This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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pace, going at one's usual
going (n.)
pace, moving at a bewildering
pack [as of hounds]
cry (n.)
pack, compressed
cake (n.)
pack away
lay up (v.)
sumpter (n.)
padded, with lower part
great-belly (adj.)
padded covering
quilt (n.)
padded doublet
belly doublet
page, follow like a
page (v.)
page of honour
henchman (n.)
pageant, festive
triumphantly (adv.)
footboy (n.)
paid by a fee
fee'd (adj.)
paid price
briber (n.)
pain, feel
smart (v.)
pain, inflicting
painful (adj.)
pain, mental
touch (n.)
pain, suffer
die (v.)
pain, suffering from
painful (adj.)
pain, undistracted by
unpanged (adj.)
painful birth, give
throe forth (v.)
painful cure
corrosive (n.)
painful experience
aloe (n.)
painful part, most
wound (n.)
pains, labour
throe (n.)
pains, taking great
painfully (adv.)
painstaking attention to detail
curiosity (n.)
paint [for the face]
painting (n.)
paint a picture of
impaint (v.)
table (n.)
paint-brush, finely-pointed
pencil (n.)
painted fabric
imagery (n.)
painted shield
scutcheon (n.)
painting used as a teaching-aid
ground-piece (n.)
pair off
couple (v.)
pair up
tread (v.)
pairs, in
couples, in
pairs of hunting dogs, release
uncouple (v.)
pale, grow/turn
wan (v.)
pale, made
vaded (adj.)
pale as wax, face as
tallow-face (n.)
pale semblance
umbrage (n.)
dim (adj.)
whitely (adj.)
pale (adj.)
pale (n.)
pale (n.)
pallid, make
sickly over (v.)
pallor [of the cheeks]
pale (n.)
palm leaf as a symbol of victory
palm (n.)
palm off
put off (v.)
table (n.)
palpably evident to all
general-gross (adj.)
slightness (n.)
pampered baby
wanton (n.)
pampered individual
toast-and-butter (n.)
pampered lady
cockney (n.)
pan, dripping
tallow-catch (n.)
panelling, wooden
wainscot (n.)
pangs, afflict with
pang (v.)
pantler (n.)
papal representative
legate (n.)
paper [document]
schedule (n.)
paper, put down on
paper (v.)
paper replacement for money
paper (n.)
parallel [in astronomy]
collateral (adj.)
parallel, draw a
oppose (v.)
parallel case
example (n.)
paralyse with fear
dare (v.)
parcel up
piece up (v.)
pardon, beg
solicit (v.)
pardon, begging
saving reverence
pardon, power to
remission (n.)
male (n.)
parent, of only one noble
half-blooded (adj.)
parentage, good
blood (n.)
parentage, humble
homely (adj.)
parents, duty owed to
childhood (n.)
parish clerk
clerk (n.)
parish constable
beadle (n.)
parish visitor
visitor (n.)
park, hunting
warren (n.)
park, change the nature of a
dispark (v.)
paroxysms, marked by
fitful (adj.)
parrying movement [in fencing]
ward (n.)
niggard (adj.)
part [of an argument]
branch (n.)
part, best
flour (n.)
part, do one's
quit (v.)
part, final
butt-end (n.)
part, functioning
utensil (n.)
part, having too difficult a
overparted (adj.)
part, in every
points, all / at all
part, main
body (n.)
part, play one's
acquit (v.),do (v.)
part, take one's
right, do one
part, teach a
school (v.)
part company
depart (v.)
part of, be
long (v.)
part of, play the
present (v.)
part of, take the
partake (v.)
part of a duke, play the
duke it (v.)
part of a lecher, play the
lecher (v.)
member (n.)
partaking, with everyone
divided (adj.)
partial, make
partialize (v.)
partiality, of
partial (adj.)
particle, tiny
mote (n.)
particular, no
nothing (n.)
particular members
certain (n.)
particular point [legal]
item (n.)
particular respect
property (n.)
particulars, give
name (v.)
partly gilded
parcel-gilt (adj.)
partner, become a
fellow (v.)
partner, take a
encounter (v.)
partner in crime
coach-fellow (n.)
fellowship (n.)
partnership, equal
rivality (n.)
parts, play
jest (v.)
parts, small
equipage (n.)
parts united, with
mutual (adj.)
part-time pimp
parcel-bawd (n.)
party, hold a
revel (v.)
pass, let
pass (v.)
pass a period of abstinence
fast out (v.)
pass across swiftly
overcome (v.)
pass as current
go (v.)
pass by, allow to
slip (v.)
pass by unnoticed
overslip (v.)
pass from life
pass (v.)
pass into a new life
transmigrate (v.)
pass lightly over
overtrip (v.)
pass muster
pass (v.)
pass out
sound (v.)
pass over without noticing
overskip (v.)
pass pleasantly
beguile (v.)
pass sentence
pass (v.)
pass the time
contrive (v.)
pass through inheritance
succeed (v.)
pass time in languishing
languish (v.)
pass unprofitably
spend (v.)
passage, cramped
strait (n.)
passage, emotional
passion (n.)
passage, evidence of
tract (n.)
passage, state
progress (n.)
passage, winding
crank (n.)
passage excavated under a fortress wall
mine (n.)
passage into a harbour
channel (n.)
passed, previously
forepast, fore-past (adj.)
passed on, being
succession (n.)
passing, mention in
glance at (v.)
passing by
beside (adv.)
passing like smoke
racking (adj.)
passing of time
time (n.)
passing on
passage (n.)
passing swiftly
slippery (adj.)
passing to and fro
passage (n.)
passion, burning
fire (n.)
passion, burst of
flaw (n.)
passion, driven by
lust-breathed (adj.)
passion, fierce
fury (n.)
passion, furious
rage (n.)
passion, inflaming of
sting (n.)
passion, lacking sensual
cold (adj.)
passion, violent
extreme (n.)
passionate expression
outrage (n.)
passionate outburst
passion (n.)
passionately elated
wild (adj.)
fury-innocent (n.)
passionless quality
coldness (n.)
passions, body part of the
liver (n.)
past, a short time
briefly (adv.)
past, going over the
repetition (n.)
past, not long
late (adj.)
past, perform in the
forego (v.)
past, rush
post (v.)
past portion
backward (n.)
past time
time (n.)
paste, made into a
impasted (adj.)
pastime, athletic
sport (n.)
pastoral play
pastoral (n.)
pastry mould
coffin (n.)
pastry-making part of the kitchen
pastry (n.)
feeding (n.)
pasture, eat
grass (v.)
pasture, open
common (n.)
whey-face (n.)
yellow (adj.)
pat [as endearment]
clap (v.)
paternal manner, in a
fatherly (adv.)
path, best
way (n.)
path, come into the
step into (v.)
path, confined
strait (n.)
path, crooked
meander (n.)
path, cross the
cross (v.)
path, deviate from a straight
hedge (v.)
path, from that
beside (adv.)
path, garden
walk (n.)
path, keep to the cleaner side of a
wall, take the
path, straight
forthright (n.)
path, straying from the correct
wandering (adj.)
path through, trace a
thread (v.)
paths, arrangement of
maze (n.)
patch over
patch (v.)
patch together clumsily
botch (v.)
botcher (n.)
patchwork costume, wearing a
patched (adj.)
patience, have
forbear (v.)
patient, be
patient (v.)
patrol, street
watch (n.)
patron of, make a
enpatron (v.)
patronage, have under one's
enpatron (v.)
pattern, be a
pattern out (v.)
pattern, cover with a
figure over (v.)
pattern of movement
measure (n.)
patterns of flower-beds, with intricate
curious-knotted (adj.)
paunch, stab in the
paunch (v.)
paunch, with a hanging
swag-bellied (adj.)
pause, prompting a
pauser (adj.)
pause, rhetorical
period (n.)
pause before moving on
abide (v.)
pauses, with
pausingly (adv.)
paved base, with a
paved (adj.)
paved surface
pavement (n.)
pay, failure to
detention (n.)
pay an amount
ransom (n.)
pay as you go
pitch and pay
pay ransom
buy out (v.)
pay too much
overbuy (v.)
paying a tribute
tributary (adj.)
paying the bill, without
shot-free (adj.)
payment, cancel by making
buy out (v.)
payment, enforce
exact (v.)
payment, exact a
toll (v.)
payment, overdue
arrearage (n.)
payment, without
gratis (adv.)
payment for services
recompense (n.)
payment in advance
earnest (n.)
payment of what is owing
discharge (n.)
peace, departing this life in
peace-parted (adj.)
peace, make
take peace
peace, symbol of
pax (n.)
peaceful, made
gentle (adj.)
make-peace (n.)
peak, coming to a
pointed (adj.)
peascod (n.)
pea-pod, unripe
squash (n.)
pear, made from a variety of baking
warden (adj.)
pearl, large
union (n.)
beachy (adj.)
peck at
knap (v.)
odd (adj.)
peculiar way, in a
oddly (adv.)
pedant, little
pedascule (n.)
pedestal, supporting a bowl
standing-bowl (n.)
bo-peep (n.)
peel [of bark]
pill (v.)
peeled bare
barked (adj.)
peep from under
under-peep (v.)
peep sideways
by-peep (v.)
peer of, be the
compeer (v.)
peer through half-closed eyes
peep (v.)
peering, eagerly
earnest-gaping (adj.)
peering through
poring (adj.)
only (adj.)
peg [to hold things together]
pin (n.)
peg, wooden [in a barrel]
spigot (v.)
peg in the middle of a target [in archery]
pin (n.)
peg in the middle of a target, split the [in archery]
cleave the pin
pellets, filled with
pelleted (adj.)
pen made from a goose quill
goosequill (n.)
amerce (v.)
penalties for bad behaviour, list of
forfeit (n.)
penalty, impose a
fine (v.)
penalty, imposed
imposition (n.)
penalty, pay the
abide (v.)
penance, of
penitent (adj.)
penance, undergoing
penitent (adj.)
penner (n.)
medal (n.)
swag-bellied (adj.)
penetrating lethally
mortal-staring (adj.)
reach (n.)
penner (n.)
penis, bull's
bull's-pizzle (n.)
heels, out at
penny, earnest
penny (n.)
penny, tenth of a
denier (n.)
worth (n.)
beadsman (n.)
people [of a state]
subject (n.)
people, devoid of
unpeopled (adj.)
people, empty of
unpeople (v.)
people, of ordinary
common (adj.)
people, of the common
popular (adj.)
people, separate from other
single forth (v.)
people eating together
mess (n.)
people from former times
eld (n.)
people on the best of terms
cater-cousins (n.)
lard (v.)
perceive, capacity to
skill (n.)
perceive significance
apprehend (v.)
perceived, first
first-conceived (adj.)
notable (adj.)
perceptible by the senses
sensible (adj.)
perception, physical
sense (n.)
observingly (adv.)
absolute (adj.)
perfect, make
seal up (v.)
perfect example
top (n.)
perfection, to the point of
point-device, point-devise (adv.)
perfectly accurate
perfect (adj.)
false (adj.)
perforations, ornamented with
pinked (adj.)
perform a leap with feet kicked together
caper, cut a
perform acrobatic feats
tumble (v.)
perform before
forego (v.)
perform successfully
achieve (v.)
perform the role of a monarch
monarchize (v.)
perform the wrong action
mistake (v.)
perform well
make good
perform with skill
turn off (v.)
performance, normal place of
residence (n.)
performance, theatrical
interlude, enterlude (n.)
performer, comic
jig-maker (n.)
performing area
scene (n.)
performing monkey, showman with a
ape-bearer (n.)
performing no deeds
deedless (adj.)
performing such wonders
wondered (adj.)
perfume, box for holding
pouncet-box (n.)
perfume, musky
civet (n.)
sweet (adj.)
perfumed ball
pomander (n.)
perfumed mistress
perfume (n.)
perfumed sweetmeat for sweetening the breath
kissing-comfit (n.)
perfuming vessel
censer (n.)
perch, driven from a
unroosted (adj.)
closet (n.)
peril, approaching
imminence (n.)
peril, in
hazard, in
girth (n.)
period, appointed
limitation (n.)
period, brief
trice (n.)
period, bygone
backward (n.)
period, fixed
limit (n.)
period, initial
fore-end (n.)
period, long deserted
vast (n.)
period, under-age
minority (n.)
period after dessert
after-supper (n.)
period following dinner
after-dinner (n.)
period of action
day (n.)
period of existence
date (n.)
period of time, specific
time (n.)
period of travel
road (n.)
waxen (adj.)
lost (adj.)
perjure (n.)
perjury, persuade to commit
suborn (v.)
permeating the body
distilling (adj.)
permission, formal
patent (n.)
permission, give
pardon (v.)
permission, refuse
deny (v.)
permission, without
unlicensed (adj.)
permission to depart
leave (n.)
permission to enter
admittance (n.)
permit to indulge
allow (v.)
permitted extent
limit (n.)
leave (n.)
unhappiness (n.)
perpendicular, virtually
steep-up (adj.)
still (adj.)
perpetual existence
eternity (n.)
perpetually generating
still-breeding (adj.)
perpetually plagued
perpetually quarrelling
still-discordant (adj.)
perpetually tormented
still-pining (adj.)
amazement (n.)
pained (adj.)
constancy (n.)
persever (v.)
persist as
last (v.)
constancy (n.)
persistent fever
hectic (n.)
persistent solicitation
importunity (n.)
longly (adv.)
persistently, ask
importune (v.)
persistently entreating
suing (adj.)
person, by another
singly (adv.)
person, forsaken
forlorn (n.)
person, highest ranking/most eminent
best (n.)
person, inexperienced
unexperient (n.)
person, inner
bosom (n.)
person, main
chief (n.)
person, ordinary
Christian (n.)
person, unmarried
bachelor (n.)
personal, inadequate
self-unable (adj.)
personal business
particular (n.)
personal confidences
chamber-counsel (n.)
personal counsel
bosom (n.)
personal demon
familiar (n.)
personal description
character (n.)
personal distress
fee-grief (n.)
personal duty
grace (n.)
personal gain, desire for
itching palm
personal impulse
soul (n.)
personal involvement
interest (n.)
personal kitchen
privy-kitchen (n.)
personal likeness
image (n.)
personal luggage
necessaries (n.)
personal matter
particularity (n.)
personal position
presence (n.)
personal possessions
moveable (n.)
personal qualities
singularity (n.)
personal quality
belonging (n.)
personal reflection
consideration (n.)
personal relationship
particular (n.)
personal retinue
suit (n.)
personal trumpet call
tucket (n.)
personality sketch
character (n.)
personally engaged
personal (adj.)
perspective, altered in a picture
perspective (n.)
reek (v.)
reeking (adj.)
persuade to commit perjury
suborn (v.)
persuaded easily
easy-melting (adj.)
breath (n.)
persuasive, be more
out-tongue (v.)
persuasive, most
best-moving (adj.)
persuasive, silently
dumb-discoursive (adj.)
persuasive cause
inducement (n.)
persuasive indication
persuasion (n.)
respect (n.)
feelingly (adv.)
perverse idea
crotchet (n.)
perversity, piece of
adversity (n.)
murrain (n.)
contagious (adj.)
plaguy (adv.)
pet [darling]
joy (n.),peat (n.)
pet, as a
tame (adj.)
petals, with closed
winking (adj.)
sued-for (adj.)
suitor (n.)
pewter utensils, maker of
pewterer (n.)
figure (n.)
phase, influential [in astrology]
aspect (n.)
admiration (n.)
bestowing (n.)
philosophy, natural
philosophy (n.)
philosophy, one learned in natural
philosopher (n.)
phrase, extravagant turn of
quirk (n.)
phrase (n.)
phrasing, stately
state (n.)
physical appearance
form (n.)
physical existence
being (n.)
physical expression
form (n.)
physical faculties
power (n.)
physical matter
element (n.)
physical perception
sense (n.)
physical strength
force (n.)
physical toil
labour (n.)
physical weakness
imbecility (n.)
grossly (adv.)
fisnomy (n.)
bone (n.)
pick out, impossible to
undistinguishable (adj.)
picked company
choice (n.)
pickers and stealers
picking locks, instrument for
picklock (n.)
pickpockets, knife for cutting purses used by
cuttle (n.)
picture, comic
drollery (n.)
picture, mental
image (n.)
picture, paint a
impaint (v.)
picture in which perspective is altered
perspective (n.)
piece [of meat]
chine (n.)
piece, keep in one
hang together (v.)
piece, little
quantity (n.)
piece, remaining
butt-end (n.)
piece of a body
member (n.)
piece of earth
clod (n.)
pieces, blow to
dismember (v.)
pieces, cut to
quarter (v.)
pieces, cut up into little [for baking]
minced (adj.)
pieces, in
broken (adj.)
pieces, into
sunder, in
pieces, pull to
mammock (v.),rent (v.)
pieces, smash to
shiver (v.)
pieces, split in
cloven (adj.)
pieces,chop into
mince (v.)
coffin (n.)
pierce the feelings
penetrate (v.)
piercing, deeply
penetrative (adj.)
piercing, implement for
bodkin (n.)
pig, drunk as a
swine-drunk (adj.)
pig, stuffed
brawn (n.)
pig given as part of a tithe
tithe-pig (n.)
pig sold at the London fair on St Bartholomew's day
Bartholomew boar-pig
pigs, compared to
swinish (adj.)
frank (n.)
draff (n.)
pike [fish, in heraldry]
luce (n.)
pile up in mounds
balk, baulk (v.)
pilcher (n.)
pillaged, recently
late-sacked (adj.)
spoil (n.)
pillow, share a
bolster (v.)
pillow made of soft feathers
down-pillow (n.)
pimp, part-time
parcel-bawd (n.)
pin fixing a target [in archery]
clout (n.)
pin on a stringed instrument
peg (n.)
pinch, at a
need, for a
pinched look, with a
half-faced (adj.)
pinched with hunger
belly-pinched (adj.)
pinch-marks, discoloured with
pinch-spotted (adj.)
pink, clove-scented
gillyvor (n.)
brow (n.)
pin-shaped ornament
bodkin (n.)
pipe, musical
quill (n.)
pirate (n.)
pistol, shoot with a
pistol (v.)
cock (n.)
pit, bear-baiting
baiting-place (n.)
pit, theatre
cockpit (n.)
pit, waste
sink (n.)
pit in the ground, large
hole (n.)
pit used for sawing wood
sawpit (n.)
piteously appealing
compassionate (adj.)
pitch [in bowls]
upcast (n.)
pitch, high
smallness (n.)
pitch, smeared with
bitumed (adj.)
pitchy (adj.)
pitcher containing water for washing hands
ewer (n.)
pike (n.)
pitiable creature
woe (n.)
pitiless ruffian
tyrant (n.)
pity [shrub]
rue (n.)
pity, dear [in oaths]
pittikins (n.)
pity, exciting
piteously (adv.)
pity, have
comfort (v.)
pity, inclined to
passionate (adj.)
pity, move with
yearn (v.)
pity, thrash without
lam-damn (v.)
bill (n.)
place, to that
thereto (adv.)
place, away from that
thence (adv.)
place, brilliantly lit
lantern (n.)
place, concealed
covert (n.)
place, conspicuous
picture (n.)
place, fixed
building (n.)
place, from this
hence (adv.)
place, from whatever
whencesoever (adv.)
place, have a
sustain (v.)
place, holy
sanctuary (n.)
place, in
fixed (adj.)
place, in a suitable
place where, in
place, on that
thereon (adv.)
place, out of
inconvenient (adj.)
place, prior
prerogative (n.)
place, proper
place (n.)
place, put in
plant (v.)
place, put in the wrong
misplace (v.)
place, resting
seat (n.)
place, safe
place (n.)
place, take one's
inlay (v.)
place, take the
lie (v.)
place, to that
thither (adv.)
place, to this
hither (adv.)
place, to which
whither (adv.)
place, totally out of
preposterous (adj.)
place, towards this
hitherward(s) (adv.)
place along with
lay unto (v.)
place before
prefer (v.)
place for keeping watch
watch-case (n.)
place for public speaking
pulpit (n.)
place for public spectacles
showplace (n.)
place in life
estate (n.)
place in nature
ordinance (n.)
place in office
institute (v.)
place in opposition
oppose (v.)
place in the heavens
sphere (n.)
place of, take the
stand for (v.)
place of authority
chair (n.)
place of confinement
confine (n.)
place of execution
stake (n.)
place of habitation
mansionry (n.)
place of industry
working-house (n.)
place of learning
academe (n.)
place of performance, normal
residence (n.)
place of recreation
sporting-place (n.)
place officially
put (v.)
place on a device at which something is held fast
sticking place (n.)
place on display
window (v.)
place on the fire
set on (v.)
place oneself
pitch (v.)
place promptly
clap (v.)
place to stand in
station (n.)
place to stay
biding (n.)
place under restriction
confine (v.)
placed firmly
seated (adj.)
placed in heaven
enskied (adj.)
places, find
place (v.)
places, in many
everywhere (adv.)
places, old
reliques (n.)
places, public
haunt (n.)
placing, way of
fixture (n.)
plague, infected with
murrion (adj.)
plague, with a
wanion, with a
plague on, a
vengeance of
plagued, perpetually
plain [land]
flat (n.)
plain, like a
champion (adj.)
plain features, with
ill-favouredly (adv.)
plain truth
even (n.)
plainly ignorant
palpable-gross (adj.)
plainly tell
promise (v.)
foulness (n.)
plainness (n.)
plaintive melody
dump (n.)
moan (n.)
plaited thread
twist (n.)
plan, covert
complot (n.)
plan, ground
model (n.)
plan to go
intend (v.)
plan to take
intend (v.)
planet, bad influence of a
planetary (adj.)
planet, unfavourable
disaster (n.)
plank (n.)
planks, made of
planched (adj.)
planks, movable deck
hatch (n.)
planned, carefully
studied (adj.)
planned properly
framed (adj.)
planned strategically
pitched (adj.)
device (n.)
planning, in the process of
about (adv.)
planning ahead
prescience (n.)
plans, going against one's
athwart (adv.)
plant, attacked by grub
canker (n./adj.)
plant, grafted
graff (n.)
plant, grassy
sedge (n.)
plant, mandrake
mandragora (n.)
plant, variety of weedy
hardoke (n.)
plant, young
infant (n.)
plantage (n.)
plants, grub that destroys
canker (n./adj.)
cyme (n.)
plate (n.)
platform, gun
platform (n.)
platform, raised
tribunal (n.)
platform, stage
scaffoldage (n.)
platform, top
topgallant (n.)
platform at the top of a mast
maintop (n.),top (n.)
saw (n.)
plausibility, lend
grace (v.)
plausibility, pleasing
flattery (n.)
plausible, conveniently
colourable (adj.)
plausible, make
colour (v.)
plausible show, make a
smooth (v.)
plausibly, talk
gloze (v.)
play, amorous
game (n.)
play, final event in a
catastrophe (n.)
play, history
history (n.)
play, imitate as if in a
pageant (v.)
play, pastoral
pastoral (n.)
play a king's part
monarchize (v.)
play a practical joke
jest, break a
play about
dally (v.)
play conjuring tricks
juggle (v.)
play down
mince (v.)
play for
play (v.)
play interval
act (n.)
play on
touch (v.)
play one's part
acquit (v.),do (v.)
play parts
jest (v.)
play the bride
bride (v.)
play the part of
present (v.)
play the part of a duke
duke it (v.)
play the part of a lecher
lecher (v.)
play truant
truant (v.)
play unfairly
false-play (v.)
play up to
soothe up (v.)
play wantonly
paddle (v.)
play with
play (v.)
player, stage
comedian (n.)
player, strolling
tragedian (n.)
player of a tabor
taborer (n.)
music (n.)
playfere (n.)
playful, cleverly
tricksy (adj.)
playful, feeling
disposed (adj.)
playful, not
sober (adj.)
playful action
friskin (n.)
hearer (n.)
playing, skill in
touch (n.)
playing and singing, noisy
minstrelsy (n.)
plays not written according to traditional rules of drama
liberty (n.)
plays written according to traditional rules of drama
writ (n.)
plaything, showy
gaud (n.)
plead for
reason (v.)
plead to put in care
beg (v.)
pleasant occasion
pleasure (n.)
pleasant part
sweet (n.)
pleasant reception
entertainment (n.)
pleasant tune
madrigal (n.)
pleasantly, pass
beguile (v.)
pleasantly tasting
liquorish (adj.)
prettiness (n.)
please, hard to
curious (adj.)
please, ready to
obsequious (adj.)
please accept
vouchsafe (v.)
pleased, well
fain (adj.)
pleasing, make
sweet (v.)
pleasing appearance, give a
become (v.)
pleasing demeanour
happiness (n.)
pleasing plausibility
flattery (n.)
pleasing qualities, full of
well-graced (adj.)
pleasant (adj.)
pleasurable confirmation
approbation (n.)
pleasure, at one's
command, at / upon
pleasure, derive
like of (v.)
pleasure, experiencing great
delightful (adj.)
pleasure, sexual
jollity (n.)
pleasure, special
dainty (n.)
pleasure, taste for
tooth (n.)
pleasure ground
pleasure (n.)
gladly (adv.)
stoic (n.)
lust-dieted (adj.)
pleasures, dead to earthly
mortified (adj.)
pleasures of eating
Epicurean (adj.)
epicure (n.)
plebeian quality
baseness (n.)
pledge, act as a
warrant (v.)
pledge as security
impawn (v.)
pledged, solemnly
plighted (adj.)
plentifully provided
stored (adj.)
plenty, case of
martlemas (n.)
plenty, situation of
fulness (n.)
plenty of
old (adj.)
case (n.)
plot [of land]
land (n.)
plot, containing a deadly
fatal-plotted (adj.)
plot together
complot (v.)
plotted, whose death has been
death-practised (adj.)
ploughed field
fallow (n.)
earing (n.)
ploughshare, blade of a
coulter (n.)
pluck a crow
pluck (on) (v.)
plucked, not
uncropped (adj.)
stop (n.)
plumage, furnish with
plume up (v.)
plumes, stripped of
plume-plucked (adj.)
pirate (n.)
plundering unavoidable, that makes
ransack-constraining (adj.)
ply his music
music (n.)
pocket, out of
out (adv.)
pocket on the front of a woman's dress
bosom (n.)
poem, love
elegy (n.)
poetic skill
measure (n.)
poetry, short piece of
posy (n.)
point [of the compass]
quarter (n.)
point [on a sundial]
prick (n.)
point, at a convenient
once (adv.)
point, at the highest
best (adj.)
point, away from the
indirectly (adv.)
point, beside the present
present, from the
point, central
pith (n.)
point, critical
pass (n.)
point, earlier
beforehand (adv.)
point, ending in a
pointed (adj.)
point, forfeited [in tennis]
chace (n.)
point, full
stop (n.)
point, highest [reached by a bird of prey before swooping down]
pride of place
point, chief
main (n.)
point, incidental
by-dependance (n.)
point, lowest
bottom (n.)
point, main
bottom (n.)
point, make one's
say (v.)
point, no
nothing (n.)
point, outshining
comparison (n.)
point, particular [legal]
item (n.)
point, speak to the
say (v.)
point, to this
hitherto (adv.)
point, without a button on the
unbated (adj.)
point of, on the
point, at
point of a sword, at the
arms' end, at
point of agreement
convenience (n.)
point of detail
particular (n.)
point of perfection, to the
point-device, point-devise (adv.)
point of substance
article (n.)
point out to
teach (v.)
pointed at, object to be
pointing-stock (n.)
pointed stakes used in defence
palisado (n.)
pointer [of a clock or watch]
point (n.)
points, basic
rudiment (n.)
points, individual
several (n.)
points, specific
parcel (n.)
points attaching hose to doublet, undoing
untrussing (n.)
poise to act
address (v.)
poison, give
empoison (v.)
poison, rat
ratsbane (n.)
venom (adj.)
poisonous, be more
outvenom (v.)
poisonous plant
mandrake (n.)
poisons, damnable for the use of
drug-damned (adj.)
pole, shoulder
cowl-staff (n.)
poles, hedged in by
pole-clipt (adj.)
polish, lacking
rude (adj.)
polite form of address
addition (n.)
respect (n.)
politeness, forms of
manner (n.)
politeness, mannered
curtsy, curtsey (n.)
politic manner, in a
politicly (adv.)
political district
ward (n.)
political office, candidate for
candidatus (n.)
political opportunity
occasion (n.)
political schemer
Machiavel (n.)
polluting the marriage bed
bed-blotting (adj.)
stain (n.)
pomp, external sign of
ceremony (n.)
pomp, full of
pompous (adj.)
ponder furiously
beat (v.)
ponderously walking
heavy-gaited (adj.)
post-horse (n.)
poor and subjective
self-unable (adj.)
poor clothes, in
mean-apparelled (adj.)
poor fortune, in
declined (adj.)
poor foundation, on
weak-built (adj.)
poor thing
fool (n.)
poorly accommodated
ill-inhabited (adj.)
poorly describe
stammer (v.)
poorly formed
unshaped (adj.)
poorly presented
ill-disposed (adj.)
poorly thought of
unthought-of (adj.)
poorly woven
ill-weaved (adj.)
meagre (adj.)
pope, worn by a
pontifical (adj.)
poppy (n.)
popular, become
take (v.)
popular judgement
opinion (n.)
vulgo (adv.)
store (v.)
populate, freshly
new-store (v.)
population increase
store (n.)
porridge, rich and fruity
plum porridge
port, bring to
port (v.)
portcullis, furnish with a
portcullis (v.)
portage (n.)
portion [of meat]
chine (n.)
portion, assigned
sort (n.)
portion, have a
divide (v.)
portion, marriage
proportion (n.)
cloak-bag (n.)
portrait, miniature
medal (n.)
portrayal, symbolic
personating (n.)
portrayed, conventionally
formal (adj.)
position [in line to the throne]
room (n.)
position [to attack prey]
point (n.)
position, advantageous
advantage (n.),vantage (n.)
position, alter
move (v.)
position, alternative
dilemma (n.)
position, appoint to a
bring in (v.),place (v.)
position, comfortable
good life
position, dignified
gravity (n.)
position, dislodged from a
unroosted (adj.)
position, establish a
lay knife aboard
position, fighting
range (n.)
position, fixed
fixure (n.)
position, guiding
stern (n.)
position, helpful
vantage (n.)
position, changing
progress (n.)
position, in a low
under (adv.)
position, in a prone
flatly (adv.)
position, in forward
forward (adj.)
position, inferior in
mean (adj.)
position, lose one's
displace (v.)
position, lose sight of one's
forget (v.)
position, of no
unvalued (adj.)
position, of the same social
equal (adj.)
position, official
dignity (n.)
position, personal
presence (n.)
position, prominent
coign (n.)
position, someone not holding high
private (n.)
position, take up a
sustain (v.)
position, unfavourable
hip, on / upon the
position, visible
picture (n.)
position as adversary
contrary (n.)
position closest to the sovereign
immediacy (n.)
position from, strip
unstate (v.)
position of authority
command (n.),sway (n.)
position of dignity
honour (n.)
position of gentleman
gentry (n.)
position of honour, give a
bench (v.)
position of opportunity
gap (n.)
position of power
authority (n.)
positioned in the skies
sky-planted (adj.)
positions, from various
dispersedly (adv.)
positive knowledge
resolution (n.)
possess in love
enjoy (v.)
possess property, entitled to
capable (adj.)
possess with delight
enjoy (v.)
possessed of clothes, not
unaccommodated (adj.)
possessed of land
landed (adj.)
possession, cause to lose
dispossess (v.)
possession, come into
inherit (v.),succeed (v.)
possession, confirmed
stablishment (n.)
possession, expectation of
reversion (n.)
possession, immediate
possession (n.)
possession, in absolute
fee, in
possession, in common [of land]
common, in
possession, in complete
fee-simple, in
possession, keep in
contain (v.),withhold (v.)
possession, put in
inherit (v.),possess (v.)
possession, rights of
interest (n.)
possession, take wrongful
usurp (v.)
possession of property
space (n.)
possessions, endowing of
endowment (n.)
possessions, moveable
chattels (n.)
possessions, personal
moveable (n.)
possessions, strip of
fleece (v.)
possessions, surplus
superflux (n.)
possibilities, alive to
quick (adj.)
possibility, grant as a
entertain (v.)
possibility, within the bounds of
possibility, with
possible, hardly
scarce (adv.)
post, heavy [in tilting practice]
quintain (n.)
post to which a bear is chained
stake (n.)
poster, defamatory
libel (n.)
post (n.)
posture, bent
hoop (n.)
posture of defence [in fencing]
guard (n.)
feigning (n.)
pot [for puddings]
porringer (n.)
pot fragments
shard (n.)
potato, sweet
potato (n.)
potent (n.)
potential, full of
fruitful (adj.)
potential, human
humanity (n.)
potion, love
medicine (n.)
drug-damned (adj.)
pottery, broken
shard (n.)
poulter (n.)
pullet-sperm (n.)
pounce upon
chop (v.)
pound [animal]
pinfold (n.)
pound (n.)
pour into
infuse (v.)
poured out, unable to be
inteemable (adj.)
pouring out
effuse (n.)
poverty, complete
misery (n.)
poverty, reduce to
rack (v.)
powder, filled too full of
overcharged (adj.)
flask (n.)
powdery [fine]
fine (adj.)
powdery [scaly]
mealy (adj.)
power, binding
bondage (n.)
power, bodily
ability (n.)
power, commanding
command (n.)
power, derived
line (n.)
power, earning
purchase (n.)
power, exercise of
power (n.)
power, exerting
up (adv.)
power, give
able (v.)
power, give absolute
crown (v.)
power, guiding
sway (n.)
power, haughty
pride (n.)
power, have
reign (v.)
power, healing
restorative (n.)
power, hold
inherit (v.)
power, hold in one's
overmaster (v.)
power, increased in
intended (adj.)
power, intellectual
strength (n.)
power, maturing
saltness (n.)
power, of superior
overmatching (adj.)
power, one
power (n.)
power, out of
ebbed (adj.)
power, position of
authority (n.)
power, purchasing
purchase (n.)
power, put into the
step into (v.)
power, sovereign
diadem (n.)
power, supernatural
inspiration (n.)
power, surging
sail (n.)
power, take into one's
take (v.)
power, thrusting
swing (n.)
power, visionary
prescience (n.)
power, vital
spirit (n.)
power, within one's
danger, (with)in one's
power of appraisal
conclusion (n.)
power of flight [of arrows]
flight (n.)
power of knowing
speculation (n.)
power of reason
sense (n.)
power of reasoning
argument (n.)
power of recovery, with
repairing (adj.)
power of resistance, proven
proof (n.)
power of sight
speculation (n.)
power of sustaining
holding up (n.)
power of vision
light (n.)
power to act normally
motion (n.)
power to breathe
breath (n.)
power to convince
force (n.)
power to inspire dread
terror (n.)
power to move
moving (n.)
power to pardon
remission (n.)
power to retain emotion
retention (n.)
powerful, be more
outworth (v.)
powerful, least
worst (n.)
powerful, very [of beer]
double (adj.)
powerful direction
intention (n.)
powerful enough
able (adj.)
powerful in arms
armipotent (adj.)
powerful office
sway (n.)
powerful qualities, with
profound (adj.)
powerful way, in a
richly (adv.)
powerfully built
large (adj.)
powerfully refined
subtle-potent (adj.)
powerless, make
maim (v.)
impotence (n.)
powers, atmospheric
element (n.)
powers, with secret
profound (adj.)
powers above
heavens (n.)
practical application
art (n.)
practice, actual
proof (n.)
practice, against normal
unnaturally (adv.)
practice, corrupt
abuse (n.)
practice, hunting
game (n.)
practice, latest
fashion (n.)
practice, legal
attorneyship (n.)
practice, martial
exercise (n.)
practice, prescribed
order (n.)
practice, religious
exercise (n.)
practice, settled
habit (n.)
practice, shaming
villainy (n.)
practice, skilful
exercise (n.)
practice, usual
custom (n.),use (n.)
practise, continue to
enjoy (v.)
practise alliteration
letter, affect the
practise economy
spare (v.)
practise in an artificial way
affect (v.)
practise on
work upon (v.)
practise the martial arts
exercise (v.)
practitioner, leading
principal (n.)
practitioner, remiss
truant (n.)
praise, fitting
duty (n.)
praise, greedy for
emulous (adj.)
praise, one not deserving of
vile, vild (n.)
praise, song of
laud (n.)
praise, with high
regardfully (adv.)
praises, sing
boast off (v.)
praise (n.)
prance [of a horse]
curvet (v.)
prank, foolish
foppery (n.)
prayer of thanksgiving
grace (n.)
book (n.)
prayer-book, oath made on a
book-oath (n.)
clerk (n.)
prayers, without saying
unhallowed (adj.)
praying for another, one
hermit (n.)
tickle (adv.)
casualty (n.)
precautions, without taking proper military
carelessly (adv.)
precedence, correct
sequence (n.)
precedent, give a
pattern (v.)
precepts, consisting of
preceptial (adj.)
limit (n.)
precious, dearly
precious-dear (adj.)
precious, made more
endeared (adj.)
precious character of a prince, like the
precious-princely (adv.)
precious metal
ore (n.)
precious stones, set with
carbuncled (adj.)
costliness (n.)
precipitation (n.)
precise instruction
precept (n.)
precise way, in a
print, in
forward (adj.)
precocious youth
March-chick (n.)
precursor, be the
forerun (v.)
foregoer (n.)
pass (n.)
predict the outcome
divine (v.)
predicting evil
ill-boding (adj.)
predictions, make
soothsay (v.)
predisposed, be
intend (v.)
predominant influence
predominance (n.)
index (n.)
election (n.)
preference, without a
indifferent (adj.)
pregnancy, in early
new-conceived (adj.)
pregnancy, state of
burden, burthen (n.)
pregnant, be
go (v.)
pregnant, be made
teem (v.)
prejudice, with
asquint (adv.)
partial (adj.)
preliminary statement
prologue (n.)
premiss, major
major (n.)
use (n.)
premonitions of harm, giving
ill-divining (adj.)
pre-nuptial agreement
pre-contract (n.)
preoccupied, be
beat on / upon (v.)
extracting (adj.)
premised (adj.)
pre-ordained law
pre-ordinance (n.)
preordained outcome
destiny (n.)
prep school
nursery (n.)
preparation, advance
provision (n.)
preparation, in
toward (adv.)
preparation, introduced without special
unprepared (adj.)
preparation, speed of
post-haste, posthaste (n.)
preparation, without
extempore (adj./adv.)
preparation made from mummies
mummy (n.)
prepare for action
arm (v.),wind up (v.)
prepare for battle
buckle (v.)
prepared, be
look (v.)
prepared, strongly
well-sinewed (adj.)
prepared for action
charge, in
prepared properly
fitness (n.)
prepared well
framed (adj.)
prepared written statement
line (n.)
forwardness (n.)
preparedness, full
trim (n.)
impossible (adj.)
prerogative, royal
royalty (n.)
augury (n.)
prescribed practice
order (n.)
prescribed time
limit (n.),time (n.)
prescribed way, in the
orderly (adv.)
receipt (n.)
presence, continued
stay (n.)
presence, depth of
impression (n.)
presence, in one's
eye, in his
presence, maintain a
stay (v.)
presence, request the
desire (v.)
presence, social
admittance (n.)
presence, supernatural
divinity (n.)
presence in one's sight
sight (n.)
present [attending]
place, in
present, at
time, for the
present, be
attend (v.)
present, generous
largess (n.)
present, here
hand, in
present, individually
self instant (adj.)
present, state of being
presence (n.)
present, with everything
complete, compleat (adj.)
present a bold front
outface (v.)
present a claim
put in (v.)
present a list of accusations
put up a bill
present as
show (v.)
present concern, of
alive (adv.)
present day
time (n.)
present in person
personal (adj.)
present in the womb, be
enwomb (v.)
present itself
go (v.)
present kind regards
commend (v.)
present on a dish
dish (v.)
present oneself as
appear (v.)
present time
present (n.)
present with
prefer (v.)
presentation, theatre
action (n.)
presentation to onlookers
spectatorship (n.)
presented object
present (n.)
presented poorly
ill-disposed (adj.)
presenting a good prospect
fair-faced (adj.)
presenting a plausible appearance
well-seeming (adj.)
preservation, careful
chariness (n.)
season (n.)
preserve, fail to
leese (v.)
preserve in sugar
conserve (v.)
preserve to the end
work out (v.)
layer-up (n.)
press down
wring (v.)
press down on
tread upon (v.)
press forward
urge (v.)
press on
make up (v.)
pressing entreaty
importunacy (n.)
pressing on the attention
urging (n.)
pressure, put on
bruise (v.),invest (v.)
belike (adv.)
presume to be true
suppose (v.)
presume too much
overween (v.)
presumptuous, hastily
sudden-bold (adj.)
presumptuous arrogance
insolence (n.)
presumptuous youngster
March-chick (n.)
saucily (adv.)
pretence, empty
module (n.)
pretend to be unwilling
strange, make it
pretending sickness
crafty-sick (adj.)
pretentious absurdity
monarcho, Monarco (n.)
pretentious manner
mincing (n.)
pretentiously strolling
ambling (adj.)
pretentiously walking
mince (v.)
feat (adv.)
pretty, delicately
dainty (adj.)
prevailing action
prevailment (n.)
prevent from bleeding
stop (v.)
prevent from growing
keep down (v.)
prevent from walking
lay (v.)
lost (adj.)
preventive measure
prevention (n.)
previous breaking
before-breach (n.)
previous example
pattern (n.)
previous knowledge, have
foreknow (v.)
previous utterance
precedence (n.)
previously advise
fore-advise (v.)
previously agreed
promised (adj.)
previously committed
forehand, fore-hand (adj.)
previously declared
fore-vouched (adj.)
previously established ordinance
pre-ordinance (n.)
previously formed
pre-formed (adj.)
previously heard
first-conceived (adj.)
previously lamented
fore-bemoaned (adj.)
previously lay down
presuppose (v.)
previously mentioned
prenominate (adj.)
previously reported
fore-recited (adj.)
previously shown
forespent (adj.)
prey, desirous of
preyful (adj.)
prey, in pursuit of
prey, in
prey, object of
bird (n.)
prey, stuffed with
ravined, ravened (adj.)
prey ravenously
tire (v.)
preying on rotting flesh
carrion (adj.)
price, beyond
unprizable (adj.)
price, settle the
cheapen (v.)
price paid
briber (n.)
pricking like a thorn
thorny-pricking (adj.)
prick (n.)
prickly branch
briar (n.)
pride, excel in
out-brag (v.)
pride, overbearing
insolence (n.)
pride, showing the highest degree of
top-proud (adj.)
pride, talk with
brag (v.)
pride, unwarranted
vainglory, vain-glory (n.)
pride in, taking
proud (adj.)
priest, uneducated
hedge-priest (n.)
priest serving a particular deity
flamen (n.)
priestess, virgin
vestal (adj.)
prim response
dainty (n.)
primal (adj.)
prime of life
prime (n.)
prime of life, past the
stale (adj.)
primer, child's
Absey book (n.)
prince, behave like a
prince (v.)
prince, like the precious character of a
precious-princely (adv.)
principal sail of a ship
mainsail (n.)
chief (adv.)
principle, abstract
truth (n.)
principles, first
rudiment (n.)
print, making no
printless (adj.)
printed form
showing (n.)
printed music
pricksong (n.)
prior ceremony
preparation (n.)
prior place
prerogative (n.)
prior speech
precedence (n.)
prison, lie in
lie (v.)
prison bars
grate (n.)
prison compound, small
cage (n.)
prisoner, as a
servile (adj.)
prisoner, take
surprise (v.)
prisoners, officer in charge of
provost (n.)
house-clog (n.)
private, speak in
whistle (v.)
private affair
secret (n.)
private apartment
cabinet (n.)
private arrangement, enter into a
pack (v.)
private communication
counsel (n.),private (n.)
private conversation
chamber-counsel (n.)
private chamber
closet (n.)
private knowledge
privity (n.)
private matter
particular (n.)
private messages, carrier of
counsel-bearer (n.)
private reflection
counsel (n.)
privately, speak
round (v.)
privately aware
privy (adj.)
privilege, due
prerogative (n.)
privilege of choice
enlargement (n.)
privy hole
bench-hole (n.)
privy to one's intentions
counsel, of one's
prizer (n.)
probable, extremely
pregnant (adj.)
probationary period
approbation (n.)
probe more deeply
bottom (v.)
problem, apparently unsolvable
Gordian knot
problem, have a
strain at (v.)
problems, solve all
clear all
grace (n.)
procedure, agreed
condition (n.)
procedure, formal
form (n.)
procedure, proper legal
process (n.)
proceed against
deal upon (v.)
proceed ahead
wait on / upon (v.)
proceed lamely
halt (v.)
proceed with
pursue (v.)
issue (n.)
proceeding, legal
action (n.)
proceeding, not
pause, in
proceeding, thing
derivative (n.)
proceeding, way of
course (n.),direction (n.)
process, due
form (n.)
pomp (n.)
procession, triumphal
triumph (n.)
procession, trumpet call signalling a
sennet (n.)
proclaim publicly
emblaze (v.)
proclaim resonantly
bass, base (v.)
proclaim to be
subscribe (v.)
blazoning (adj.)
proclamation, announced by
proclaimed (adj.)
temporizer (n.)
procreation, for the purpose of
procreant (adj.)
procreation, person engaged in
procreant (n.)
procure, strive to
endeavour (v.)
lucre (n.)
prodigal son
prodigal (n.)
producable in court
forthcoming (adj.)
produce, help to
make up (v.)
produce for consideration
exhibit (v.)
produced by madness
mad-bred (adj.)
produced with great skill
laboured (adj.)
issue (n.)
product, first
firstling (n.)
productive, excessively
overteemed, over-teemed (adj.)
productive of children
fruitful (adj.)
profess friendship
profess (v.)
profess openly
protest (v.)
profession, make
profess (v.)
profession of faith
profession (n.)
profit (n.)
curiously (adv.)
profit, opportunity to make a
market (n.)
profit from
stand upon (v.)
profound in craft
deep (adj.)
profound respect
reverence (n.)
profoundly moved, be
passion (v.)
profuse in growth
wanton (adj.)
prophet (n.)
progress, step-by-step
gradation (n.)
progress towards
labour for (v.)
progress via, make
proceed (v.)
prohibition, formal
inhibition (n.)
project [like threatening eyebrows]
beetle (v.)
project over
jutty (v.)
gun-stone (n.)
projecting corner
coign (n.)
projecting out
shelving (adv.)
projecting part of a building
bulk (n.)
jutty (n.)
index (n.)
sweep (n.)
beetle (adj.)
prominent, be
stick (v.)
prominent position
coign (n.)
promiscuous, be
act (v.),hack (v.)
promise [money]
earnest penny
promise, break a
break (v.)
promise, fulfil one's
proof, come to
promise, make a solemn
plight one's troth, plight troth
promise, true to one's
true (adj.)
promise solemnly
affiance (v.)
promised, not
ingaged (adj.)
promises, gracious but empty
court holy-water
promising, most
best-boding (adj.)
promising evil
prodigious (adj.)
promissory document with the amount to pay left open
blank charter, blank (n.)
promissory note
band (n.),bill (n.)
head (n.)
promoting well-being
wholesome (adj.)
prompt action
clap on (v.)
prompt action, avoid by
prevent (v.)
prompt departure
expedition (n.)
prompt dispatch
expedition (n.)
prompt settlement
dispatch, despatch (n.)
prompting, inward
motion (n.)
prompting a pause
pauser (adj.)
prompting towards evil
suggestion (n.)
promptly, deal with
dispatch, despatch (v.)
promptly, place
clap (v.)
briefness (n.)
provulgate (v.)
prone, not
unapt (adj.)
prone position, in a
flatly (adv.)
prone to sudden violence
sudden (adj.)
pronounce judgement against
doom (v.)
pronounce sentence
censure (v.)
sentence (n.)
proof, putting to the
trial (n.)
proof, someone who subjects others to the
approver (n.)
proof, sufficient
probable (adj.)
propension (n.)
propensity, have a
propend (v.)
proper attention
observancy (n.)
proper attitude
duty (n.)
proper behaviour
fitness (n.),manner (n.)
proper character
propriety (n.)
proper legal procedure
process (n.)
proper observation, with
observingly (adv.)
proper regard
duty (n.)
proper regard, have a
keep fair quarter with
proper relationship
proportion (n.)
proper state, in a
fit (adj.)
proper voice
vox (n.)
properly fitted out
well-appointed (adj.)
properly prepared
fitness (n.)
property, condition for holding
tenure (n.)
property, document transferring
conveyance (n.)
property, enriching with
endowment (n.)
property, entitled to possess
capable (adj.)
property, having
landed (adj.)
property, hold
hold (v.)
property, limit of
bourn (n.)
property, loss of
sequestration (n.)
property, piece of
estate (n.),moveable (n.)
property, possession of
space (n.)
property, public
common (n.)
property, stolen
thievery (n.)
property, unable to inherit
unpossessing (adj.)
property, warrantor of a right to
voucher (n.)
property damaged by a tenant
waste (n.)
property into full ownership, transferring
recovery (n.)
property of, make a
property (v.)
property right held by a woman from her deceased husband
jointress (n.)
property seizure
extent (n.)
property-owner who is not a gentleman
yeoman (n.)
divining (adj.)
prophesying doom
ill-boding (adj.)
prophesying ominously
ill-divining (adj.)
prophesying wrongly
false-boding (adj.)
prophetic skill
augury (n.)
compass (n.)
proportion, bring into
ratify (v.)
proportion, due
measure (n.)
proportion, same
quantity (n.)
answerable (adj.)
proposal, counter-
opposition (n.)
proposal, make a
move (v.),proffer (v.)
proposal for agreement
treaty (n.)
proposal of marriage
tender (n.)
proposals, address
assay (v.)
propose a toast
sip (v.)
proposition, alternative
opposition (n.)
proposition, statement as a
position (n.)
propping up
supportance (n.)
propriety, against all
unproperly (adv.)
propriety, satisfying
decent (adj.)
propriety, sense of
grace (n.),modesty (n.)
propriety, with great
exactly (adv.)
cast (v.)
sue (v.)
prosecution, witnesses for the
evidence (n.)
prospect, presenting a good
fair-faced (adj.)
prospect uncertain
resemblance (n.)
prospective inheritance
reversion (n.)
prospects, financial
possibility (n.)
prosper, make
good, do one
prosperous, make
prosper (v.)
couching (n.)
protect [as with a barricade]
barricado (v.)
protected by the shore
embayed (adj.)
careful (adj.)
protecting against the sun
sun-expelling (adj.)
protecting from evil
charming (adj.)
protecting spirit
keeper (n.)
protection, give
shadow (v.)
protection, need for
safety (n.)
protection, person under someone's
ward (n.)
protection against the sun
mask (n.)
protective covering
arms (n.)
protective darkness
coverture (n.)
protective wall
rib (n.)
protectively covered
barbed (adj.)
protest against
abhor (v.)
protestation, make
protest (v.)
protruding lump
wallet (n.)
protrusion [of a building]
jutty (n.)
embossed (adj.)
proud, wrongly
misproud (adj.)
proudly display
vaunt (v.)
prove reliable
keep touch (v.)
prove the truth
conclude (v.)
prove to be true
prove (v.)
prove wrong
disprove (v.)
proven power of resistance
proof (n.)
proven quality
approof (n.)
proven strength, of
high-proof (adj.)
provand (n.)
provide assistance
good, do one
provide in advance
foresee (v.)
provide opportunity
serve (v.)
provide sharp stakes
pitch (v.)
provide supper
sup (v.)
provide with a dowry
endow (v.)
provide with a good supply
garnish (v.)
provide with information
satisfy (v.)
provide with roots
root (v.)
provide with worldly wisdom
proverb (v.)
provided, not
unfurnished (adj.)
provided for
possessed (adj.)
provided plentifully
stored (adj.)
provided with a lover
lovered (adj.)
provided with fins
finny (adj.)
provided with necessities
provided (adj.)
ordinance (n.)
ordinant (adj.)
proving true
approbation (n.)
provision, make
foresee (v.)
provision, ongoing
supplyment (n.)
provision for needs
entertainment (n.)
provision room
larder (n.)
provision-seller to the army
sutler (n.)
provoke into doing
put upon (v.)
provoking madness
madding (adj.)
proxy, by
attorney, by
proxy, perform by
attorney (v.)
prudent course of action
safety (n.)
prune, stewed
prune (n.)
public, announce in
cry up (v.)
public, become
divulge (v.)
public, denounce in
publish (v.)
public, in
open (adv.)
public, one who makes
publisher (n.)
public, set up in
bring forth (v.)
public announcement
denunciation (n.)
public building
school (n.)
public circulation, into
out (adv.)
public display, put on
stage (v.)
public disturbance
uproar (n.)
public eye, rarely in the
seld-shown (adj.)
public festivity
triumph (n.)
public opinion
opinion (n.)
public places
haunt (n.)
public property
common (n.)
public remembrance
record (n.)
public servant
wealsman (n.)
public show
ostentation (n.)
public speaking place
pulpit (n.)
public spectacles, place for
showplace (n.)
public standing
proclamation (n.)
blazon (n.)
publicity sign
sign (n.)
publicly acknowledge
protest (v.)
publicly announced
published (adj.)
publicly declared [as an outlaw]
proclaimed (adj.)
publicly disgrace [of a knight]
baffle (v.)
publicly known, make
divulge (v.)
publicly proclaim
emblaze (v.)
publish abroad
provulgate (v.)
pudding basin
porringer (n.)
puffed out into the shape of a sphere
sphered (adj.)
puffing (adj.)
puffs, ornamented with
blistered (adj.)
pull, single
trice (n.)
pull apart
pluck down (v.)
pull oneself together
mend (v.)
pull sharply
pluck (v.)
pull taut
restrain (v.)
pull tight on
top (v.)
pulled along by the ears
head-lugged (adj.)
pulling off
plucking (n.)
pulling-up [of a horse]
stop (n.)
grate (v.)
formal (adj.)
punctilious about ritual
ceremonious (adj.)
nicely (adv.)
fisting (n.)
punish financially
amerce (v.)
punishable by death
capital (adj.)
punishable offence
penalty (n.)
punished by being put in the stocks
stock-punished (adj.)
beadle (n.)
punishment, buy off
purchase out (v.)
punishment, find a fitting
fit (v.)
punishment, mete out
bemete, be-mete (v.)
punishment, risk of
peril, at
pup [term of abuse]
whelp (n.)
pupil, being a
pupil (adj.)
puppet, tiny
demi-puppet (n.)
pure, scrupulously
precise (adj.)
purchasing power
purchase (n.)
expiation (n.)
purified, highly
thrice-repured (adj.)
purger (n.)
precise (adj.)
purity, sexual
virtue (n.)
purple-hued (adj.)
purpose, firmness of
resolution (n.),resolve (n.)
purpose, for that
nonce, for the
purpose, forceful
intention (n.)
purpose, give
end (v.)
purpose, main
pith (n.)
purpose, no
whistle, go
purpose, to no
vain, for
purpose, work to no
wash a tile
pursue a course
path (v.),proceed (v.)
pursue a devious course
wind (v.)
pursue into a house
house (v.)
pursue like a dog
dog (v.)
pursued, stubbornly
stiff-borne (adj.)
pursuer of women
mouse-hunt (n.)
pursuing [in hare-coursing]
coursing (adj.)
pursuit [in tennis]
chace (n.)
pursuit, general [of a felon]
hue and cry (n.)
pursuit, in close
heels, at
pursuit, up for
foot, on
pursuit of prey, in
prey, in
push around
hale (v.)
push aside
shove by (v.)
push forward
press (v.)
push roughly
shoulder (v.)
push so far
extend (v.)
push (n.)
pushing with the shoulder
shouldering (n.)
whelk (n.)
put ashore
shore (v.)
put away, be
go up (v.)
put down by swearing
swear down (v.)
put down for [a sum of money]
subscribe for (v.)
put forward [for immediate action]
present (v.)
put in [a word]
set in (v.)
put in a schedule
enschedule (v.)
put in place of
insert again
put into the hands of
hazard (v.)
put it about
tell (v.)
put off disdainfully
slight off (v.)
put off with a trick
fob off (v.)
put on, not
living (adj.)
put on a foreign accent
lisp (v.)
put on display
bring forth (v.)
put on hold
prorogue (v.)
put on one's boots
boot (v.)
put on smartly
clap on (v.)
put together nicely
well-compact (adj.)
corruption (n.)
carrion (adj.)
putrid swelling
imposthume (n.)
puzzle out
hammer out (v.)

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