Days and dates


Name Gloss Example
Allhallond Eve, Allhallown Allhallow’s Eve, Hallowe’en, 31 October MM II.i.120
Allhallowmas All Saints’ Day, 1 November MW I.i.189
Ash Wednesday first day of Lent MV II.v.26
Bartholomew St Bartholomew’s Day, 24 August 2H4 II.iv.226
Bartholomew-tide St Bartholomew’s Day, 24 August H5 V.ii.303
Black Monday day after Easter MV II.v.24
Christmas feast of the birth of Christ LLL I.i.105
Easter feast of Christ’s resurrection RJ III.i.27
Hallowmas All Saints’ Day, 1 November R2 V.i.80
Holy-rood day Holy Cross day, 14 September 1H4 I.i.52
Lammas Eve day before harvest festival, 31 July RJ I.iii.18
Lammastide harvest festival, 1 August RJ I.iii.16
Lent, Lenten 6-week penitential season before Easter 2H4 II.iv.342
Martlemas [Martinmas] St Martin’s Day, 11 November [associated with plentiful food] 2H4 II.ii.96
Michaelmas St Michael’s Day, 29 September MW I.i.190
Philip and Jacob St Philip and James, 1 May MM III.ii.193
Shrovetide three days before Ash Wednesday 2H4 V.iii.35
Wheeson dialect form of Whitsun 2H4 II.i.87
Whitsun feast of Pentecost WT IV.iv.134


Name Gloss Example
Ides of March 15 March [half-way point in the month] JC I.ii.18
Lupercal 15 February [purification feast in honour of Lupercus, god of shepherds] JC I.i.67

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