Henry V

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Chorus.Flourish. Enter Chorus H5 V.chorus.1
Vouchsafe to those that haue not read the Story,Vouchsafe to those that have not read the story H5 V.chorus.1
That I may prompt them: and of such as haue,That I may prompt them; and of such as have, H5 V.chorus.2
I humbly pray them to admit th'excuseI humbly pray them to admit th' excuse H5 V.chorus.3
Of time, of numbers, and due course of things,Of time, of numbers, and due course of things,course (n.)
course of action, way of proceeding
H5 V.chorus.4
Which cannot in their huge and proper life,Which cannot in their huge and proper life H5 V.chorus.5
Be here presented. Now we beare the KingBe here presented. Now we bear the King H5 V.chorus.6
Toward Callice: Graunt him there; there seene,Toward Calais. Grant him there: there seen, H5 V.chorus.7
Heaue him away vpon your winged thoughts,Heave him away upon your winged thoughts H5 V.chorus.8
Athwart the Sea: Behold the English beachAthwart the sea. Behold, the English beach H5 V.chorus.9
Pales in the flood; with Men, Wiues, and Boyes,Pales in the flood with men, with wives, and boys,pale in (v.)
fence in, hem in, enclose
H5 V.chorus.10
wife (n.)

old form: Wiues
Whose shouts & claps out-voyce the deep-mouth'd Sea,Whose shouts and claps outvoice the deep-mouthed sea, H5 V.chorus.11
Which like a mightie Whiffler 'fore the King,Which like a mighty whiffler fore the Kingwhiffler (n.)
armed processional attendant
H5 V.chorus.12
Seemes to prepare his way: So let him land,Seems to prepare his way. So let him land, H5 V.chorus.13
And solemnly see him set on to London.And solemnly see him set on to London.set on (v.)
go forward, advance, proceed
H5 V.chorus.14
solemnly (adv.)
ceremoniously, with ritual celebration
So swift a pace hath Thought, that euen nowSo swift a pace hath thought that even now H5 V.chorus.15
You may imagine him vpon Black-Heath:You may imagine him upon Blackheath, H5 V.chorus.16
Where, that his Lords desire him, to haue borneWhere that his lords desire him to have borne H5 V.chorus.17
His bruised Helmet, and his bended SwordHis bruised helmet and his bended sword H5 V.chorus.18
Before him, through the Citie: he forbids it,Before him through the city. He forbids it, H5 V.chorus.19
Being free from vain-nesse, and selfe-glorious pride;Being free from vainness and self-glorious pride,vainness (n.)

old form: vain-nesse
boasting, ostentation, vanity
H5 V.chorus.20
Giuing full Trophee, Signall, and Ostent,Giving full trophy, signal, and ostentostent (n.)
display, show, manifestation
H5 V.chorus.21
signal (n.)

old form: Signall
sign, indication, token
trophy (n.)

old form: Trophee
token of victory, evidence of valour
Quite from himselfe, to God. But now behold,Quite from himself to God. But now behold, H5 V.chorus.22
In the quick Forge and working-house of Thought,In the quick forge and working-house of thought,working-house (n.)
workhouse, place of industry
H5 V.chorus.23
How London doth powre out her Citizens,How London doth pour out her citizens: H5 V.chorus.24
The Maior and all his Brethren in best sort,The Mayor and all his brethren in best sort,sort (n.)
class, level, social rank
H5 V.chorus.25
Like to the Senatours of th'antique Rome,Like to the senators of th' antique Rome,like to / unto (conj./prep.)
similar to, comparable with
H5 V.chorus.26
antic, antick(e), antique (adj.)
ancient, olden, former
With the Plebeians swarming at their heeles,With the plebeians swarming at their heels, H5 V.chorus.27
Goe forth and fetch their Conqu'ring Casar in:Go forth and fetch their conquering Caesar in: H5 V.chorus.28
As by a lower, but by louing likelyhood,As, by a lower but loving likelihood, H5 V.chorus.29
Were now the Generall of our gracious Empresse,Were now the General of our gracious Empress –  H5 V.chorus.30
As in good time he may, from Ireland comming,As in good time he may – from Ireland coming, H5 V.chorus.31
Bringing Rebellion broached on his Sword;Bringing rebellion broached on his sword,broach (v.)
pierce, impale, spit
H5 V.chorus.32
How many would the peacefull Citie quit,How many would the peaceful city quit H5 V.chorus.33
To welcome him? much more, and much more cause,To welcome him! Much more, and much more cause, H5 V.chorus.34
Did they this Harry. Now in London place him.Did they this Harry. Now in London place him –  H5 V.chorus.35
As yet the lamentation of the FrenchAs yet the lamentation of the French H5 V.chorus.36
Inuites the King of Englands stay at home:Invites the King of England's stay at home. H5 V.chorus.37
The Emperour's comming in behalfe of France,The Emperor's coming in behalf of France H5 V.chorus.38
To order peace betweene them: and omitTo order peace between them; and omit H5 V.chorus.39
All the occurrences, what euer chanc't,All the occurrences, whatever chanced, H5 V.chorus.40
Till Harryes backe returne againe to France:Till Harry's back-return again to France. H5 V.chorus.41
There must we bring him; and my selfe haue play'dThere must we bring him; and myself have played H5 V.chorus.42
The interim, by remembring you 'tis past.The interim, by remembering you 'tis past.remember (v.)

old form: remembring
remind, bring to someone's mind
H5 V.chorus.43
Then brooke abridgement, and your eyes aduance,Then brook abridgement, and your eyes advance,brook (v.)

old form: brooke
allow, permit, bear
H5 V.chorus.44
advance (v.)

old form: aduance
raise, lift up, upraise
abridgement (n.)
curtailment, cutting off, shortening
After your thoughts, straight backe againe to France.After your thoughts, straight back again to France.straight (adv.)
straightaway, immediately, at once
H5 V.chorus.45
Exit.Exit H5 V.chorus.45
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