The Two Noble Kinsmen

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Key line

Cornets in sundry places, Noise and hallowing asCornets in sundry places. Noise and hallowing as ofhallowing, hallooing, halloing, holloing (n.)
shouting, hallooing, crying out
TNK III.i.1.1
people a Maying. Enter Arcite alone.people a-maying. Enter Arcite alonemay (v.)
to take part in May-day festivities
TNK III.i.1.2
The Duke has lost Hypolita; each tookeThe Duke has lost Hippolyta; each took TNK III.i.1
A severall land. This is a solemne RightA several laund. This is a solemn riteseveral (adj.)

old form: severall
separate, different, distinct
laund (n.)

old form: land
clearing [in a wood], glade, grassy space
They owe bloomd May, and the Athenians pay itThey owe bloomed May, and the Athenians pay itbloomed (adj.)

old form: bloomd
covered with blossom, in bloom
To'th heart of Ceremony: O Queene EmiliaTo th' heart of ceremony. O queen Emilia,heart (n.)
utmost, maximum
Fresher then May, sweeterFresher than May, sweeter TNK III.i.5
Then hir gold Buttons on the bowes, or allThan her gold buttons on the boughs, or allbutton (n.)
Th'enamelld knackes o'th Meade, or garden, yeaTh' enamelled knacks o'th' mead or garden – yea,enamelled (adj.)

old form: enamelld
brightly coloured, multi-coloured, kaleidoscopic
mead (n.)

old form: Meade
knack (n.)

old form: knackes
trifle, knick-knack, ornament
(We challenge too) the bancke of any NymphWe challenge too the bank of any nymphbank (n.)

old form: bancke
river bank
That makes the streame seeme flowers; thou o IewellThat makes the stream seem flowers – thou, O jewel TNK III.i.9
O'th wood, o'th world, hast likewise blest a paceO'th' wood, o'th' world, hast likewise blessed a place TNK III.i.10
With thy sole presence, in thy ruminationWith thy sole presence. In thy rumination TNK III.i.11
That I poore man might eftsoones come betweeneThat I, poor man, might eftsoons come betweeneftsoons (adv.)

old form: eftsoones
occasionally, from time to time
TNK III.i.12
And chop on some cold thought, thrice blessed chanceAnd chop on some cold thought! Thrice blessed chancechop (v.)
[various readings possible] pounce upon; seize; exchange
TNK III.i.13
cold (adj.)
chaste, modest, lacking sensual passion
To drop on such a Mistris, expectationTo drop on such a mistress, expectationexpectation (n.)
anticipation, hopefulness
TNK III.i.14
most giltlesse on't: tell me O Lady FortuneMost guiltless on't! Tell me, O Lady Fortune,Fortune (n.)
Roman goddess, shown as a woman at a spinning-wheel, or controlling a rudder, and as blind
TNK III.i.15
(Next after Emely my Soveraigne) how farNext after Emily my sovereign, how far TNK III.i.16
I may be prowd. She takes strong note of me,I may be proud. She takes strong note of me,note (n.)
attention, notice, regard
TNK III.i.17
strong (adj.)
great, serious
Hath made me neere her; and this beuteous MorneHath made me near her; and this beauteous morn,near (prep.)

old form: neere
in attendance on
TNK III.i.18
morn (n.)

old form: Morne
morning, dawn
(The prim'st of all the yeare) presents me withThe primest of all the year, presents me withprimest (n./adj.)

old form: prim'st
best, finest, most supreme
TNK III.i.19
A brace of horses, two such Steeds might wellA brace of horses; two such steeds might wellbrace (n.)
group of two, couple, pair
TNK III.i.20
Be by a paire of Kings backt, in a FieldBe by a pair of kings backed, in a fieldfield (n.)
field of battle, battleground, field of combat
TNK III.i.21
back (v.)

old form: backt
ride, mount, sit on
That their crownes titles tride: Alas, alasThat their crowns' titles tried. Alas, alas,try (v.)

old form: tride
contest, decide, fight out
TNK III.i.22
title (n.)
[legal] right, claim, entitlement
Poore Cosen Palamon, poore prisoner, thouPoor cousin Palamon, poor prisoner, thou TNK III.i.23
So little dream'st upon my fortune, thatSo little dreamest upon my fortune that TNK III.i.24
Thou thinkst thy selfe, the happier thing, to beThou thinkest thyself the happier thing, to be TNK III.i.25
So neare Emilia, me thou deem'st at Thebs,So near Emilia; me thou deemest at Thebes,Thebes (n.)
[theebz] city-state in Boeotia, SE Greece; associated with wisdom and learning
TNK III.i.26
And therein wretched, although free; But ifAnd therein wretched, although free. But if TNK III.i.27
Thou knew'st my Mistris breathd on me, and thatThou knewest my mistress breathed on me, and that TNK III.i.28
I ear'd her language, livde in her eye; O CozI eared her language, lived in her eye – O coz,ear (v.)

old form: ear'd
listen to, hear, give ear to
TNK III.i.29
What passion would enclose thee.What passion would enclose thee!enclose (v.)
seize, grip, imprison
TNK III.i.30.1
passion (n.)
fit of anger, feeling of rage
Enter Palamon as out of a Bush, with his Shackles: Enter Palamon as out of a bush, with his shackles; TNK III.i.30.1
bends his fist at Arcite.he bends his fist at Arcitebend (v.)
aim, direct, level, turn
TNK III.i.30.2.1
Traytor kinseman,Traitor kinsman, TNK III.i.30.2
Thou shouldst perceive my passion, if these signesThou shouldst perceive my passion, if these signspassion (n.)
fit of anger, feeling of rage
TNK III.i.31
Of prisonment were off me, and this handOf prisonment were off me, and this handprisonment (n.)
imprisonment, detention, captivity
TNK III.i.32
But owner of a Sword: By all othes in oneBut owner of a sword. By all oaths in one, TNK III.i.33
I, and the iustice of my love would make theeI and the justice of my love would make thee TNK III.i.34
A confest Traytor, o thou most persidiousA confessed traitor, O thou most perfidious TNK III.i.35
That ever gently lookd the voydes of honour.That ever gently looked, the voidest of honourgently (adv.)
like a gentleman, honourably, with dignity
TNK III.i.36
void (adj.)

old form: voydes
empty, lacking, devoid
That eu'r bore gentle Token; falsest CosenThat e'er bore gentle token, falsest cousintoken (n.)
emblem, badge, coat-of-arms
TNK III.i.37
false (adj.)
treacherous, traitorous, perfidious
gentle (adj.)
well-born, honourable, noble
That ever blood made kin, call'st thou hir thine?That ever blood made kin. Callest thou her thine? TNK III.i.38
Ile prove it in my Shackles, with these hands,I'll prove it in my shackles, with these hands, TNK III.i.39
Void of appointment, that thou ly'st, and artVoid of appointment, that thou lie'st, and artvoid (adj.)
empty, lacking, devoid
TNK III.i.40
appointment (n.)
equipment, effects, weaponry
A very theefe in love, a Chaffy LordA very thief in love, a chaffy lordchaffy (adj.)
[as of chaff] worthless, useless, trashy
TNK III.i.41
Nor worth the name of villaine: had I a SwordNot worth the name of villain. Had I a sword, TNK III.i.42
And these house clogges away.And these house-clogs away – house-clog (n.)

old form: house clogges
prison-restraint, shackle, fetter
TNK III.i.43.1
Deere Cosin Palamon,Dear cousin Palamon –  TNK III.i.43.2
Cosoner Arcite, give me language, suchCozener Arcite, give me language suchcozener (n.)

old form: Cosoner
cheat, deceiver, fraud
TNK III.i.44
As thou hast shewd me feate.As thou hast showed me feat.feat (n.)

old form: feate
action, deed, conduct
TNK III.i.45.1
Not finding inNot finding in TNK III.i.45.2
The circuit of my breast, any grosse stuffeThe circuit of my breast any gross stuffgross (adj.)

old form: grosse
vile, abhorrent, wicked
TNK III.i.46
circuit (n.)
enclosed space, ambit, compass
To forme me like your blazon, holds me toTo form me like your blazon holds me toblazon (n.)
description, representation, delineation
TNK III.i.47
This gentlenesse of answer; tis your passionThis gentleness of answer: 'tis your passionpassion (n.)
suffering, torment, deep grief
TNK III.i.48
That thus mistakes, the which to you being enemy,That thus mistakes, the which to you being enemy TNK III.i.49
Cannot to me be kind: honor, and honestieCannot to me be kind. Honour and honesty TNK III.i.50
I cherish, and depend on, howsoev'rI cherish and depend on, howsoe'erdepend on / upon (v.)
serve, support, rely on
TNK III.i.51
You skip them in me, and with them faire CozYou skip them in me, and with them, fair coz,skip (v.)
pass over, fail to see, ignore
TNK III.i.52
Ile maintaine my proceedings; pray be pleas'dI'll maintain my proceedings. Pray be pleasedmaintain (v.)

old form: maintaine
defend, justify, support
TNK III.i.53
proceeding (n.)
(plural) conduct, behaviour, actions
To shew in generous termes, your griefes, since thatTo show in generous terms your griefs, since thatgenerous (adj.)
well-bred, mannerly, noble-minded
TNK III.i.54
grief (n.)

old form: griefes
grievance, complaint, hurt, injury
term (n.)

old form: termes
word, expression, utterance
Your question's with your equall, who professesYour question's with your equal, who professesquestion (n.)
argument, contention, dispute
TNK III.i.55
To cleare his owne way, with the minde and SwordTo clear his own way with the mind and swordclear his own way

old form: cleare, owne
make his own way; or: prove himself innocent
TNK III.i.56
Of a true Gentleman.Of a true gentleman. TNK III.i.57.1
That thou durst Arcite.That thou durst, Arcite!durst, that thou
you wouldn't dare!, if you dare!
TNK III.i.57.2
My Coz, my Coz, you have beene well advertis'dMy coz, my coz, you have been well advertisedadvertise, advertize (v.)

old form: advertis'd
make aware, inform, notify; warn
TNK III.i.58
How much I dare, y'ave seene me use my SwordHow much I dare; you've seen me use my sword TNK III.i.59
Against th' advice of feare: sure of anotherAgainst th' advice of fear. Sure of anotheradvice (n.)
judgement, opinion, warning
TNK III.i.60
against, 'gainst (prep.)
contrary to
You would not heare me doubted, but your silenceYou would not hear me doubted, but your silence TNK III.i.61
Should breake out, though i'th Sanctuary.Should break out, though i'th' sanctuary.sanctuary (n.)
holy place, church, religious place of safety
TNK III.i.62.1
Sir,Sir, TNK III.i.62.2
I have seene you move in such a place, which wellI have seen you move in such a place which well TNK III.i.63
Might justifie your manhood, you were calldMight justify your manhood; you were calledmanhood (n.)
manliness, courage, valour
TNK III.i.64
justify (v.)

old form: justifie
prove, confirm, demonstrate
A good knight and a bold; But the whole weeke's not faireA good knight and a bold. But the whole week's not fair TNK III.i.65
If any day it rayne: Their valiant temperIf any day it rain; their valiant tempertemper (n.)
frame of mind, temperament, disposition
TNK III.i.66
Men loose when they encline to trecherie,Men lose when they incline to treachery, TNK III.i.67
And then they fight like compelld Beares, would flyAnd then they fight like compelled bears, would fly TNK III.i.68
Were they not tyde.Were they not tied. TNK III.i.69.1
Kinsman; you might as wellKinsman, you might as well TNK III.i.69.2
Speake this, and act it in your Glasse, as toSpeak this and act it in your glass as toglass (n.)

old form: Glasse
mirror, looking-glass
TNK III.i.70
His eare, which now disdaines you.His ear which now disdains you. TNK III.i.71.1
Come up to me,Come up to me, TNK III.i.71.2
Quit me of these cold Gyves, give me a SwordQuit me of these cold gyves, give me a sword,quit (v.)
rid, free, relieve
TNK III.i.72
gyve (n.)
(plural) fetters, shackles
Though it be rustie, and the charityThough it be rusty, and the charity TNK III.i.73
Of one meale lend me; Come before me thenOf one meal lend me. Come before me then, TNK III.i.74
A good Sword in thy hand, and doe but sayA good sword in thy hand, and do but say TNK III.i.75
That Emily is thine, I will forgiveThat Emily is thine, I will forgive TNK III.i.76
The trespasse thou hast done me, yea my lifeThe trespass thou hast done me – yea, my life,trespass (n.)

old form: trespasse
wrong, offence, injustice, crime
TNK III.i.77
If then thou carry't, and brave soules in shadesIf then thou carry't; and brave souls in shadesshade (n.)
(plural) the underworld, Hades
TNK III.i.78
brave (adj.)
noble, worthy, excellent
carry it (away)
[from a falconry term ‘to fly away with the game’] win the day, have the advantage, succeed
That have dyde manly, which will seeke of meThat have died manly, which will seek of memanly (adv.)
heroically, bravely, gallantly
TNK III.i.79
Some newes from earth, they shall get none but thisSome news from earth, they shall get none but this, TNK III.i.80
That thou art brave, and noble.That thou art brave and noble.brave (adj.)
noble, worthy, excellent
TNK III.i.81.1
Be content,Be content;content (adj.)
satisfied, calm, easy in mind
TNK III.i.81.2
Againe betake you to your hawthorne house,Again betake you to your hawthorn house.betake (v.)
go, take oneself off, make one's way
TNK III.i.82
With counsaile of the night, I will be hereWith counsel of the night, I will be herecounsel (n.)

old form: counsaile
secrecy, confidence, privacy
TNK III.i.83
With wholesome viands; these impedimentsWith wholesome viands; these impedimentsviand (n.)
(usually plural) food, victuals, foodstuff
TNK III.i.84
Will I file off, you shall have garments, andWill I file off; you shall have garments, and TNK III.i.85
Perfumes to kill the smell o'th prison, afterPerfumes to kill the smell o'th' prison. After, TNK III.i.86
When you shall stretch your selfe, and say but ArciteWhen you shall stretch yourself, and say but ‘ Arcite, TNK III.i.87
I am in plight, there shall be at your choyceI am in plight,’ there shall be at your choiceplight (n.)
good shape, health, fit condition
TNK III.i.88
Both Sword, and Armour.Both sword and armour. TNK III.i.89.1
Oh you heavens, dares anyO you heavens, dares any TNK III.i.89.2
So noble beare a guilty busines! noneSo noble bear a guilty business? Noneguilty (adj.)
shameful, culpable, reprehensible
TNK III.i.90
bear (v.), past forms bore, borne

old form: beare
carry on, manage, conduct [an affair]
business (n.)

old form: busines
deed, action, affair, task
But onely Arcite, therefore none but ArciteBut only Arcite; therefore none but Arcite TNK III.i.91
In this kinde is so bold.In this kind is so bold. TNK III.i.92.1
Sweete Palamon.Sweet Palamon! TNK III.i.92.2
I doe embrace you, and your offer, forI do embrace you and your offer – for TNK III.i.93
Your offer doo't I onely, Sir your personYour offer do't I only, sir; your person TNK III.i.94
Without hipocrisy I may not wishWithout hypocrisy I may not wish TNK III.i.95
More then my Swords edge ont.More than my sword's edge on't. TNK III.i.96.1
Winde hornes of Cornets.They wind horns off; cornets soundedoff (adv.)
TNK III.i.96
wind (v.)

old form: Winde
sound, blow
You heare the Hornes;You hear the horns; TNK III.i.96.2
Enter your Musicke least this match between'sEnter your muset, lest this match between'smuset, musit (n.)
[of a hare] hiding-place, lair
TNK III.i.97
Be crost, er met, give me your hand, farewell.Be crossed ere met. Give me your hand; (v.)
begin, start, keep
TNK III.i.98
cross (v.)

old form: crost
prevent, thwart, forestall
Ile bring you every needfull thing: I pray youI'll bring you every needful thing; I pray you TNK III.i.99
Take comfort and be strong.Take comfort and be strong. TNK III.i.100.1
Pray hold your promise;Pray hold your promise; TNK III.i.100.2
And doe the deede with a bent brow, most crtaineAnd do the deed with a bent brow. Most certainbent (adj.)
frowning, angry, glowering
TNK III.i.101
brow (n.)
You love me not, be rough with me, and powreYou love me not; be rough with me, and pour TNK III.i.102
This oile out of your language; by this ayreThis oil out of your language; by this air,oil (n.)

old form: oile
smoothness, glibness, ingratiating manner
TNK III.i.103
I could for each word, give a Cuffe: my stomachI could for each word give a cuff, my stomachstomach (n.)
anger, resentment, vexation
TNK III.i.104
not reconcild by reason,Not reconciled by reason.reason (n.)
power of reason, judgement, common sense [often opposed to ‘passion’]
TNK III.i.105.1
Plainely spoken,Plainly spoken. TNK III.i.105.2
Yet pardon me hard language, when I spurYet pardon me hard language; when I spurhard (adj.)
unpleasant, harsh, cruel
TNK III.i.106
My horse, I chide him not; content, and angerMy horse, I chide him not; content and angerchide (v.), past form chid
scold, rebuke, reprove
TNK III.i.107
In me have but one face.In me have but one face. face (n.)
appearance, outward show, look
TNK III.i.108.1
Winde hornes.They wind horns TNK III.i.108
Harke Sir, they callHark, sir, they call TNK III.i.108.2
The scatterd to the Banket; you must guesseThe scattered to the banquet; you must guessguess (v.)

old form: guesse
assume, surmise, suppose
TNK III.i.109
banquet, banket (n.)
refreshments, light meal, dessert
I have an office there.I have an office (n.)
task, service, duty, responsibility
TNK III.i.110.1
Sir your attendanceSir, your attendanceattendance (n.)
diligent service, dutiful ministration, assiduous attention
TNK III.i.110.2
Cannot please heaven, and I know your officeCannot please heaven, and I know your officeoffice (n.)
role, position, place, function
TNK III.i.111
Vnjustly is atcheev'd.Unjustly is achieved.achieve (v.)

old form: atcheev'd
gain, obtain, procure
TNK III.i.112.1
If a good title,I've a good title.title (n.)
[legal] right, claim, entitlement
TNK III.i.112.2
I am perswaded this question sicke between's,I am persuaded this question, sick between's,persuade (v.)

old form: perswaded
convince, be sure, satisfy
TNK III.i.113
question (n.)
argument, contention, dispute
By bleeding must be cur'd. I am a Suitour,By bleeding must be cured. I am a suitorsuitor (n.)
petitioner, supplicant, entreater
TNK III.i.114
bleeding (n.)
bloodshed; blood-letting [in medicine]
That to your Sword you will bequeath this plea,That to your sword you will bequeath this plea,plea (n.)
quarrel, argument, strife
TNK III.i.115
And talke of it no more.And talk of it no more. TNK III.i.116.1
But this one word:But this one word. TNK III.i.116.2
You are going now to gaze upon my Mistris,You are going now to gaze upon my mistress –  TNK III.i.117
For note you, mine she is.For note you, mine she is –  TNK III.i.118.1
Nay then.Nay, then –  TNK III.i.118.2
Nay pray you,Nay, pray you. TNK III.i.118.3
You talke of feeding me to breed me strengthYou talk of feeding me to breed me strength; TNK III.i.119
You are going now to looke upon a SunYou are going now to look upon a sun TNK III.i.120
That strengthens what it lookes on, thereThat strengthens what it looks on; there you have TNK III.i.121
You have a vantage ore me, but enjoy't tillA vantage o'er me, but enjoy it tillvantage (n.)
advantageous position, place of vantage, superiority
TNK III.i.122
I may enforce my remedy. Farewell.I may enforce my remedy. Farewell. TNK III.i.123
Exeunt.Exeunt TNK III.i.123
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