This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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oak leaves, crown of
oak (n.)
oak tree
gall (n.)
oar, move as with an
oar (v.)
oath, bound by
enjoined (adj.)
oath, confirmed by
sworn (adj.)
oath, take an
depose (v.),take (v.)
oath, take an
take it
oath made on a Bible or prayer-book
book-oath (n.)
oath of loyalty, bound by
sworn (adj.)
forswearing (n.)
oath-taking, moment of
swearing (n.)
oathable (adj.)
stony (adj.)
obedience, of
obedient (adj.)
obedient, made
appease (v.)
obedient, make
reclaim (v.)
obedient movement
pace (n.)
obeyed by everyone
all-obeying (adj.)
obeying, not
rebellious (adj.)
object, large
beam (n.)
object, noteworthy
singularity (n.)
object of affection
affection (n.)
object of attention
object (n.)
object to be pointed at
pointing-stock (n.)
objection, hair-splitting
cavil (n.)
objection, legal
challenge (n.)
objection, urged as
objected (adj.)
unhappy (adj.)
objections, raise pointless
cavil (v.)
list (n.)
coldly (adv.)
affine (v.)
debted (adj.)
obligation, be under
bind (v.), past form bound
obligation, feeling of
conscience (n.)
obligatory, be
lie (v.)
obligatory force
bondage (n.)
oblique utterance
parable (n.)
across (adv.)
bias (n.)
rased down
obliterated, not
uncrossed (adj.)
razure (n.)
oblivion, consign to
bury (v.)
ob (n.)
darkly (adv.)
obscurity, live in
obscure (v.)
obsequious, ridiculously
silly-ducking (adj.)
obsequious servant
observant (n.)
notable (adj.)
observance, religious
religion (n.)
observance, spiritual
exercise (n.)
observation, powers of
observance (n.)
observations, ready with acute
sententious (adj.)
observe, closely
cote (v.),quote (v.)
observe once more
review (v.)
observe the formalities
comply (v.)
observed, closely
noted (adj.)
observed, not particularly
unnoted (adj.)
observed, strictly
precise (adj.)
observed often
experimental (adj.)
observer, acting as an external
outward (adj.)
fond (adj.)
obstacle [in bowls]
rub (n.)
obstacle, encounter an [in bowls]
rub on (v.)
obstacles, forming of
rubbing (n.)
obstacles, without
even (adj.)
obstinate, too
wilful-blame (adj.)
obstinate individual
wanton (n.)
obstinately followed
stiff-borne (adj.)
obstinately foolish
peevish-fond (adj.)
hard-ruled (adj.)
stuffed (adj.)
pester (v.)
obtain, try to
endeavour (v.)
obtain an amount
receipt (n.)
obtained, freshly
new-begot (adj.)
obtained, specially
strange-achieved (adj.)
obtained through one's own conduct
purchased (adj.)
ignorance (n.)
obviously clumsy
palpable-gross (adj.)
grossness (n.)
occasion, on
otherwhiles (adv.)
occasion, particular
time (n.)
occasion, pleasant
pleasure (n.)
occasion, solemn
solemnity (n.)
eftsoons (adv.)
occupation, do as an
profess (v.)
occupation, grant of
holding (n.)
occupation, usual
exercise (n.)
occupied, constantly
busy (adj.)
occurrence, chance
casualty (n.)
odd, elaborately
odd-conceited (adj.)
odd conduct
singularity (n.)
odds, against all
spite of spite, in
odds, against any
hazards, upon all
odds of a million to one
nothing, all the world to
off, be
avoid (v.)
offence, full of
offenceful (adj.)
offence, incapable of causing
offenceless (adj.)
offence, punishable
penalty (n.)
offence, take
stomach (v.)
offender, female
offendress (n.)
offending, avoid
spare (v.)
offensive, taking the
offering (adj.)
offensive action [in fencing]
offence (n.)
offensive matter
offence (n.)
offensively facetious
scurrilous (adj.)
offer, disdain to
scorn (v.)
offer, have to
afford (v.)
offer a salutation
greet (v.)
offer as a bet
hold (v.)
offer for sale
cry (v.),utter (v.)
offer in competition
vie (v.)
offer of betrothal
tender (n.)
offer routinely
afford (v.)
offered, not
untendered (adj.)
offering, bring an
offer (v.)
offering for acceptance
presentment (n.)
offering no opposition
self-subdued (adj.)
offering service beyond what is needed
super-serviceable (adj.)
offers good will, one who
well-willer (n.)
office, acting as a symbol of
deputed (adj.)
office, decorated rod of
bauble (n.)
office, establish in
place (v.)
office, high
dignity (n.)
office, chain of
chain (n.)
office, install in
invest (v.)
office, people who hold
office (n.)
office, place in
institute (v.)
office, powerful
sway (n.)
office, remove from
displace (v.)
office, rights of
prerogative (n.)
office, rod of
staff (n.)
office, seat of
cushion (n.)
office, staff of
mace (n.),truncheon (n.)
office, symbol of
office-badge (n.)
office of lieutenants
lieutenantry (n.)
officer, field
field (n.)
officer, high
dignity (n.)
officer, chief
constable (n.)
officer, magistrate's enforcing
lictor (n.)
officer, Roman
tribune (n.)
officer, summoning
paritor (n.)
officer of the royal household
constable (n.)
officer who looks after estates forfeited to the crown
cheater (n.)
officer who makes announcements in a court of law
crier (n.)
officer who serves a summons
process-server (n.)
officer with financial responsibility
onyer, oneyer (n.)
watch (n.)
official, town
burgomaster (n.)
official acknowledgement
notice (n.)
official acting for the king in his absence
commissioner (n.)
official acting in place of a ruler during his absence
vicegerent (n.)
official appointed to view and report on corpses
searcher (n.)
official ban
inhibition (n.)
official declaration
denunciation (n.)
official document
certificate (n.)
official duty
charge (n.)
official investigation
quest (n.)
official list of men
muster-file (n.)
official of the exchequer
auditor (n.)
official position
dignity (n.)
official robes
dressing (n.)
office (n.)
officially call
warn (v.)
officially declare
pronounce (v.)
officially declare to be an outlaw
proclaim (v.)
officially place
put (v.)
officials, body of
commission (n.)
minister (v.)
officiously withhold
office (v.)
off (adv.)
often defeated
oft-subdued (adj.)
oil, anointed with
balm (v.)
oil, aromatic
balsamum (n.)
oil, boiling [vat of]
oil (n.)
oil used for anointing
balm (n.)
unction (n.)
ointment, healing
salve (n.)
old, men of
eld (n.)
old, of
yore, of
old age, youthful
spring, latter
old fool
dotard (n.)
old hag
crone (n.)
old places
reliques (n.)
old wives' tale
toy (n.)
old wounds, re-opening of
repetition (n.)
old-fashioned formality
ancientry (n.)
olive (n.)
omen of death
knell (n.)
ominous, deadly
death-boding (adj.)
ominous event
omen (n.)
ominous monstrosity
prodigy (n.)
ominously prophesying
ill-divining (adj.)
mutual (adj.)
once and for all
once (adv.),word, at a
one [lowest score on a dice]
ace (n.)
one, be at
combine (v.)
one, become
grow to (v.)
one, make
knit (v.)
one after the other
a-row (adv.)
one and all, to
first and last, at
one and the same
self, one
one body, make
incorporate (v.)
one heart and mind
concordant (adj.)
one stroke, at
clap, at a
one with, be
grow unto (v.)
one-sided, make
partialize (v.)
ongoing provision
supplyment (n.)
onlookers, presentation to
spectatorship (n.)
only just
scarce (adv.)
only just over
scarce-cold (adj.)
onset, forceful
visitation (n.)
onward, driving
compulsive (adj.)
onward course
proceeding (n.)
onward movement
progression (n.)
open [a seal]
break up (v.)
open, bed out in the
field-bed (n.)
open, laid
naked (adj.)
open, laying
exposture (n.)
open, not laid
unlaid ope
open, out in the
open (adv.),sun, in the
open, split
burst (v.)
open, with mouth
gaping (adj.)
open air
air (n.)
open country
plain (n.)
open out
unbolt (v.)
open sea
main (n.)
open to
capable of
open to all
general (adj.)
open view
main (n.)
bounteous (adj.)
opening event
firstling (n.)
opening scene [of a play]
induction (n.)
opening stage
maidenhead (n.)
portage (n.)
openly oppose
beard (v.)
openly profess
protest (v.)
openly speak
publish (v.)
mouthed (adj.)
operate, make to
practise on / upon (v.)
operating immediately
rash (adj.)
operating within limits
bounded (adj.)
operation, bring into
execute (v.)
operation, mental
working (n.)
operation, putting into
execution (n.)
mover (n.)
opinion, authoritative
voice (n.)
opinion, dictatorial
authority (n.)
opinion, express an
yield (v.)
opinion, give an influential
prejudicate (v.)
opinion, have a bad
misthink (v.)
opinion, hold an
conceive (v.),mind (v.)
opinion, learned
learning (n.)
opinion, medical
advice (n.)
opinion, of the same
conceited (adj.)
opinion, public
opinion (n.)
opinion, right
reason (n.)
opinion, with a low
abjectly (adv.)
start-up (n.)
opportunities, boundless
unchecked (adj.)
opportunity, await an
hearken (v.)
opportunity, favourable
advantage (n.),fair hour,time (n.)
opportunity, political
occasion (n.)
opportunity, position of
gap (n.)
opportunity, provide
serve (v.)
opportunity, spending
market (n.)
opportunity, suitable
vantage (n.)
opportunity of going
recourse (n.)
opportunity to make a profit
market (n.)
opportunity to spy
spy (n.)
oppose in combat
put together (v.)
oppose openly
beard (v.)
opposed ways, in
contrariously (adv.)
opposing force
opposite (n.)
opposing state
contrary (n.)
opposite, stand
encounter (v.)
opposite condition
contrary (n.)
opposite direction
contrary (n.)
opposite directions, in
contrary (adv.)
opposite path to the prey, taking an
counter, compter (n.)
opposite side
contrary (n.)
contrariety (n.)
opposition, in direct
teeth, in the
opposition, offering no
self-subdued (adj.)
opposition, place in
oppose (v.)
opposition, speech in
contradiction (n.)
opposition, strive in
tug (v.)
opposition, swear in
swear over (v.)
opposition, united
confederacy (n.)
bondage (n.)
opt for
offer (v.)
optical instrument, as if through an
perspectively (adv.)
orange-red dye
saffron (n.)
oranges, woman who sells
orange-wife (n.)
oration, give an
plead (v.)
oratorical discourse
peroration (n.)
orb, investment with the
emballing (n.)
orbit [of the eye]
sphere (n.)
orbit, knocked out of its
disorbed (adj.)
orbed (adj.)
ordained, what is
ordinance (n.)
ordeal by fire
trial-fire (n.)
order, appropriate
sequence (n.)
order, court
precept (n.)
order, drawn up in battle
ranked (adj.)
order, established
frame (n.)
order, formal
writ (n.)
order, in battle
embattailed (adj.)
order, in good
trim, in the
order, last in
hindmost (adj.)
order, member of enclosed
cloistress (n.)
order, recite in
decline (v.)
order, revoking
countermand (n.)
order, set in
darraign (v.)
order, take
take upon (v.)
order, written
bill (n.)
order in rows
rank (v.)
order of dishes
service (n.)
order of knighthood
order (n.)
order of succession
sequel (n.),sequence (n.)
order to be given
command (v.)
order to be gone
avaunt (n.)
order to obey the law
arrest (n.)
orderly manner
form (n.)
orders, give
give in charge
ordinance, previously established
pre-ordinance (n.)
indifferency (n.)
ordinary, out of the
uncurrent (adj.)
ordinary citizens
commons (n.)
ordinary folk
vulgar (n.)
ordinary people
general (n.)
ordinary people, of
common (adj.)
ordnance, piece of
chamber (n.)
organ, functioning
limb (n.)
organization of ceremony
ushering (n.)
organs of sense
sense (n.)
orchises, displaying
pioned (adj.)
origin, divine
inspired (adj.)
origin, find the
fetch (v.)
origin, of human
mortally (adv.)
origin, point of
original (n.)
original text from which a copy is made
precedent (n.)
ornament, display as
brooch (v.)
ornament, fine
jewel (n.)
ornament, pin-shaped
bodkin (n.)
ornament, trivial
toy (n.)
ornament for the head
tire (n.)
ornamental bracelet
bugle-bracelet (n.)
ornamental fringe
tassel (n.)
ornamental iron support in a fireplace
andiron (n.)
ornamental knob
pommel (n.)
ornamental streamer
banneret (n.)
ornamental studs, covered as if with
embossed (adj.)
ornamentation, lacking
unpinked (adj.)
ornamented with perforations
pinked (adj.)
ornamented with puffs
blistered (adj.)
ornaments on a dress, tiny shining
aglet (n.)
ornate, tastelessly
gaudy (adj.)
ornately decorate
fret (v.)
sound (adj.)
figure (n.)
osiers, woven with
twilled (adj.)
seeming (adv.)
gallant (adj.)
ostentatious activity
vainglory, vain-glory (n.)
ostentatious clothing
flaunt (n.)
others besides
else (adv.)
otherwise, cannot do
choose, cannot
out and about, go
forage (v.)
out-and-out villain
Herod of Jewry
outdare (v.)
outbreak, violent
burst (n.)
outbreak of calamity
eruption (n.)
outbreak of disorder
uproar (n.)
outburst, mad
lune (n.)
outburst, passionate
passion (n.)
outburst, violent
rage (n.)
outburst of merriment
eruption (n.)
outcome, constrained
necessity (n.)
outcome, favourable
grace (n.)
outcome, leading to a successful
prosperous (adj.)
outcome, likely
likelihood (n.)
outcome, predict the
divine (v.)
outcome, preordained
destiny (n.)
outcome, successful
goodness (n.)
outcome, uncertain
doubtful (adj.)
outcome, with monstrous
prodigiously (adv.)
outcry, emotional
outrage (n.)
outcry, make an
exclaim (v.),hoop (v.)
outgo (v.)
outdo in beauty
outbrave (v.)
outdo in daring
outbrave (v.)
outdo in making references to the night
out-night (v.)
outdo in swearing
outswear (v.)
outer case
shale (n.)
outer clothing
out-wall (n.)
outer covering
case (n.)
outer garment
case (n.)
outer skin
slough (n.)
outermost area
extreme (n.)
outermost feather
pinion (n.)
conduit (n.)
outgrowth [as of a plant]
shoot (n.)
outgrowth [of hair]
excrement (n.)
outhouse used for brewing liquor
brew-house (n.)
way (n.)
outlaw, officially declare to be an
proclaim (v.)
outlying part
skirt (n.)
out (adv.)
outpouring, lyrical
strain (n.)
outrage, treat with
ruffle (v.)
cross (adj.)
outrageous behaviour
extreme (n.)
outrageous deed
prank (n.)
outpeer (v.)
outset, at the
early (adv.)
outshining point
comparison (n.)
outside, looking from
outward (adj.)
outside, move
pass (v.)
skirt (n.)
bold (adj.)
roundly (adv.)
outstanding amount
arrearage (n.)
outstanding debt
after-debt (n.)
outward behaviour
form (n.),seeming (n.)
outward form
outside (n.)
outward gifts, of
superficial (adj.)
outward sign
badge (n.)
outwit, artfully
outcrafty (v.)
outwit, chance to
circumvention (n.)
outwitted in intrigue
unpolicied (adj.)
outwork, fortified
frontier (n.)
ave (n.)
ovation, one who receives an
ovator (n.)
over, be
post (v.)
over, only just
scarce-cold (adj.)
over and over
still an end
satiety (n.)
case (n.)
overweening (adj.)
confidence (n.)
overbearing pride
insolence (n.)
heavy (adj.)
overcome, drunkenly
overtake (v.)
overcome by confronting
outface (v.)
overcome by fear
fear-surprised (adj.)
overcome in a fight, someone
subduement (n.)
overcome with the force of jokes
out-jest (v.)
over-confident, make
secure (v.)
securely (adv.)
taffety (adj.)
overdue payment
arrearage (n.)
forwardness (n.)
spruce (adj.)
spleeny (adj.)
crack the wind
overflow with
overflow (v.)
overflowing, full to
rank (adj.)
liberal (adj.)
beetle (v.)
overhang, with an
shelving (adv.)
overhead, suspended
pendulous (adj.)
overheating, dissipate by
seethe (v.)
surfeit (v.)
over-indulgence, swollen through
surfeit-swelled (adj.)
surfeit-taking (adj.)
outstretched (adj.)
joyed (adj.)
charge (v.)
overlooking shore
brow (n.)
finical (adj.)
overpowered by drink
overtake (v.)
picked (adj.)
over-rigorous person
stoic (n.)
nice (adj.)
over (adj.)
overleap (v.)
overshoot [in bowling]
tumble (v.)
default (n.)
sized (adj.)
strain (v.)
addition (n.)
superfluous (adj.)
overtake in flight
overfly , over-fly (v.)
overtaken by night
lated (adj.)
overthrow, seek to
underwork (v.)
underminer (n.)
overthrown, be
down (v.)
overtures, make
undertake (v.)
overview, make an
overrun (v.)
overwhelming wonder
amazement (n.)
officious (adj.)
owing, payment of what is
discharge (n.)
owing an amount
due (n.)
owing money
ransom (n.)
own, not one's
strange (adj.)
own, not solely one's
unproper (adj.)
own, on one's
solus (adv.)
own company
private (n.)
own land
hold (v.)
own room
closet (n.)
owner, lacking an
masterless (adj.)
owner, reverting to an original
reversion (n.)
ownership, in one's
liable (adj.)
ownership, not under full
lease, out by
ownership, real
possession (n.)
ownership, shared
possession (n.)

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