discourse (n.)
conversation, talk, chat
CE II.i.91[Adriana to Luciana] Are my discourses dull?
CE II.i.92[Adriana to Luciana] If voluble and sharp discourse be marred
CE III.i.109[Antipholus of Ephesus to Balthasar] I know a wench of excellent discourse
CE III.ii.169[Antipholus of Syracuse alone, of Luciana] Of such enchanting presence and discourse
Cym III.vii.63[Belarius to disguised Innogen] Discourse is heavy, fasting [i.e. is burdensome when one is hungry]
H5 I.i.43[Canterbury to Ely, of the King] List his discourse of war, and you shall hear / A fearful battle rendered you in music
MM I.i.4[Duke to Escalus] Of government the properties to unfold / Would seem in me t'affect speech and discourse
MM I.ii.184[Claudio to Lucio, of Isabella] she hath prosperous art / When she will play with reason and discourse
MV III.v.42[Lorenzo to Launcelot] discourse [will] grow commendable in none only but parrots
MW II.ii.218[Ford as Brook to Falstaff] you are a gentleman of ... admirable discourse
R2 II.iii.6[Northumberland to Bolingbroke] your fair discourse hath been as sugar
R3 III.vii.19[Buckingham to Richard] [I] left nothing fitting for your purpose / Untouched, or slightly handled in discourse
R3 V.iii.100[Derby to Richmond] the fearful time / Cuts off the ... ample interchange of sweet discourse
Sonn.147.11[] My thoughts and my discourse as mad men's are
TC I.i.56[Troilus to Pandarus, of Cressida] Handlest in thy discourse, O, that her hand
TC II.ii.117[Hector to Troilus] is your blood / So madly hot that no discourse of reason ... / Can qualify the same?
Tem V.i.304[Prospero to Alonso, of the night] I'll waste / With such discourse as ... shall make it / Go quick away
TG I.iii.31[Panthino to Antonio, of Proteus at the Emperor's court] There shall he ... / Hear sweet discourse
TG II.iv.107[Valentine to Proteus] Leave off discourse of disability
TG II.iv.138[Valentine to Proteus] There is ... no discourse, except it be of love
TG V.ii.15[Thurio to Proteus, of Silvia] How likes she my discourse?
TG V.iv.164[Valentine to Duke] I dare be bold / With our discourse to make your grace to smile
TN I.iv.25[Orsino to Viola as Cesario, of Olivia] Surprise her with discourse of my dear faith