This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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cony (n.)
rabbit, baby
rabbit-sucker (n.)
rabbit warren, keeper of a
warrener (n.)
cony-catch (v.)
cony-catching (n.)
race, at the start of a
hand, at
race over
heat (v.)
career (n.)
rack, stretch on the
rack (v.)
racket, make a
rustle (v.)
radiate upon
infuse (v.)
radical political change
reformation (n.)
rafter, main
principal (n.)
rage, be in a
fume (v.)
rage, feeling of
passion (n.)
rage, in a
snuff, in
rage, kindled with
wrong-incensed (adj.)
rage more violently than a storm
out-storm (v.)
rage with violence
violent (v.)
ragged robin
crowflower (n.)
raggedly dressed
tag-rag (adj.)
rags, dressed in
ragged (adj.)
tire (n.)
rain down
dispunge (v.)
Iris (n.)
rainbow-like halo
water-gall (n.)
raisable, immediately
instant (adj.)
raise an issue
move (v.)
raise from cover [in hunting]
put up (v.),start (v.)
raise from the dead
araise (v.)
raise men, commission to
press (n.)
raise the roof
domineer (v.)
raise the stakes [cards]
vie (v.)
raise up in swarms
up-swarm (v.)
raised edge of a horse-shoe
calkin (n.)
raised hastily
rash-levied (adj.)
raised in quality, not
unimproved (adj.)
raised platform
tribunal (n.)
raising [of a siege]
remove (n.)
raising a matter, first
first, upon our
ram, heavy
beetle (n.)
ramps of earth, fortified by
rampired (adj.)
rancour, without
frankly (adv.)
range [in archery]
level (n.)
range, come within [in hunting]
stall (v.)
range, entire
full (n.)
range abroad
forage (v.)
range of sight
ken (n.),view (n.)
range over
trace (v.)
rank, appropriate
blood (n.)
rank, aristocratic
nobleness (n.)
rank, degree of
estate (n.)
rank, deprive of
unstate (v.)
rank, difference of
inequality (n.)
rank, dignified
name (n.)
rank, disparage
derogate (v.)
rank, distinction of
difference (n.)
rank, elevate in
raise (v.)
rank, equivalence of
sympathy (n.)
rank, gentleman below a knight in
squire (n.)
rank, knightly
chivalry (n.)
rank, lower in
degrade (v.)
rank, march in the front
front (v.)
rank, men of high and low
more and less
rank, noble
honour (n.)
rank, of greater social
better (adj.)
rank, of low
mean (adj.)
rank, of lower
base (adj.)
rank, persons of
state (n.)
rank, relative
gradation (n.)
rank, title of
name (n.)
rank, without
common (adj.)
rank, woman of
dame (n.)
rank of soldiers
file (n.)
ranking, highest [person]
best (n.)
ranking, lower
meaner (n.)
ranking, lowest
meanest (n.)
ranks, arrange in
rank (v.)
ranks of soldiers
battle (n.)
ransom, pay
buy out (v.)
rapid, not
gentle (adj.)
rapid course
career (n.)
rapid departure
expedience (n.)
rapidly, carry
post (v.)
rapidly moving
swift-starting (adj.)
key (n.)
rapture, move with
rap (v.)
rarely in the public eye
seld-shown (adj.)
rascal, creeping
sneak-up (n.)
rascal, young
crack (n.)
rascal ways
ropery (n.)
rashly daring
adventurous (adj.)
rat, dirty
brock (n.)
rat poison
ratsbane (n.)
rate, at a great
apace (adv.)
rate of, at the
after (prep.)
rate too highly
overhold (v.)
surety (n.)
ratified, be
pass (v.)
size (n.)
discourse (n.)
coldly (adv.)
rattle away on
berattle (v.)
raucously abusive
ribald (adj.)
waste (n.)
ravenously feed on
raven (v.)
ravenously gobble
ravin down (v.)
ravenously prey
tire (v.)
raw material
element (n.)
reaction, immediate
start (n.)
reaction, startle
starting (n.)
fine (adj.)
read through a list
overname (v.)
readily affect
tickle (v.)
readily achievable
level (adj.)
readily to hand
handsomely (adv.)
readiness, advanced stage of
forward (adj.)
readiness, coming to
riping (n.)
readiness, in
point, at / at a
readiness, put in
prepare up (v.)
readiness, set in
wind up (v.)
readiness for combat
array (n.)
readiness to sail
trim (n.)
reading by candle-light
candle-waster (n.)
ready, at the
charge, in
ready, eagerly
prompted (adj.)
ready, fully made
perfect (adj.)
ready, instantly
inch, at an
ready, made
prest (adj.)
ready, with wits at the
witty (adj.)
ready and quick
sharp-provided (adj.)
ready and willing
prompt (adj.)
ready for combat, made
pitched (adj.)
ready for firing
bent (adj.)
ready for sea
yare (adj.)
ready sanctioning
approbation (n.)
ready to act
ready (adj.)
ready to agree
accordant (adj.)
ready to appear
brewed (adj.)
ready to assimilate
soaking (adj.)
ready to confide
confident (adj.)
ready to do anything
serviceable (adj.)
ready to form a faction
factious (adj.)
ready to meet, be
propose (v.)
ready to meet God, not
unprovided (adj.)
ready to please
obsequious (adj.)
ready to respond
diligent (adj.)
ready to serve
serviceable (adj.)
ready to sink
sinking-ripe (adj.)
ready to weep
weeping-ripe (adj.)
ready with acute observations
sententious (adj.)
ready with sharp answers
quick-answered (adj.)
ready-made goods
sale-work (n.)
reach, run out of
overshoot (v.)
reach a lower level
bottom (v.)
reach out for
reach at (v.)
reach the top
rise (v.)
real [intensifying use]
good (adj.)
real identity
propriety (n.)
real nature
soul (n.)
real thing
substance (n.)
possibility, with
reality, doubt
misdoubt (v.)
reality of the world, reflecting the
natural (adj.)
really [intensifying use]
good (adv.)
rearguard action
rearward (n.)
rearing up
ramping (adj.)
reason, convincing
colour (n.)
reason, discover a
find (v.)
reason, for no
causeless (adv.)
reason, for no other
merely (adv.)
reason, for that very
therefore (adv.)
reason, for this/that
forthy (adv.)
reason, influential
inducement (n.)
reason, lacking the faculty of
unreasonable (adj.)
reason, power of
reason (n.),sense (n.)
reason for acting
theme (n.)
reason for agreeing to a request
grant (n.)
reasonable treatment
reason (n.)
reasonable view
reason (n.)
sense (n.)
reasoner, cunning
sophister (n.)
reasoning, power of
argument (n.)
reasons, give
excuse (v.)
soothing (n.)
satisfy (v.)
rebel against
take head from
rankness (n.)
rebuke, gently
control (v.)
rebel (adj.)
recall, inability to
oblivion (n.)
receipt, final
acquittance (n.)
receipt of discharge
quittance (n.)
receive, graciously
vouchsafe (v.)
receive a sum
receipt (n.)
receive at the expense of
share from (v.)
receive kindly
entertain (v.)
receive life
quicken (v.)
receive the roots of
root (v.)
received, what is
receipt (n.)
received coldly
cold (adj.)
receiving advantages
advantage, on that
receiving chamber
receptacle (n.)
receiving venue
receipt (n.)
recent, most
youngest (adj.)
recent date, of
new-dated (adj.)
recently acquired
new-fallen (adj.)
recently appointed
late (adj.)
recently ended
scarce-cold (adj.)
recently engaged
new-trothed (adj.)
recently invented
new-found (adj.)
recently pillaged
late-sacked (adj.)
recently uttered
passed (adj.)
reception, auditory
apprehension (n.)
reception, good
cheer (n.)
reception, manner of
entertainment (n.)
reception, pleasant
entertainment (n.)
reception chamber, royal
presence (n.)
receptive, highly
credulous (adj.)
quittance (v.)
counterchange (n.)
recite in order
decline (v.)
reckless despair
desperation (n.)
reckless freedom
liberty (n.)
reckless thoughts, full of
heady-rash (adj.)
reckon up
tell out (v.)
reckoned with, be
rated (adj.)
reckoned with, to be
competent, computent (adj.)
reckoning, make a
reckon with (v.)
recognition, without
strange (adv.)
noted (adj.)
starting (n.)
recollection, of
memorial (adj.)
recompense, give in
cope, cope with (v.)
reconciled, be
agree (v.)
reconciled with God, not
irreconciled (adj.)
discovery (n.)
discovery (n.)
reconstituting, always
still-piecing (adj.)
record, historical
story (n.)
record, memorial
memory (n.)
record, written
character (n.)
record in history
chronicle (v.)
record in writing
prick down, prick (v.)
recorded fact
character (n.)
recorded history
record (n.)
recording, solemn
recordation (n.)
records, enter in the
enact (v.)
rehearsal (n.)
recourse, final
refuge (n.)
recovery, allowing no
unrecuring (adj.)
recovery, past
irrecoverable (adj.)
recovery, with power of
repairing (adj.)
sport (n.)
recreation, place of
sporting-place (n.)
recreation, sexual
sport (n.)
sportful (adj.)
word (n.)
amendment (n.)
recourse (n.)
red [in heraldry]
gules (adj.)
red [of eyes]
ferret (adj.)
red, dyed bright
purple-in-grain (adj.)
red, made bright
encrimsoned (adj.)
red and full [of lips]
ripe (adj.)
ruddock (n.)
reddened with blood
purpled (adj.)
flushing (n.)
russet (adj.)
reddish-brown head, with
russet-pated (adj.)
red-faced lass
blowze (n.)
fact, in the
redoubled in strength
doubled (adj.)
redress, give
right (v.)
reduce activity
dull (v.)
reduce by boiling
seethe (v.)
reduce in degree
degrade (v.)
reduce the severity of
mitigate (v.)
reduce to a third
third (v.)
reduce to inactivity
slack (v.)
reduce to nothing
dissolve (v.),do (v.)
reduce to poverty
rack (v.)
reduce to subjugation
assubjugate (v.)
reduced amount [of money]
abatement (n.)
reduced to nothing
pinched (adj.)
redundant, make
put off (v.)
reed ring
rush (n.)
sedgy (adj.)
reeds, woven from
sedged (adj.)
reel, cause to
stagger (v.)
dressing (n.)
reference, make
cite up (v.)
referring for a decision
reference (n.)
refined, extremely
thrice-repured (adj.)
refined, powerfully
subtle-potent (adj.)
refined way, talk in a
speak holiday
reflect, make
prompt (v.)
reflect upon
chew upon (v.)
reflected image
shadow (n.)
reflection, deep
consideration (n.)
reflection, internal
conscience (n.)
reflection, melancholic
thought (n.)
reflection, personal
consideration (n.)
reflection, private
counsel (n.)
reflection back again
counter-reflect (n.)
pensived (adj.)
refrain from causing distress to
spare (v.)
fresh (adj.)
refreshment, take
bait (v.)
furbished (adj.)
refuse admittance
deny (v.)
refuse permission
deny (v.)
refuse to acknowledge
disvouch (v.)
refuse to practise
quarrel with (v.)
refuse to talk about
deny (v.)
refuse to yield
stand out (v.)
refuse with contempt
scorn (v.)
refused, certain to be
forestalled (adj.)
refusing to acknowledge appearances
little-seeming (adj.)
refusing to believe
negative (adj.)
gain (v.)
regal quality
royalty (n.)
regal status, add
crown up (v.)
mark (n.)
regard, friendly
favour (n.)
regard, full of
estimable (adj.)
regard, gesture or token of
favour (n.)
regard, in low
carelessly (adv.)
regard, mutual
counterchange (n.)
regard, proper
duty (n.)
regard, with proper
worshipfully (adv.)
regard for, have
respect (v.)
regard highly
look on (v.)
regard with disgust
abhor (v.)
regarded, duly
well-respected (adj.)
regarded with admiration
admired (adj.)
regarded with suspicion
suspected (adj.)
regards, present kind
commend (v.)
renew (v.)
regime, curative
diet (n.)
region, border
march (n.)
region, bounded
limit (n.)
enrolled (adj.)
register (n.)
regress, egress and
regress (n.)
regular behaviour
habit (n.)
regular course
measure (n.)
regular intervals, at
ever and anon
regular shape
frame (n.)
regularly experienced
ordinary (adj.)
regularly visit
use (v.)
square (v.)
supportance (n.)
reinforcements, needing
needful (adj.)
reinforcements, obtain
reinforce (v.)
reins, take the
check (v.)
repeated (adj.)
iterance (n.)
reject, low-placed
abject (n.)
reject, solemnly
abjure (v.)
reject a suit
non-suit (v.)
reject with contempt
kick at (v.)
rejection, scornful
spurn (n.)
rejoice, cause to
glad (v.)
rejoiced at, be
gratulate (adj.)
rejoicing, full of
joyed (adj.)
rejoicing, great
overjoy (n.)
rejoinder, make a
answer (v.)
quicken (v.)
relate in detail
retail (v.)
relate in full
dilate (v.)
related by blood
natural (adj.)
related closely
native (adj.)
related in blood
consanguineous (adj.)
relation, blood
german, germane (n.)
relation, near
near (adj.)
quarter (n.)
relations, friendly
neighbourhood (n.)
relationship, close
nearness (n.)
relationship, close natural
kind (n.)
relationship, personal
particular (n.)
relationship, proper
proportion (n.)
relationship in pieces, with a
broken (adj.)
relative, near
german, germane (n.)
release, means of [from debt]
redemption (n.)
release, moment of [in archery]
loose (n.)
release, obtain
bail (v.)
release, security for
bail (n.)
release from
quit (v.)
release from all liability
discharge (n.)
release from service
discharge (v.),quit (v.)
release pairs of hunting dogs
uncouple (v.)
released, freshly
new-delivered (adj.)
faith (n.)
reliable, prove
keep touch (v.)
true (adv.)
relied upon, thing
relier (n.)
relies, one who
depender (n.)
religious belief
faith (n.),religion (n.)
religious belief, in accord with
religiously (adv.)
religious calling
profession (n.)
religious commitment
sanctimony (n.)
religious discourse
exercise (n.)
religious fervour
sanctimony (n.)
religious manner, in a
divinely (adv.)
religious observance
religion (n.)
religious official, Roman
augurer (n.)
religious order, member of a
religious (adj.)
religious place of safety
sanctuary (n.)
religious practice
exercise (n.)
religious sect
Brownist (n.)
relish, destroy the
distaste (v.)
relish, not
distaste (v.)
relishing the taste
daintily (adv.)
reluctance, show
coy (v.)
rely happily
repose (v.)
rely too readily on
presume on (v.)
remain, allow to
stay (v.)
remain, let
let (v.)
remain a servant
keep below stairs
remain as challenges
rest under gage
remain beyond
outstand (v.)
remain dependent
stand (v.)
remain hanging
depend (v.)
remain hidden
stay (v.)
remain inside
keep (v.)
remain on
keep (v.)
remain (n.)
remaining means
abatement (n.)
remaining people
remainder (n.)
remaining piece
butt-end (n.)
remaining wealth
remainder (n.)
remains, disposer of
executor (n.)
remark, carping
comment (n.)
remark, mocking
mock (n.)
remarks, clever
brain (n.)
remarks, make
descant (v.)
remedy, effective
medicine (n.)
remedy, hand over for
remedy (v.)
remedy, sharp
corrosive (n.)
remedy, without
cureless (adj.)
remember well
think upon (v.)
memory, of
remembered, be
think on (v.)
remembered, cause to be
memorize (v.)
rosemary (n.)
remembrance, of
memorial (adj.)
remembrance, public
record (n.)
reminder, official
remembrancer (n.)
remiss, be
slack (v.)
remiss practitioner
truant (n.)
part (n.)
expostulate (v.)
expostulation (n.)
remotion (n.)
removal day
quarter day
removal from custody, forced
rescue (n.)
removal of a cap, half
half-cap (n.)
removal of doubt
satisfaction (n.)
remove [a star] from its sphere
unsphere (v.)
remove, at a
removed (adj.)
remove a branch
disbranch (v.)
remove an outer garment
dismantle (v.)
remove by force
hoise (v.)
remove from
rid (v.)
remove from a list
unroll (v.)
remove from a tent
untent (v.)
remove from office
displace (v.)
remove from one's thoughts
unthink (v.)
remove from the foundations
dishabit (v.)
remove from the sheath [in fencing]
dismount (v.)
remove from the throne
disseat, dis-seat (v.)
remove from the world
transport (v.)
remove quickly
scour (v.)
remove rich garments
undeck (v.)
remove secretly
shuffle (v.)
remove the bonnet
bonnet (v.)
removed, something
abstract (n.)
removed from its sphere
disorbed (adj.)
removed from the position of queen
unqueened (adj.)
rend apart
rift (v.)
render ineffectual
frustrate (v.)
render service
serve (v.)
rendering of account
reckoning (n.)
rendering up
render (n.)
match (n.)
renegade, become a
turn Turk
renewal of force
reinforcement (n.)
renown, bring
renown (v.)
renown, bringing
famous (adj.)
renown, eager for
glorious (adj.)
renown, title of
honour (n.)
renown, with
famously (adv.)
rent asunder
distracted (adj.)
rent in two
burst (adj.)
rent out
farm (v.)
rented out
farm, in
re-opening of old wounds
repetition (n.)
repair [a falcon's wing]
imp out (v.)
repayment, claim
call on / upon (v.)
repeated assertion
iteration (n.)
repeated flowing
recourse (n.)
still an end
repeatedly blown out by the wind
new-replenished (adj.)
repeating, keep
chew (v.)
repel with force
shock (v.)
repentance, of
penitent (adj.)
repented bitterly
high-repented (adj.)
iterance (n.)
repetition, endless
iteration (n.)
change (n.)
model (n.)
replica, tiny
model (n.)
replication, process of
copy (n.)
reply, favourable
answer (n.)
reply, say in
return (v.)
reply, straight in
simple-answered (adj.)
report, bad
infamy (n.)
report, common
cry (n.)
reported in detail
delated (adj.)
reported previously
fore-recited (adj.)
reporting bad tidings
ill-uttering (adj.)
repose, in
still (adj.)
reposal (n.)
receptacle (n.)
repository for valuables, private
closet (n.)
represent by a boy
boy (v.)
represent fittingly
sympathize (v.)
represent in words
word (v.)
representative, papal
legate (n.)
painted (adj.)
repress speech
bite one's tongue
repress through dread
awe (v.)
corrected (adj.)
reproach, loud
exclamation (n.)
shent (v.)
figure (v.)
limned (v.)
reproducing, always
still-breeding (adj.)
repugnance, full of
sick (adj.)
reputation, bad
foulness (n.)
reputation, destroy a
undo (v.)
reputation, disgraceful
scandal (n.)
reputation, give a
word (v.)
reputation, harm the
discredit (v.)
reputation, of established
well-found (adj.)
reputation, ruin a
lose (v.)
reputation, terrible
infamy (n.)
repute, bring into ill
scandal (v.),slander (v.)
request, formal
suit (n.)
request, urgent
importance (n.)
request, written
supplication (n.)
request the presence
desire (v.)
request to tell
demand (v.)
requesting as a right
requiring (n.)
bound (adj.)
requirements, answer one's
serve one's turn
dash (v.)
resemble, make
like (v.)
resentful, feeling
stomaching (n.)
resentment, feel
bear hard
reserved way, in a
sparingly (adv.)
second (n.)
residence, change of
remove (n.)
residence, royal
chamber (n.)
residence, take up
tent (v.)
resident ambassador
lieger, leiger (n.)
ruin (n.)
residue of a fortune
remainder (n.)
resignation [of power]
surrender (n.)
tame (adj.)
resistance, proven power of
proof (n.)
resistance, set up as
oppose (v.)
resistant to sickness
ague-proof (adj.)
resisted, unable to be
opposeless (adj.)
resisting attack
defence (n.)
resolute, be
stand (v.)
resolve, last
rest (n.)
resolve, shake
move (v.)
resolve to act
purpose (v.)
resolved state of mind
satisfaction (n.)
resonantly proclaim
bass, base (v.)
resort, frequent
haunt (n.)
resort, last
rendezvous (n.)
resound harshly
hurtle (v.)
resounding noise
resound (v.)
deeply (adv.)
resoundingly utter
tang (v.)
refuge (n.)
resource, use as a
take to (v.)
pregnant (adj.)
wittily (adv.)
device (n.)
resources, current
present (n.)
resources, use up all
beggar (v.)
respect, act of
curtsy, curtsey (n.)
respect, demanding
observed (n.)
respect, deny
disgrace (v.)
respect, deserving of great
venerable (adj.)
respect, expression of
adoring (n.)
respect, failure to
non-regardance (n.)
respect, give little
neglect (v.)
respect, hold in
reverence (v.)
respect, in every
up and down (adv.)
respect, lacking in
aweless (adj.)
respect, particular
property (n.)
respect, profound
reverence (n.)
respect, show
reverence, do
respect, with all
respectively (adv.)
respect, with profound
reverently (adv.)
respected state
reverence (n.)
respectful acknowledgement
homage (n.)
respectful salutation
cap (n.),obeisance (n.)
respectful term of address, highly
worship (n.)
several (adj.)
respond, ready to
diligent (adj.)
respond to a toast
discharge (v.)
respond to sensation, ability to
sense (n.)
respond with
return (v.)
response, armed
answer (n.)
response, prim
dainty (n.)
response, ungrateful
ingratitude (n.)
responsibility, assume a
take upon (v.)
responsibility, discharge
acquit (v.)
responsibility, person undertaking a legal
surety (n.)
responsibility, take
undertake (v.)
responsibility for, have
undertake (v.)
responsible, person chiefly
principal (n.)
rest [given to a horse]
sob (n.)
rest, at
still (adj.)
rest, come to
light (v.)
rest, lay to
lie by (v.)
rested, stiff because too
resty-stiff (adj.)
resting place
seat (n.)
restitution, make
recompense (v.)
restore hearing
undeaf (v.)
restore to brightness
scour (n.)
restore to health
recover (v.),recure (v.)
restrain oneself, unable to
incontinent (adj.)
restrained, be
time, keep
restraint, abandon
cock-a-hoop, set
restraint, act without
head, take the
restraint, enforcing
continent (adj.)
restraint, keep under
silence (v.)
restraint, lack of
intemperance (n.)
restraint, with
sparingly (adv.)
restricting, narrowly
pinching (adj.)
restriction, place under
confine (v.)
continent (adj.)
result, beneficial
purchase (n.)
result, clumsy
botch (n.)
result, first
firstling (n.)
result, inevitable
adjunct (adj.)
result, to what
whither (adv.)
result, yielding no
dry (adj.)
result of casting lots
lot (n.)
retain, unable to
intenable (adj.)
retain emotion, power to
retention (n.)
retainers, band of
company (n.)
retaining, means of
retention (n.)
retaliate against
pay (v.)
retaliation, in
revengingly (adv.)
heft (n.)
reticent, be
hold off (v.)
retinue, household
meiny (n.)
retinue, lacking
unpeopled (adj.)
retinue, personal
suit (n.)
closeness (n.)
retirement, place of
shadow (n.)
retort [apparatus]
limbeck (n.)
retort [speech]
quip (n.)
retracting an action
recanting (adj.)
retracts, one who
recanter (n.)
retreat, covered
coverture (n.)
retreat, shady
arbour (n.)
retreat, trumpet call signalling
retreat (n.)
wreakful (adj.)
reflection (n.)
return, financial
purchase (n.)
return, in
again (adv.)
return, looking for maximum
usuring (adj.)
return alive
turn back (v.)
return from banishment
repeal (n.),repealing (n.)
return hit [in fencing]
answer (n.)
return in memory
recoil (v.)
return of life
quickening (n.)
return of salutation
regreet (n.)
return to the land
shore (v.)
returned, have one's titles
restore (v.)
returning [to one's rooms]
retirement (n.)
returning, salute upon
regreet (v.)
reveal indiscretions
betray (v.)
revealed, be
divulge (v.)
revealing secrets
blabbing (adj.)
revel beyond limits
outsport (v.)
revelry, wasteful
riot (n.)
revenge, by way of
revengingly (adv.)
meet (adj.)
revenged, be
fit (v.)
revenue, collect church
tithe (v.)
reverberate (adj.)
reverence, save your
sir-reverence (n.)
reverence, saving
reverence (n.)
reverence towards God, lacking
impious (adj.)
reverently curtsy
congee, congie (v.)
study (n.)
check (n.)
reverse order of priority, in
backwardly (adv.)
revive, with ability to
repairing (adj.)
revokement (n.)
revoking order
countermand (n.)
revolt, in
up (adv.)
revolt, rise in
stir (v.)
revolt of the flesh
rebellion (n.)
revolving round
revolution (n.)
revulsion of appetite
revolt (n.)
rewarded with a fee, not
unfee'd (adj.)
dressing (n.)
liberal arts
rhetoric, empty
word (n.)
rhetoric, piece of
figure (n.)
rhetorical art
art (n.)
rhetorical embellishment
flourish (n.)
rhetorical pause
period (n.)
rhetorical speech
peroration (n.)
cramp (n.)
rheumatism, likely to cause
rheumatic (adj.)
rhyme, celebrate in
berhyme, be-rime (v.)
rhyme, put into
berhyme, be-rime (v.)
rhymer (n.)
time (n.)
rhythm, constant bass
ground (n.)
rhythm, proper
proportion (n.)
rhythmical movement
march (n.),motion (n.)
ricochet off
glance away (v.)
rid, be
purge (v.)
rid of impurities, get
purge (v.)
ridden ahead, one who has
fore-spurrer (n.)
riddle, in the manner of a
riddle-like (adv.)
riddling (adj.)
ride fast
post (v.)
ridge, high and narrow
edge (n.)
ridge, roof
ridge (n.)
ridge between the shoulder-blades [of a horse]
withers (n.)
ridge for guiding the fingers on a musical instrument
fret (n.)
ridge of feathers/hairs on an animal's head or neck
crest (n.)
ridges, thrown into
enridged (adj.)
ridicule, displaying
ungravely (adv.)
ridicule, expose to
baffle (v.)
ridicule, in
ridiculous (adj.)
ridicule, subject of
mockery (n.)
ridiculous behaviour
extremity (n.)
ridiculously obsequious
silly-ducking (adj.)
riding, cane used in
riding-rod (n.)
riding at anchor
anchoring (adj.)
riding hard, worn out from
tiring (adj.)
riding too hard
overridden (adj.)
boot (n.)
rifle, early kind of
musket (n.)
rigging, rope-ladder in the
ladder-tackle (n.)
right, demand as a
challenge (v.)
right, have a
pertain (v.)
right, legal
interest (n.)
right, one who puts things
rectifier (n.)
right, person asserting a
titler (n.)
right, requesting as a
requiring (n.)
right, set
right (v.)
right away
home (adv.)
right circumstances, in the
fit (adj.)
right granted by a monarch
royalty (n.)
right line to follow
vein (n.)
right manner of speaking
vox (n.)
right moment, at the
time, in good
right of entering
entrance (n.)
right of inheritance of the first-born child
primogenitive (n.)
right of leaving and return
egress and regress
right of property held by a woman from her deceased husband
jointress (n.)
right of succession
reversion (n.)
right opinion
reason (n.)
right quality, brought to the
tempered (adj.)
right side, of the [heraldry]
dexter (adj.)
right time, at the
fitly (adv.)
right time, coming at the
happy time, in
right to be knelt before
knee (n.)
right to command
authority (n.)
right to property, warrantor of a
voucher (n.)
right to rule, with no
untitled (adj.)
righteous individual
merit (n.)
rightful cause, drawn in a
right-drawn (adj.)
rightful claim, have a
entitule, intitule (v.)
rightful claimant
name (n.)
rightful title
blood (n.),name (n.)
true (adv.)
rightly anticipate
level at (v.)
just-dooming (adj.)
rights, bestowal of
benefit (n.)
rights, conjugal
bed-right (n.)
rights, damaging to one's
prejudicial (adj.)
rights, hereditary
blood (n.)
rights, joint
possession (n.)
rights, widow's
widowhood (n.)
rights of office
prerogative (n.)
rights of possession
interest (n.)
rigor mortis
obstruction (n.)
rich dress
bravery (n.)
rich freeholder
franklin (n.)
rich in detail
circumstantial (adj.)
richly dressed
golden (adj.)
richly endowed
rich-left (adj.)
cost (n.)
rim of metal
verge (n.)
ring, fairy
orb (n.)
ring, form a
enring (v.)
ring, charmed
hallowed verge
ring, metal
loop (n.)
ring, signet
signet (n.)
ring, two-part finger
joint ring (n.)
ring for sealing documents, small
thumb-ring (n.)
ring made of rushes
rush (n.)
ring out
tang (v.)
ringing [sounds]
clangor, clangour (n.)
ringing [voice]
ring (n.)
ringing to mark a death
passing (adj.)
ringlets, adorned with
curled (adj.)
rings, time for exchanging
ring time
riotously, feast
domineer (v.)
riposte, make a jocular
mocked, well
ripped up
rent (adj.)
rise, let
take up (v.)
rise from cover, make [in hunting]
put up (v.)
rise in a twisting way
purl (v.)
rise in revolt
stir (v.)
rise to
touch (v.)
rise to a great height
flow (v.)
rise up from
break up (v.)
rising and falling
vaulting (adj.)
rising from marshes
fen-sucked (adj.)
rising in the air [falconry]
point (n.)
risk of punishment, at
peril, at
risks, disregarding all
desperately (adv.)
risks, make safe against
assure (v.)
risks, regardless of the
adventures, at all
risky enterprise
venture (n.)
rite, sacrificial
offering (n.)
rites of burial
canonized (v.)
ritual, appropriate
due (n.)
ritual, punctilious about
ceremonious (adj.)
ritual, special
solemnity (n.)
ritual celebration, with
solemnly (adv.)
rival, act as a
rival (v.)
rivalry, ambitious
emulation (n.)
rivalry, display in
vie (v.)
rivalry, filled with
emulous (adj.)
rivalry, jealous
emulate (adj.)
river estuary
sea (n.)
road (n.)
roaming about
vagary (n.)
roaring wave
roarer (n.)
rob, search and
rifle (v.)
robber on foot
footman (n.)
robbers, infested with
thievish (adj.)
match (n.)
robe, dress in a
enrobe (v.)
robes, official
dressing (n.)
robust, not
delicate (adj.)
rod, fishing
angle (n.)
rod, measuring
mete-yard (n.)
rod for stiffening the folds of a ruff
poking-stick (n.)
rod of office
staff (n.)
rod of office, decorated
bauble (n.)
rogue, disgraceful
slander (n.)
rogue, like a
villain-like (adv.)
rogue, little
crack (n.)
rogue, old
bully rook (n.)
rogue, young
wanton (n.)
rogue who deserves to be hanged
crack-hemp (n.)
rogues, living like
roguing (adj.)
roguish trick
knavery (n.)
roisting (adj.)
role, assume a
take on (v.)
role, playing a
officed (adj.)
role, superior
command (n.)
role, undertake a
take upon (v.)
roll, strike off the
unroll (v.)
Roman Catholicism
Whore of Babylon
roof, like a projecting
penthouse-like (adj.)
roofs, lead-covered flat
lead (n.)
ridge (n.)
rook, bully
rook (n.)
rooks, filled with
rooky (adj.)
room, inner/private
privy chamber (n.)
room, long large
gallery (n.)
room, own
closet (n.)
room, private
by-room (n.)
room, provision
larder (n.)
room, small
cabin (n.)
room, theatre dressing
tiring-house (n.)
rooms, service
office (n.)
rooms smell sweetly, someone who makes
perfumer (n.)
root [edible]
pignut (n.)
root [of ginger]
race (n.),raze (n.)
root [tree]
spur (n.)
root, vegetable
root (n.)
root cause
end (n.)
root up
root (v.)
roots, entangled by
enrooted (adj.)
roots, provide/receive
root (v.)
rope, hangman's [cry of derision]
rope (n.)
rope, made of
tackled (adj.)
rope, sail
shroud (n.)
rope steadying a sail
bowling, bowline (n.)
rope with a noose [for hanging]
halter (n.)
rope-ladder in the rigging
ladder-tackle (n.)
rope-like threads, forming
roping (adj.)
ropes, made of
corded (adj.)
rosary beads
bead (n.)
rose, damask
damasked (adj.)
rosed (adj.)
rostrum, elevated
tribunal (n.)
rosy, make
rose over
blushing (adj.)
rotten, go
taint (v.)
rotten to the core
cankered (adj.)
infection (n.)
rotting carcass
carrion (n.)
rotting flesh, preying on
carrion (adj.)
rough, extremely
high-wrought (adj.)
rough, not
gentle (adj.)
rough and wild, spreading
rude-growing (adj.)
rough manner
rudeness (n.)
rough shape, give
rough-hew (v.)
shag-haired (adj.)
rough-haired water-dog
water-rug (n.)
ragged (adj.)
roughly, handle
ruffle (v.)
roughly, push
shoulder (v.)
roughly, seize
sowl (v.)
roughly mended
cobbled (adj.)
knavery (n.)
round [in dancing]
bout (n.),change (n.)
round [in fencing]
pass (n.)
round [in fighting]
bout (n.)
round, become [in pregnancy]
round (v.)
round, circle
wheel (v.)
round, get
encompass (v.)
round, moving
revolution (n.)
round, musical
catch (n.)
round and round, go
turn (v.)
round measurement
compass (n.)
roundabout way
windlass (n.)
roundabout way, in a
afar off (adv.)
roundabout way, move in a
coast (v.),fetch about (v.)
roundabout way, talk in a
go about (v.)
rounded mass
orb (n.)
rouse up
rear (v.)
rout, put to
rout, on the
routinely, fix
rote (v.)
routinely, offer
afford (v.)
roving about
extravagancy (n.)
roving about, hostile
scouring (n.)
roving vagrant
straggler (n.)
rowdiness, musical
minstrelsy (n.)
rows, order in
rank (v.)
royal, make
royalize (v.)
royal accounts officer
auditor (n.)
royal assembly
presence (n.)
royal birth
birth (n.)
royal blood, person of
prince (n.)
royal dignity
sovereignty (n.)
royal golden orb
ball (n.)
royal highness
royalty (n.)
royal household chief officer
constable (n.)
royal journey
progress (n.)
royal messenger
pursuivant (n.)
royal prerogative
royalty (n.)
royal reception chamber
presence (n.)
royal residence
chamber (n.)
royally, act
prince (v.)
royalty, emblem of
royalty (n.)
royalty, wait on
attend (v.)
rub clean
scour (n.)
rubbed sore, not
unwrung (adj.)
rubbish, piece of
bauble (n.)
rubbish, showy
trumpery (n.)
rubious (adj.)
sanguine (adj.)
rude gesture, word used with a
fig (v.),figo (n.)
ruff, rod for stiffening the folds of a
poking-stick (n.)
ruffian, pitiless
tyrant (n.)
ruffian, swaggering
swinge-buckler (n.)
ruff (n.)
ruin, bring to
pluck upon (v.)
ruin, total
break-neck (n.)
ruin the reputation of
lose (v.)
ruined, be
sink (v.)
ruins, ancient
reliques (n.)
ruins, in
heap, on a
ruins, reduce to
ruinate (v.)
rule, accepted
condition (n.)
rule, divine
ordinance (n.)
rule, general
truth (n.)
rule, with no right to
untitled (adj.)
ruler, absolute
imperator (n.)
ruler, joint supreme
co-supreme (n.)
ruler, official acting in place of an absent
vicegerent (n.)
ruler, substitute
viceroy (n.)
ruler, supreme
supreme (n.)
ruler who pays tribute
tributary (n.)
rules, according to the
orderly (adv.)
ruling [astrology]
predominant (adj.)
ruling body
state (n.)
ruling class
authority (n.)
bethinking (n.)
rumour, false
tale (n.)
rumour, malicious
opinion (n.)
tattling (adj.)
raising (n.)
rumours, spread false
buzz (v.)
rumours reaching the ear
ear-bussing (adj.)
run, let [with little or no sail]
spoon (v.)
run against the wind
tack about (v.)
run along
trip (v.)
run around
jaunce (v.)
run down [in hunting]
emboss (v.)
run noisily [of streams]
brawl (v.)
run out
wear (v.)
run out of reach
overshoot (v.)
run swiftly
scud (v.)
run through
traverse (v.)
run to seed
seeded (adj.)
rung at the consecration [in the Mass]
sacring (adj.)
running away
foot (n.)
running commentary, like a
chorus-like (adv.)
running off
escape (n.)
running out
running (adj.)
running smoothly
wheels, on
rural chasing game
country base
rural theatrical event
pastoral (n.)
rush, go away in a
fling (n.)
rush, in a
brief (adv.)
rush along
whir (v.)
rush away from
take head from
rush of wind
gust (n.)
rush past
post (v.)
rush through
slubber (v.)
rushes, bordered with
sedgy (adj.)
rushes, ring made of
rush (n.)
russet apple
leather-coat (n.)
rustic, like a
rustically (adv.)
rustically attired
hempen (adj.)
ruthless enemy
dog (n.)
rutting season, in the
season, of the

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