we were sharing, some six or seven freshAs we were sharing, some sixe or seuen fresh
Henry IV Part 11H4 II.iv.196at me. I made me no more ado, but took all their sevenat me; I made no more adoe, but tooke all their seuen
Henry IV Part 11H4 II.iv.198Seven? Why, there were but four evenSeuen? why there were but foure, euen
Henry IV Part 11H4 II.iv.202Seven, by these hilts, or I am a villain else.Seuen, by these Hilts, or I am a Villaine else.
Henry IV Part 11H4 II.iv.214seven of the eleven I paid.seuen of the eleuen I pay'd.
Henry IV Part 11H4 II.iv.305that I did not this seven year before: I blushed to hearthat I did not this seuen yeeres before, I blusht to heare
Henry IV Part 11H4 III.iii.16not above seven times a week. Went to a bawdy-housenot aboue seuen times a weeke, went to a Bawdy-house
Henry IV Part 11H4 IV.i.88The Earl of Westmorland seven thousand strongThe Earle of Westmerland, seuen thousand strong,
Henry IV Part 22H4 I.ii.237Seven groats and two pence.Seuen groats, and two pence.
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.iv.182seen the seven stars!seene the seuen Starres.
Henry VI Part 11H6 III.iv.7Twelve cities, and seven walled towns of strength,Twelue Cities, and seuen walled Townes of strength,
Henry VI Part 11H6 IV.iii.37This seven years did not Talbot see his son,This seuen yeeres did not Talbot see his sonne,
Henry VI Part 22H6 I.i.8Seven earls, twelve barons, and twenty reverend bishops,Seuen Earles, twelue Barons, & twenty reuerend Bishops
Henry VI Part 22H6 II.i.2I saw not better sport these seven years' day;I saw not better sport these seuen yeeres day:
Henry VI Part 22H6 II.ii.10Edward the Third, my lords, had seven sons:Edward the third, my Lords, had seuen Sonnes:
Henry VI Part 22H6 IV.ii.61reformation. There shall be in England seven halfpennyReformation. There shall be in England, seuen halfe peny
Julius CaesarJC II.i.277Some six or seven, who did hide their facesSome sixe or seuen, who did hide their faces
Julius CaesarJC III.i.286He lies tonight within seven leagues of Rome.He lies to night within seuen Leagues of Rome.
King LearKL I.v.34seven stars are no more than seven is a pretty reason.seuen Starres are no mo then seuen, is a pretty reason.
King LearKL III.iv.133Have been Tom's food for seven long year.Haue bin Toms food, for seuen long yeare:
MacbethMac III.i.41Till seven at night.Till seuen at Night,
Measure for MeasureMM II.i.248Seven year and a half, sir.Seuen yeere, and a halfe sir.
Measure for MeasureMM II.i.250had continued in it some time. You say, seven yearshad continued in it some time: you say seauen yeares
Measure for MeasureMM II.i.260seven, the most sufficient of your parish.seuen, the most sufficient of your parish.
Measure for MeasureMM III.i.79And six or seven winters more respectAnd six or seuen winters more respect
Measure for MeasureMM III.i.114Or of the deadly seven it is the least.Or of the deadly seuen it is the least.
The Merchant of VeniceMV II.ix.63The fire seven times tried this;The fier seauen times tried this,
The Merchant of VeniceMV II.ix.64Seven times tried that judgement isSeauen times tried that iudement is,
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW I.i.47will desire. And seven hundred pounds of moneys, andwill desire, and seuen hundred pounds of Moneyes, and
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW I.i.54Did her grandsire leave her seven hundredDid her Grand-sire leaue her seauen hundred
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW I.i.59Seven hundred pounds, and possibilities, is gootSeuen hundred pounds, and possibilities, is goot
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW I.i.144else – of seven groats in mill-sixpences, and two Edwardelse, of seauen groates in mill-sixpences, and two Edward
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW II.iii.33seven, two, tree hours for him, and he is no come.seuen, two tree howres for him, and hee is no-come.
A Midsummer Night's DreamMND I.i.159From Athens is her house remote seven leagues;From Athens is her house remou'd seuen leagues,
Much Ado About NothingMA III.iii.123been a vile thief this seven year; 'a goes up and downbin a vile theefe, this vii. yeares, a goes vp and downe
OthelloOth I.iii.3My letters say a hundred and seven galleys.My Letters say, a Hundred and seuen Gallies.
OthelloOth I.iii.83For since these arms of mine had seven years' pithFor since these Armes of mine, had seuen yeares pith,
OthelloOth I.iii.309times seven years, and since I could distinguish betwixttimes seuen yeares, and since I could distinguish betwixt
OthelloOth III.iv.169What! Keep a week away? Seven days and nights?What? keepe a weeke away? Seuen dayes, and Nights?
PericlesPer IV.vi.71gamester at five, or at seven?gamester at fiue, or at seuen?
PericlesPer IV.vi.169would you? where a man may serve seven years for thewold you? wher a man may serue 7. yeers for the
Richard IIR2 I.ii.11Edward's seven sons, whereof thyself art one,Edwards seuen sonnes (whereof thy selfe art one)
Richard IIR2 I.ii.12Were as seven vials of his sacred blood,Were as seuen violles of his Sacred blood,
Richard IIR2 I.ii.13Or seven fair branches springing from one root.Or seuen faire branches springing from one roote:
Richard IIR2 I.ii.14Some of those seven are dried by nature's course,Some of those seuen are dride by natures course,
Richard IIR2 II.ii.121And everything is left at six and seven.and euery thing is left at six and seuen.
Richard IIIR3 V.iii.10Six or seven thousand is their utmost power.Six or seuen thousand is their vtmost power.
The Taming of the ShrewTS induction.1.120Who for this seven years hath esteemed himWho for this seuen yeares hath esteemed him
The Taming of the ShrewTS IV.iii.183Let's see, I think 'tis now some seven o'clock,Let's see, I thinke 'tis now some seuen a clocke,
The Taming of the ShrewTS IV.iii.187It shall be seven ere I go to horse.It shall be seuen ere I go to horse:
Timon of AthensTim III.iv.10I wonder on't. He was wont to shine at seven.I wonder on't, he was wont to shine at seauen.
Troilus and CressidaTC I.iii.12That, after seven years' siege, yet Troy walls stand;That after seuen yeares siege, yet Troy walles stand,
Twelfth NightTN I.i.27The element itself, till seven years' heat,The Element it selfe, till seuen yeares heate,
Twelfth NightTN II.v.57Seven of my people, with an obedient start,Seauen of my people with an obedient start,
The Two Gentlemen of VeronaTG III.i.126By seven o'clock I'll get you such a ladder.By seauen a clock, ile get you such a Ladder.
The Winter's TaleWT IV.iii.45none, that's out of my note; nutmegs, seven; a race ornone: that's out of my note: Nutmegges, seuen; a Race or
The Winter's TaleWT IV.iv.575There shall not at your father's house these seven yearsThere shall not, at your Fathers House, these seuen yeeres


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Capaneus[kapa'nayus] one of seven champions – the 'Seven against Thebes' – who attacked Thebes to deprive Eteocles of his kingship
daythis past seven years, in a long time
Septentrion[pron: sep'tentrion] the seven stars of Ursa Major


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seven years, this pastday
years, this past sevenday

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Cosmos... septentrion 3h6 i iv 136 the seven stars of ursa major sol tc i...
Hither, thither, and whither...s 1h4 iv i 92 the earl of westmoreland seven thousand strong / is marching hitherward...
Classical mythology... king capaneus was your lord one of seven champions &ndash the &lsquo...
...champions &ndash the &lsquo seven against thebes&rsquo &ndash who attack...
...e of thebes daughter of tantalus whose seven sons and...
...sons and seven daughters [numbers vary in different ver...
World [outside Britain], places and peoples...site of diana&rsquo s temple one of the seven wonders of the ancient world ep...

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Word FamilyWord Family GroupWords
SEVENBASICseven adj, seven n, sevenfold adj, seventh adj, seventh n
SEVENHIGHERsevenfold n, seventeen adj, twenty-seven adj+J7600, seventy adj, seventy n, seventy-five adj, ninescore-and-seventeen adj, seven hundred adj, seven thousand adj, seven thousand n
SEVENSTATEsix-or-seven-times-honoured adj
SEVENTIMEseven-night n, se'nnight n
THOUSANDHIGHER TO TENsix or seven thousand n


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