dispatch, despatch (v.)
hurry up, be quick
2H4 II.iv.13[Drawer to Francis] Dispatch! ... they'll come in straight
2H4 IV.iii.75[Prince John to all] now dispatch we toward the court
2H4 V.v.4[Third Groom to other grooms] 'Twill be two o'clock ere they come from the coronation. Dispatch, dispatch!
2H6 II.iii.91[York to all, of Horner] Dispatch; this knave's tongue begins to double
AC III.xii.26[Caesar to Thidias] To try thy eloquence now 'tis time. Dispatch
AC IV.iv.15[Antony to Eros, of putting on his armour] Dispatch
CE IV.i.52[Second Merchant to Angelo] I pray you, sir, dispatch
Cym I.vi.3[Queen to Ladies] Dispatch
MND IV.i.107[Theseus to Attendant] Dispatch, I say, and find the forester
Oth IV.ii.29[Othello to Emilia] Nay, dispatch!
R2 IV.i.242[Northumberland to Richard] My lord, dispatch
R3 I.iii.354.1[Richard to Murderers] Go, go,dispatch
R3 III.iii.7[Ratcliffe to all] Dispatch!
R3 III.iv.94[Ratcliffe to Hastings] come, dispatch!
TG V.ii.48[Duke to all] Dispatch ... and follow me
WT IV.iv.636[Camillo to Autolycus] Nay, prithee, dispatch