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Henry IV Part 22H4 II.ii.18But that the tennis-court keeper knows better than I,But that the Tennis-Court-keeper knowes better then I,
Henry VI Part 11H6 II.v.17But tell me, keeper, will my nephew come?But tell me, Keeper, will my Nephew come?
Henry VI Part 33H6 II.i.111I, then in London, keeper of the King,I then in London, keeper of the King,
Henry VIIIH8 V.ii.4Enter KeeperEnter Keeper.
Henry VIIIH8 V.iii.1.8Keeper at the door
King JohnKJ III.iii.64.1Thou art his keeper.Thou art his keeper.
Love's Labour's LostLLL I.i.262which I apprehended with the aforesaid swain, I keep herwhich I apprehended with the aforesaid Swaine, I keeper her
Love's Labour's LostLLL I.i.291And Don Armado shall be your keeper.And Don Armado shall be your keeper.
Love's Labour's LostLLL IV.ii.126master, the ape his keeper, the tired horse his rider.master, the Ape his keeper, the tyred Horse his rider:
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW IV.iv.27Sometime a keeper here in Windsor Forest,(sometime a keeper heere in Windsor Forrest)
Richard IIR2 II.ii.70A parasite, a keeper-back of deathA Parasite, a keeper backe of death,
Richard IIR2 V.v.95.1Enter Keeper to Richard with meatEnter Keeper with a Dish.
Richard IIR2 V.v.102 (attacks the keeper)
Richard IIIR3 I.iv.1.1Enter Clarence and KeeperEnter Clarence and Keeper.
Richard IIIR3 I.iv.66Ah, keeper, keeper, I have done these things,Ah Keeper, Keeper, I haue done these things
Richard IIIR3 I.iv.73Keeper, I pray thee, sit by me awhile.Keeper, I prythee sit by me a-while,
Richard IIIR3 I.iv.98Exit Brakenbury with KeeperExit.
Richard IIIR3 I.iv.164Where art thou, keeper? Give me a cup of wine.Where art thou Keeper? Giue me a cup of wine.
The Taming of the ShrewTS V.ii.145Thy husband is thy lord, thy life, thy keeper,Thy husband is thy Lord, thy life, thy keeper,
Timon of AthensTim I.ii.67Or a keeper with my freedom,Or a keeper with my freedome,
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK II.i.274Enter Gaoler aboveEnter Keeper.
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK II.i.276.2Now, honest keeper?Now honest keeper?
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK II.i.278.2I am ready, keeper.I am ready keeper.
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK II.i.280Exeunt Arcite and GaolerExeunt Arcite, and Keeper.
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK II.i.299Enter GaolerEnter Keeper.
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK II.i.299.2How now, keeper?how now keeper
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK II.i.327.2Do, good keeper.Doe good keeper.
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK II.i.333ExeuntExeunt Palamon, and Keeper
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK II.iii.3My father the mean keeper of his prison,My Father the meane Keeper of his Prison,
The Winter's TaleWT II.ii.1The keeper of the prison, call to him.The Keeper of the prison, call to him:


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ale-wifeale-house keeper, barmaid
astringerkeeper of goshawks
bearardbear-keeper, bear-handler [for dancing or baiting]
bearherd, bear-herd, bearard, bearward, berrordbear-keeper, bear-handler [for dancing or baiting]
bearwardbear-keeper, bear-handler [for dancing or baiting]
berrordbear-keeper, bear-handler [for dancing or baiting]
clock-setterclock-keeper, clock-regulator
counsel-keeperperson who keeps secrets
crowkeeper, crow-keeperscarecrow, farmer's boy, person who keeps crows away
door-keeperprocurer, pander, whoremaster
fellowkeeper, warden, forester
guardantguard, protector, keeper
keeperprotecting spirit, guardian angel
keepergaoler, warden, custodian
keepernurse, carer
Ratolorummalapropism for 'rotulorum' [= of the rolls]; 'custalorum' is a shortened form of 'custos rotulorum [=keeper of the rolls]
victuallerinn-keeper, tavern-owner
warrenerkeeper of a rabbit warren
yeomankeeper of the wardrobe


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ale-house keeperale-wife
goshawks, keeper ofastringer
keeper of a rabbit warrenwarrener
keeper of goshawksastringer
keeper of the wardrobeyeoman
rabbit warren, keeper of awarrener
wardrobe, keeper of theyeoman

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Latin... custos rotulorum] (n m ) mw i i 7   keeper of the rolls [= official records] d...
Frequently Encountered Words (FEW)...r alone] i am base / my father the mean keeper of his prison 3 poor wretched of low q...

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