Britain [outside London]

Albion KL III.ii.85 poetic name for Britain
Ampthill H8 IV.i.28 Ampthill Castle, Bedfordshire, SC England; Katherine of Aragon stayed there in 1533 while her marriage to Henry VIII was annulled
Arden, Forest of    AYI.i.108 forest formerly covering a large area from Warwickshire through the Midlands into Staffordshire
Banbury MW I.i.121 Oxfordshire town, known for its rich milk cheese about an inch thick
Birnan Mac IV.i.92 Birnam, Dunkeld, E Scotland, near the River Tay
Brainford MW IV.ii.71 Brentford, not far from Kew Gardens, London
Bristow, Bristol 2H6 III.i.328 city-port in SW England, close to the mouth of the R Severn
Britany Cym I.v.69 early form of the name Britain
Cambria Cym III.ii.44 medieval name for Wales
Camelot KL II.ii.82 capital of King Arthur’s legendary kingdom; possible sites include Winchester
Sarum below
Chartham 2H6 IV.ii.80 village near Canterbury, Kent, SE England
Ciceter R2 Cirencester, market town in Gloucestershire, SWC England
Colebrook MW IV.v.72 Colnbrook, near Windsor, S England
Colmekill Mac II.iv.33 Iona, island off the W coast of Scotland; once the traditional burial place for Scottish kings
Cotsall MW I.i.84 Cotswold Hills; hill range mainly in Gloucestershire, SE England
Cotsole 2H4 III.ii.20 Cotswold
Cotsall above
Daintry 3H6 V.i.6 Daventry, town W of Northampton, C England
Downs 2H6 IV.i.9 The Downs; anchorage just off the Kent coast, SE England
Dunsinane Mac IV.i.92 Dunsinnan, W of Dundee, E Scotland
Gallia MW III.i.89 someone from France
Gaul MW III.i.89 [unclear usage by the Host] someone from Wales; usually at the time, someone from France
Gaultree Forest 2H4 IV.i.2 now Sutton-on-the-Forest, N of York, North Yorkshire, N England
Goodwins MV III.i.4 Goodwin Sands; treacherous sands for shipping off the Kent coast, SE England
Hampton H5 II.ii.91 Southampton; port city in Hampshire, S England
Ha’rfordwest R3 IV.v.10 Haverfordwest; town in Pembrokeshire, SW Wales
Herford 2H4 IV.i.136 Hereford; city in Herefordshire, WC England, on the River Wye
Holmedon 1H4 I.i.55 Humbleton, village in Northumberland, NE England
Hunkley, Hinckley 2H4 V.i.21 town NE of Stratford-upon-Avon, C England; site of a large fair
Killingworth 2H6 IV.iv.39 Kenilworth Castle, to which Henry V retired after the battle of Agincourt; between Coventry and Warwick, C England
Kimbolton, Kymmalton H8 IV.i.34 Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire, EC England; castle owned by Edward de Bohun, Duke of Buckingham; later, a manor house in which Catherine of Aragon was imprisoned
Lynn 3H6 IV.v.20 King’s Lynn; port in Norfolk, E England
Pomfret R3 III.i.183 Pontefract, West Yorkshire, N England; site of castle in which Richard II was imprisoned; later, a Lancastrian stronghold during the Wars of the Roses
Readins MW IV.v.71 Reading; former county town of Berkshire, S England
Saint Colm’s Inch Mac I.ii.64 Inchcolm; small island in the Firth of Forth, E Scotland; site of an abbey
Saint Edmundsbury KJ IV.iii.11 Bury St Edmunds, market town in Suffolk, E England; site of the shrine of St Edmund and a place of pilgrimage
Sarum KL II.ii.81 old name for Salisbury, Wiltshire, S England; Salisbury Plain is a possible site for Camelot
Sutton Coldfield    1H4IV.ii.3  town in the West Midlands, C. England, thought by Falstaff to be on the way from Coventry to Shrewsbury (though in fact several miles off the direct route)
Stamford 2H4 III.ii.37 market town in Lincolnshire, EC England, with a tradition of fairs from Anglo-Saxon times
Tewkesbury 2H4 II.iv.236 town in SWC England, a mustard-making centre in Elizabethan times; Henry VI’s son, Edward, killed in battle here (1471)
Ware TN III.ii.45 town in Hertfordshire, SE England; the Great Bed of Ware, famous for its size, is now in the Victoria and Albert museum, London
Washes KJ V.vii.63 the Wash; shallow inlet of the North Sea on E coast of England
Washford 1H6 IV.vii.63 Wexford, city in Leinster, SE Ireland
Winchester TC V.x.55 city in Hampshire, S England; Henry IV married in its cathedral; one Bishop of Winchester licensed brothels in Southwark, London, hence ‘Winchester goose’ for a prostitute

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