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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
CymbelineCym V.iv.93No more, you petty spirits of region low,No more you petty Spirits of Region low
HamletHam II.ii.485Doth rend the region; so after Pyrrhus' pause,Doth rend the Region. So after Pyrrhus pause,
HamletHam II.ii.576I should ha' fatted all the region kitesI should haue fatted all the Region Kites
Henry IV Part 22H4 IV.v.123From every region, apes of idleness!From eu'ry Region, Apes of Idlenesse.
Henry VIIIH8 II.iv.184The region of my breast; which forced such wayThe region of my Breast, which forc'd such way,
King LearKL I.i.145The region of my heart. Be Kent unmannerlyThe region of my heart, be Kent vnmannerly,
Measure for MeasureMM III.i.126In thrilling region of thick-ribbed ice,In thrilling Region of thicke-ribbed Ice,
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW I.iii.64region in Guiana, all gold and bounty. I will be cheatersRegion in Guiana: all gold, and bountie: I will be Cheaters
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW III.ii.67and Poins. He is of too high a region, he knows tooand Pointz: he is of too high a Region, he knows too
A Midsummer Night's DreamMND IV.i.115The skies, the fountains, every region nearThe skies, the fountaines, euery region neere,
OthelloOth IV.i.83That dwell in every region of his face.That dwell in euery Region of his face.
PericlesPer IV.iv.4From bourn to bourn, region to region.From bourne to bourne, region to region,
Romeo and JulietRJ II.ii.21Would through the airy region stream so brightWould through the ayrie Region streame so bright,
Titus AndronicusTit IV.iii.13Then, when you come to Pluto's region,Then when you come to Plutoes Region,
The Winter's TaleWT I.ii.369As he had lost some province, and a regionAs he had lost some Prouince, and a Region


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SonnetsSonn.33.12 The region cloud hath masked him from me now. The region cloude hath mask'd him from me now.


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Aquitaine[pron: akwi'ten] region of SW France; acquired by England in 1152
Arabiaregion of SW Asia, thought of as a desert area
boundterritory, region, domain
Calaber[pron: 'kalaber] Calabria, region of S Italy
Calydonregion of ancient Aetolia, Greece, where the hunt for the Calydonian boar took place
climateregion, country [without reference to climatic conditions]
climeland, region, realm
coastpart of the coast, region
ColchosColchis, ancient region at the eastern end of the Black Sea; in mythology, home of the Golden Fleece
confineterritory, region, domain
countrydistrict, region, quarter
Dardan, Dardaniaregion in W Turkey in which Troy was the capital
Hyrcan, Hyrcania[pron: 'herkan, her'kaynia] ancient region of Asia Minor, in modern Iran
Ind[pron: ind] the East Indies, thought of as a region of great wealth
Indiesthe East Indies, thought of as a region of great wealth
limitdelimited territory, precinct, bounded region
marchborder region, frontier
Nemean lionmonstrous lion, reputably invulnerable, from the region of Nemea; its destruction was one of the twelve labours of Hercules
Olympusmountainous region of N Greece; the home of the gods
partterritory, region, province
Pentapolis[pron: pen'tapolis] city region on N African coast, modern Libya
regionin the sky, of the air
regionair, sky, heavens
regionrank, sphere, social standing
Scythian[pron: 'sithian] someone from Scythia, ancient region of E Europe; people known for pitilessness
seatresting place, region, abode
strand, strondshore, land, region
Thessalian[pron: the'saylian] of Thessaly, ancient region of NE Greece
Thessaly['thesalee] ancient region of NE Greece
Thracian[pron: 'thraysian] of Thrace; region of ancient NE Greece associated with the worship of Dionysus


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bounded regionlimit
regionstrand, strond
region, bordermarch
region, boundedlimit
wealth, region of greatSaba
wealth, region of greatInd
wealth, region of greatIndies

Themes and Topics

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Classical mythology...s lion reputably invulnerable from the region of nemea its destruction was one of the...
World [outside Britain], places and peoples... calaber 2h6 i i 7 calabria region of s italy callice r2 i i 12...
...olchos mv i i 171 colchis ancient region at the eastern end of the black sea in ...
... people from ancient dalmatia balkan region bordering the adriatic sea modern sw cr...
...ania 3h6 i iv 155 ancient per sian region on the caspian sea known for its feroci...
...i iii 18 east indies thought of as a region of great wealth ithaca cor i...
... olympus tc ii iii 10 mountainous region of n greece the home of the gods ...
... pentapolis per ii i 100 city region on n african coast modern libya ...
...ii i 72 someone from scythia ancient region of e europe people known for pitilessne...
... thessaly ac iv xiii 2 ancient region of ne greece thracian 3h6 iv...
... thracian 3h6 iv ii 21 of thrace region of ancient ne greece associated with the...
Latin...imbo (n m ) h8 v iv 63 limbus border region [= limbo] loquitur (v ) lll iv ii ...

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REGIONBASICregion adj, region n