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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
As You Like ItAYL II.vii.86Why then my taxing like a wild goose flies,why then my taxing like a wild-goose flies
As You Like ItAYL III.iv.40side breaks his staff like a noble goose. But all's braveside, breakes his staffe like a noble goose; but all's braue
Henry IV Part 11H4 III.i.223Go, ye giddy goose.Goe, ye giddy-Goose.
Henry VI Part 11H6 I.iii.53Winchester goose! I cry a rope, a rope!Winchester Goose, I cry, a Rope, a Rope.
King LearKL II.ii.81Goose, if I had you upon Sarum Plain,Goose, if I had you vpon Sarum Plaine,
Love's Labour's LostLLL III.i.89Until the goose came out of door,
Love's Labour's LostLLL III.i.95Until the goose came out of door,Vntill the Goose came out of doore,
Love's Labour's LostLLL III.i.97A good l'envoy, ending in the goose. Would youA good Lenuoy, ending in the Goose: would you
Love's Labour's LostLLL III.i.99The boy hath sold him a bargain, a goose, that's flat.The Boy hath sold him a bargaine, a Goose, that's flat
Love's Labour's LostLLL III.i.100Sir, your pennyworth is good, an your goose be fat.Sir, your penny-worth is good, and your Goose be fat.
Love's Labour's LostLLL III.i.102Let me see: a fat l'envoy – ay, that's a fat goose.Let me see a fat Lenuoy, I that's a fat Goose.
Love's Labour's LostLLL III.i.107argument in; then the boy's fat l'envoy, the goose thatargument in: / Then the Boyes fat Lenuoy, the Goose that
Love's Labour's LostLLL III.i.120l'envoy, some goose, in this.Lenuoy, some Goose in this.
Love's Labour's LostLLL IV.iii.73A green goose a goddess. Pure, pure idolatry.A greene Goose, a Coddesse, pure pure Idolatry.
MacbethMac II.iii.14hose. Come in, tailor; here you may roast your goose.Hose: Come in Taylor, here you may rost your Goose.
MacbethMac V.iii.12Where got'st thou that goose look?Where got'st thou that Goose-looke.
The Merchant of VeniceMV V.i.105When every goose is cackling, would be thoughtWhen euery Goose is cackling, would be thought
The Merry Wives of WindsorMW V.v.8complexion of a goose! A fault done first in the form of acomplexion of a Goose: a fault done first in the forme of a
A Midsummer Night's DreamMND V.i.227True; and a goose for his discretion.True, and a Goose for his discretion.
A Midsummer Night's DreamMND V.i.229his discretion; and the fox carries the goose.his discretion, and the Fox carries the Goose.
A Midsummer Night's DreamMND V.i.231valour; for the goose carries not the fox. It is well: leavevalor: for the Goose carries not the Fox. It is well; leaue
Romeo and JulietRJ II.iv.70Nay, if our wits run the wild goose chase, INay, if our wits run the Wild-Goose chase, I
Romeo and JulietRJ II.iv.71am done. For thou hast more of the wild goose in one ofam done: For thou hast more of the Wild-Goose in one of
Romeo and JulietRJ II.iv.73with you there for the goose?with you there for the Goose?
Romeo and JulietRJ II.iv.75thou wast not there for the goose.thou wast not there for the Goose.
Romeo and JulietRJ II.iv.77Nay, good goose, bite not.Nay, good Goose bite not.
Romeo and JulietRJ II.iv.81goose?Goose?
Romeo and JulietRJ II.iv.85to the goose, proves thee far and wide a broad goose.to the Goose, proues thee farre and wide, abroad Goose.
The TempestTem II.ii.129a goose.a Goose.
Troilus and CressidaTC V.x.55Some galled goose of Winchester would hiss.Some galled Goose of Winchester would hisse:
Twelfth NightTN III.ii.47in thy ink, though thou write with a goose pen, noin thy inke, though thou write with a Goose-pen, no


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barnaclespecies of goose [believed to begin life as a shellfish]
goosesimpleton, dolt, bungler
goosesmoothing iron
goosestupid, foolish, idiotic
gooseprostitute, whore
goose pengoose-quill, quill-pen
goosequillpen made from a goose quill
goslinglittle goose
whip the goslingconfound the little goose
Winchester goose[contemptuous] groin swelling caused by venereal disease [one Bishop of Winchester licensed brothels in London]


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confound the little goosewhip the gosling
goose, confound the littlewhip the gosling
goose, littlegosling
goose, species of barnacle
little goosegosling
pen made from a goose quillgoosequill
quill, pen made from a goosegoosequill

Themes and Topics

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Exclamations... rope a 1h6 i iii 53 winchester goose i cry a rope a rope derision cont...
Swearing...sling per iv ii 81 confound the little goose yea and no by 2h4 ii ii 124 ...
Britain [outside London]

Words Families

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Word FamilyWord Family GroupWords
GOOSEBASICgoose adj, goose n, gosling n
GOOSEOBJECTgoosequill n