The Merry Wives of Windsor

First folio
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Key line

Enter Caius, Rugby, Page, Shallow, Slender, Host.Enter Doctor Caius and Rugby MW II.iii.1
Caius. CAIUS 
Iacke Rugby.Jack Rugby! MW II.iii.1
Sir.Sir. MW II.iii.2
Caius. CAIUS 
Vat is the clocke, Iack.Vat is the clock, Jack? MW II.iii.3
'Tis past the howre (Sir) that Sir Hugh promis'd'Tis past the hour, sir, that Sir Hugh promised MW II.iii.4
to meet. MW II.iii.5
By gar, he has saue his soule, dat he is no-come: heeBy gar, he has save his soul dat he is no come. Hegar (n.)
French pronunciation of ‘God’
MW II.iii.6
has pray his Pible well, dat he is no-come: by gar (Iack has pray his Pible well dat he is no come. By gar, Jack MW II.iii.7
Rugby) he is dead already, if he be come.Rugby, he is dead already if he be come. MW II.iii.8
Hee is wise Sir: hee knew your worship would killHe is wise, sir. He knew your worship would kill MW II.iii.9
him if he came.him if he came. MW II.iii.10
By gar, de herring is no dead, so as I vill kill him:By gar, de herring is no dead so as I vill kill him. MW II.iii.11
take your Rapier, (Iacke) I vill tell you how I vill kill him.Take your rapier, Jack. I vill tell you how I vill kill him.rapier (n.)
light sharp-pointed sword used for thrusting
MW II.iii.12
Alas sir, I cannot fence.Alas, sir, I cannot fence. MW II.iii.13
Villanie, take your Rapier.Villainy, take your rapier. MW II.iii.14
Forbeare: heer's company.Forbear. Here's company.forbear (v.)

old form: Forbeare
stop, cease, desist
MW II.iii.15
Enter Host, Shallow, Slender, and Page MW II.iii.16.1
Host. HOST 
'Blesse thee, bully-Doctor.Bless thee, bully doctor!bully (n./adj.)
[especially as a warm form of address] fine fellow, good friend
MW II.iii.16
'Saue you Mr. Doctor Caius.Save you, Master Doctor Caius! MW II.iii.17
Page. PAGE 
Now good Mr. Doctor.Now, good Master Doctor! MW II.iii.18
'Giue you good-morrow, sir.Give you good morrow, sir.morrow (n.)
MW II.iii.19
Caius. CAIUS 
Vat be all you one, two, tree, fowre, come for?Vat be you all, one, two, tree, four, come for? MW II.iii.20
Host. HOST 
To see thee fight, to see thee foigne, to see theeTo see thee fight, to see thee foin, to see theefoin (v.)

old form: foigne
[fencing] thrust, lunge
MW II.iii.21
trauerse, to see thee heere, to see thee there, to see theetraverse, to see thee here, to see thee there, to see theetraverse (v.)

old form: trauerse
[fencing] pierce, stab, run through
MW II.iii.22
passe thy puncto, thy stock, thy reuerse, thy distance,pass thy punto, thy stock, thy reverse, thy distance,pass (v.)

old form: passe
use, show, employ
MW II.iii.23
punto (n.)

old form: puncto
[fencing] thrust with the sword-point
reverse (n.)

old form: reuerse
[fencing] back-handed stroke
stock (n.)
[fencing] thrust with the dagger-point
distance (n.)
[fencing] regulation space to be kept between contestants
thy montant: Is he dead, my Ethiopian? Is he dead,thy montant. Is he dead, my Ethiopian? Is he dead,montant (n.)
[fencing] upward thrust
MW II.iii.24
Ethiop, Ethiope (adj./n.)
Ethiopian, African, person with a dark countenance
my Francisco? ha Bully? what saies my Esculapius?my Francisco? Ha, bully? What says my Aesculapius?Francisco (n.)
MW II.iii.25
my Galien? my heart of Elder? ha? is he dead bully-My Galen? My heart of elder? Ha? Is he dead, bullyelder (n.)
elder tree
MW II.iii.26
Galen (n.)
[pron: 'gaylen] Greek physician, 2nd-c
bully (n./adj.)
[especially as a warm form of address] fine fellow, good friend
Stale? is he dead?stale? Is he dead?stale (n.)
dupe, sap, laughing-stock
MW II.iii.27
By gar, he is de Coward-Iack-Priest of de vorld: heBy gar, he is de coward Jack priest of de vorld. HeJack (n.)

old form: Iack
jack-in-office, ill-mannered fellow, lout, knave
MW II.iii.28
is not show his not show his face. MW II.iii.29
Host. HOST 
Thou art a Castalion-king-Vrinall: Hector ofThou art a Castalion-King-Urinal. Hector ofurinal (n.)
medical vessel for holding urine
MW II.iii.30
Hector (n.)
son of Priam, married to Andromache; the bravest Trojan, who led out their army to battle
Castalion (n.)
[unclear meaning] Castilian [Spanish]; Castalian [sacred spring on Mt Parnassus]
Greece (my Boy)Greece, my boy! MW II.iii.31
I pray you beare witnesse, that me haue stay, sixe or I pray you bear witness that me have stay six or MW II.iii.32
seuen, two tree howres for him, and hee is no-come. seven, two, tree hours for him, and he is no come. MW II.iii.33
He is the wiser man (M. Docto)rhe is aHe is the wiser man, Master Doctor. He is a MW II.iii.34
curer of soules, and you a curer of bodies: if you should curer of souls, and you a curer of bodies. If you should MW II.iii.35
fight, you goe against the haire of your professions: is itfight, you go against the hair of your professions. Is ithair (n.)

old form: haire
character, nature, kind
MW II.iii.36
not true, Master Page?not true, Master Page? MW II.iii.37
Page. PAGE 
Master Shallow; you haue your selfe beene a great Master Shallow, you have yourself been a great MW II.iii.38
fighter, though now a man of peace.fighter, though now a man of peace. MW II.iii.39
Body-kins M. Page, though I now be old,Bodykins, Master Page, though I now be oldbodykins (int.)
[God's] dear body
MW II.iii.40
and of the peace; if I see a sword out, my finger itchesand of the peace, if I see a sword out, my finger itches MW II.iii.41
to make one: though wee are Iustices, and Doctors, andto make one. Though we are justices and doctors andmake one
join in the action, take part
MW II.iii.42
Church-men (M. Page) wee haue some salt of ourchurchmen, Master Page, we have some salt of oursalt (n.)
vigour, liveliness, spirit
MW II.iii.43
youth in vs, we are the sons of women (M. Page.)youth in us. We are the sons of women, Master Page. MW II.iii.44
Page. PAGE 
'Tis true, Mr. Shallow.'Tis true, Master Shallow. MW II.iii.45
It wil be found so, (M. Page:) M.It will be found so, Master Page. Master MW II.iii.46
Doctor Caius, I am come to fetch you home: I am Doctor Caius, I am come to fetch you home. I am MW II.iii.47
sworn of the peace: you haue show'd your selfe a wisesworn of the peace. You have showed yourself a wise MW II.iii.48
Physician, and Sir Hugh hath showne himselfe a wise andphysician, and Sir Hugh hath shown himself a wise and MW II.iii.49
patient Church-man: you must goe with me, M.patient churchman. You must go with me, Master MW II.iii.50
Doctor.Doctor. MW II.iii.51
Host. HOST 
Pardon, Guest-Iustice; a MounseurPardon, guest justice. – A word, Mounseur MW II.iii.52
Mocke-water.Mockwater. MW II.iii.53
Mock-vater? vat is dat?Mockvater? Vat is dat? MW II.iii.54
Host. HOST 
Mock-water, in our English tongue, is Valour (Bully.)Mockwater, in our English tongue, is valour, bully. MW II.iii.55
By gar, then I haue as much Mock-vater as deBy gar, then I have as much mockvater as de MW II.iii.56
Englishman: scuruy-Iack-dog-Priest: by gar, mee vill cutEnglishman. Scurvy jack-dog priest! By gar, me vill cutjack-dog (n./adj.)

old form: Iack-dog
mongrel, currish, mutt-like
MW II.iii.57
his eares.his ears. MW II.iii.58
Host. HOST 
He will Clapper-claw thee tightly (Bully.)He will clapper-claw thee tightly, bully.tightly (adv.)
soundly, properly, thoroughly
MW II.iii.59
clapper-claw (v.)
beat up, thrash, scratch
Clapper-de-claw? vat is dat?Clapper-de-claw? Vat is dat? MW II.iii.60
Host. HOST 
That is, he will make thee amends.That is, he will make thee amends. MW II.iii.61
By-gar, me doe looke hee shall clapper-de-claw me,By gar, me do look he shall clapper-de-claw me, MW II.iii.62
for by-gar, me vill haue it.for, by gar, me vill have it. MW II.iii.63
Host. HOST 
And I will prouoke him to't, or let him wag.And I will provoke him to't, or let him wag.wag (v.)
go off, depart, go on one's way
MW II.iii.64
Me tanck you for dat.Me tank you for dat. MW II.iii.65
Host. HOST 
And moreouer, (Bully) but first, And moreover, bully, – (Aside to the others) But MW II.iii.66
Mr. Ghuest, and M. Page, & eeke Caualeiro first, Master guest, and Master Page, and eke Cavalieroeke (adv.)

old form: eeke
[archaism] also, moreover, too
MW II.iii.67
cavaliero (adj.)

old form: Caualeiro
gallant, valiant, honourable
Slender, goe you through the Towne to Frogmore.Slender, go you through the town to Frogmore. MW II.iii.68
Page. PAGE 
Sir Hugh is there, is he?Sir Hugh is there, is he? MW II.iii.69
Host. HOST 
He is there, see what humor he is in: and I willHe is there. See what humour he is in; and I willhumour (n.)

old form: humor
mood, disposition, frame of mind, temperament [as determined by bodily fluids]
MW II.iii.70
bring the Doctor about by the Fields: will it doe well?bring the doctor about by the fields. Will it do well? MW II.iii.71
We will doe it.We will do it. MW II.iii.72
Adieu, good M.Adieu, good master MW II.iii.73
Doctor.Doctor. MW II.iii.74
Exeunt MW II.iii.74
By-gar, me vill kill de Priest, for he speake for aBy gar, me vill kill de priest, for he speak for a MW II.iii.75
Iack-an-Ape to Anne Page.jackanape to Anne Page.jackanapes, jackanape, jack'nape (n.)

old form: Iack-an-Ape
upstart, buffoon, monkey
MW II.iii.76
Host. HOST 
Let him die: sheath thy impatience: throw coldLet him die. Sheathe thy impatience; throw cold MW II.iii.77
water on thy Choller: goe about the fields with meewater on thy choler. Go about the fields with mecholer (n.)

old form: Choller
anger, rage, wrath
MW II.iii.78
through Frogmore, I will bring thee where Mistris through Frogmore. I will bring thee where Mistress MW II.iii.79
AnnePage is, at a Farm-house a Feasting: and thou shaltAnne Page is, at a farmhouse a-feasting; and thou shalt MW II.iii.80
wooe her: Cride-game, said I well?woo her. Cried game? Said I well?cry (v.)

old form: Cride
speak loudly, shout out, proclaim
MW II.iii.81
By-gar, mee dancke you vor dat: by gar I loue you:By gar, me dank you vor dat. By gar, I love you, MW II.iii.82
and I shall procure 'a you de good Guest: de Earle, deand I shall procure-a you de good guest – de earl, de MW II.iii.83
Knight, de Lords, de Gentlemen, my patients.knight, de lords, de gentlemen, my patients. MW II.iii.84
Host. HOST 
For the which, I will be thy aduersary towardFor the which I will be thy adversary towardadversary (n.)

old form: aduersary
intentional substitute for ‘emissary’
MW II.iii.85
Anne Page: said I well?Anne Page. Said I well? MW II.iii.86
By-gar, 'tis good: vell said.By gar, 'tis good. Vell said. MW II.iii.87
Host. HOST 
Let vs wag then.Let us wag, then.wag (v.)
go off, depart, go on one's way
MW II.iii.88
Come at my heeles, Iack Rugby.Come at my heels, Jack Rugby. MW II.iii.89
Exeunt.Exeunt MW II.iii.89
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