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Non-classical legend, romance, and folklore

Being Location Example Gloss
Amazon, Amazonian 1H6 I.ii.104 stay thy hands; thou art an Amazon one of a race of warrior women, said to be descended from Ares, god of war
Anthropophagi Oth I.iii.143 the Cannibals that each other eat, / The Anthropophagi mythical race of man-eaters
Bayard E3 III.i.58 Bayard-like, blind, overweening Ned magic horse given by Charlemagne to Rinaldo (Renaud), one of the four sons of Aimon; a symbol of blind recklessness
Bevis H8 I.i.38 that former fabulous story, ... got credit, / That Bevis was believed medieval Saxon knight who conquered Ascapart, a giant, and made him his squire
Chanticleer AYL II.vii.30 My lungs begin to crow like Chanticleer cock in the medieval story of Reynard the Fox, such as retold in Chaucer’s Nun’s Priest’s Tale
Child Roland KL III.iv.176 Child Roland to the dark tower came Charlemagne’s most famous knight, as recounted in various ballads
Colbrand KJ I.i.225 Colbrand the Giant, that same mighty man? medieval Danish champion giant, killed by Sir Guy of Warwick at Winchester
Cophetua LLL IV.i.68 most illustrate King Cophetua set eye upon the pernicious and most indubitate beggar Zenelophon African king of a romantic ballad, who fell in love with a beggar-girl, Zenelophon
Corin MND II.i.66 in the shape of Corin sat all day / Playing on pipes of corn, and versing love / To amorous Phillida traditional name given to a love-sick shepherd; Phillida, the corresponding name given to his beloved
Dagonet, Sir 2H4 III.ii.271 I was then Sir Dagonet in Arthur's show King Arthur’s fool
Florentius TS I.ii.68 Be she as foul as was Florentius' love knight in Gower’s Confessio Amantis who married an ugly woman in return for the answer to a riddle on which his life depended
Gargantua AYL III.ii.218 You must borrow me Gargantua’s mouth large-mouthed voracious giant of N France, as described by Rabelais
Gorboduc TN IV.ii.14 the old hermit of Prague ... said to a niece of King Gorboduc: that that is, is legendary King of Britain; name of a play by Norton and Sackville, first performed in 1561
Grissel TS II.i.288 For patience she will prove a second Grissel Griselda, model of wifely patience in Chaucer’s Clerk’s Tale
Guinevere LLL IV.i.124 when Queen Guinevere of Britain was a little wench legendary Queen of Britain, known for her unfaithfulness to her husband
Guy, Sir H8 V.iv.22 I am not Samson, nor Sir Guy, nor Colbrand legendary hero of Warwick, whose last great act was to kill the giant Colbrand
Hippolyta TNK I.i.77 Honoured Hippolyta, / Most dreaded Amazonian Queen of the Amazons; character in Two Noble Kinsman; see also Amazon, Amazonian
John MW I.i.160 What say you, Scarlet and John? Will Scarlet and Little John, companions of Robin Hood
Mab, Queen RJ I.iv.53 I see Queen Mab hath been with you midwife to the fairies
Maid Marian 1H4 III.iii.113 Maid Marian may be the deputy's wife of the ward to thee woman loved by Robin Hood
Merlin KL III.ii.95 This prophecy Merlin shall make; for I live before his time good wizard or sage whose magic helped King Arthur; famous for his prophecies
Partlet 1H4 III.iii.51 How now, dame Partlet the hen traditional name for a hen [Pertelote], as in Chaucer’s Nun’s Priest’s Tale
Pendragon 1H6 III.ii.95 stout Pendragon in his litter sick / Came to the field early British king, the father of Arthur
Penthesilea TN II.iii.170 Good night, Penthesilea Amazonian queen, who helped Priam at Troy
Phillida MND II.i.68   Corin above
Pigmies MA II.i.247 I will ... do you any embassage to the Pigmies, rather than hold three words’ conference with this harpy legendary race of dwarfs
Prester John MA II.i.245 I will ... bring you the length of Prester John’s foot ... rather than hold three words’ conference with this harpy legendary Christian king of Africa or Asia
Scarlet MW I.i.160 John above
Sycorax Tem I.ii.340 All the charms / Of Sycorax – toads, beetles, bats light on you! witch, and mother of Caliban, character in The Tempest
Zenelophon LLL IV.i.69   Cophetua above

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