bent (n.)
direction, turning, inclination
Cym I.i.13[First Gentleman to Second Gentleman, of the courtiers] they wear their faces to the bent / Of the king's looks
H5 V.ii.16[Queen Isabel to King Henry] Your eyes which hitherto have borne in them, / Against the French that met them in their bent, / The fatal balls of murdering basilisks [i.e. in their gaze; or, line of fire]
JC II.i.210[Decius to all, of Caesar] I can give his humour the true bent
RJ II.ii.143[Juliet to Romeo] If that thy bent of love be honourable, / Thy purpose marriage
TC I.iii.252[Aeneas to and of Agamemnon] I bring a trumpet ... / To set his sense on the attentive bent
TC IV.v.282[Ulysses to Troilus, of Diomedes] Who ... gives all gaze and bent of amorous view / On the fair Cressid
TNK IV.ii.33[Emilia alone] who can find the bent of woman's fancy? [i.e. the way her infatuation will go]
WT I.ii.179[Leontes to Hermione, of her and Polixenes] To your own bents dispose you