A small number of terms relating to a suit of armour are found in Shakespeare, especially in the history plays; several are used together in TNK, ff, when Arcite and Palamon arm each other


Term Example Gloss
beaver Ham I.ii.230 lower part of a helmet's face-guard, normally lifted except when fighting
burgonet AC I.v.24 light helmet from Burgundy, used by foot-soldiers
casque TNK general term for all kinds of helmet
crest KJ II.i.317 helmet [originally, the plume of feathers on a helmet]
helm TC I.ii.233 helmet
helmet R2 I.iii.119 [as in modern English]
sallet 2H6 IV.x.10 small round helmet, often lacking a visor

Body parts

Term Example Gloss
brace Per II.i.128 piece of armour protecting the arms; or: coat of armour
buckle TNK as in modern English, but here for linking pieces of armour
corslet Cor V.iv.20 piece of armour protecting the torso
cuishes, cushes, cuisses 1H4 IV.i.105 piece of armour protecting the front of the thigh
gauntlet Ham V.ii.218 armoured glove protecting the hand and wrist
gorget TC I.iii.174 piece of armour protecting the throat
grand guard TNK piece of tournament armour giving additional protection to the breast and left shoulder
mail E3 I.ii.29 coat made of small interlinked steel rings (chain-mail)
shoulder-piece TNK IV.ii.127 piece of armour protecting the shoulder
vantbrace, vambrace TC I.iii.297 piece of armour protecting the fore-arm



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