This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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labour, be in
cry out (v.)
labour, being in
childbed (adj.)
labour, crying out in
groaning (adj.)
labour, time of
bearing (adj.)
labour in vain
wash a tile
labour of cultivation
tilth (n.)
labour pains
throe (n.)
labouring, cease
unyoke (v.)
labouring foot-soldier
pioneer, pioner (n.)
Ariadne (n.)
labyrinthine business
maze (n.)
lace, ornamental figure forming the tag of a
aglet-baby (n.)
lace, tagged
point (n.)
ruffling (adj.)
laced up, not
unbraced (adj.)
haggle (v.)
lacing of stays
lace (n.)
lacking, not
needless (adj.)
laden, too heavily
overfraught (adj.)
ladies and gentlemen
gentle (n.)
ladies' man of fashion
chamberer (n.)
lads, grand-hearted
heart (n.)
lady, high-ranking
madam (n.)
lady, my
madonna (n.)
lady, pampered
cockney (n.)
lady, walk like a
mince (v.)
lady, well-born
gentlewoman (n.)
lady of the house
dame (n.)
lady's chamber
bower (n.)
lady (adj.)
Dowsabel (n.)
lagging behind
lag (adj.),lag of
laid flat
bedded (adj.)
lair [of a hare]
muset, musit (n.)
lair, go to a
couch (v.)
lair, startle from a
rouse (v.)
lamb, new-born
eanling (n.)
lambs, bring forth
ean (v.)
lame, make
founder (v.)
lame manner, in a
lamely (adv.)
lamely, proceed
halt (v.)
lameness, give the appearance of
lame (v.)
lament with tears
wet (v.)
lamentation, express with
deplore (v.)
lamentation, full of
compassionate (adj.)
lamentation, song of
elegy (n.)
lamentation, without
unbewailed (adj.)
lamented previously
fore-bemoaned (adj.)
lamenting breath
wind (n.)
lamenting dreadfully
dire-lamenting (adj.)
lance [to let out infection]
launch (v.)
lance used in jousting
charging-staff (n.)
tilt (n.)
land, arable
fallow (n.)
land, common
common (n.)
land, conveyance of
grant (n.)
land, extent of
bound (n.)
land, fenced
pale (n.)
land, fighter on
landman (n.)
land, fish living on
land-fish (n.)
land, grass-covered
green (n.)
land, institute a suit to obtain possession of
sue one's livery
land, low-lying
flat (n.)
land, military service done on
land-service (n.)
land, own
hold (v.)
land, possessed of
landed (adj.)
land, return to the
shore (v.)
land, squire of barren
mountain-squire (n.)
land, strip left unploughed
hade land (n.)
land, tilled
tilth (n.)
land, tract of
land (n.)
land, transfer
fine (n.)
land, waste
wild (n.)
land agent
surveyor (n.)
land at
touch (v.)
land boundary
bourn (n.)
land held by a tenant
tenement (n.)
land management
husbandry (n.)
land used for breeding game
warren (n.)
tenement (n.)
landmark, prominent
sea-mark (n.)
landowner ranking below the gentry
franklin (n.)
lane, narrow
creek (n.)
language, everyday
vulgar (n.)
language, find
speak (v.)
language, flowery
rhetoric (n.)
language, foreign
tongue (n.)
language, high-flown
bombast, bumbast (n.)
language, indecent
squirility (n.)
language to describe, lacking
phraseless (adj.)
peak (v.)
lanky fellow
starveling (n.)
lapse in proper behaviour
digression (n.)
large, clumsily
hulk (adj.)
large, excessively
gross (adj.)
large amount
mass (n.)
large number
world (n.)
large quantities, in
gross, by / by the
large size
bigness (n.)
largely, very
much (adv.)
larger than life
mountain (adj.)
largest kind
extreme (n.)
largest number of
utmost (adj.)
lark, sound of the
tirra-lyra (n.)
lascivious behaviour
lewdness (n.)
lascivious individual
lewdster (n.)
lascivious thing
colt (n.)
lass, red-faced
blowze (n.)
last, at
last (adv.)
last, to the very
utterance, at
last day
latter day
last defence
refuge (n.)
last in order
hindmost (adj.)
last judgement
after-inquiry (n.)
last moment
uttermost (n.)
last ounce
scruple (n.)
last out
hold (v.)
last resolve
rest (n.)
last resort
rendezvous (n.)
last stand [in hunting]
bay (n.)
last stand, drive to a [in hunting]
bay (v.)
last state
exigent (n.)
last the whole length of
outwear (v.)
last thing to be done
last (n.)
last time
last (n.)
last to arrive
hindmost (adj.)
last will and testament
testament (n.)
lasting throughout life
lengthened (adj.)
late, stay up
overwatch (v.)
lag (adj.)
later, happen
continue (v.)
later blow
after-loss (n.)
later gratitude
after-love (n.)
later moments
after-hours (n.)
later one
elder (n.)
later part
posterior (n.)
later sustenance
after-nourishment (n.)
latest practice
fashion (n.)
latest time
uttermost (n.)
jakes (n.)
latter end
haunch (n.)
grate (n.)
lattice (n.)
laugh mockingly
fleer (v.)
laughing scornfully
fleering (adj.)
laundry (n.)
laundry, dirty
buck-basket (n.)
lavish, not so
scant (adj.)
lavish, wastefully
prodigal (adj.)
lavish spending
waste (n.)
lavishly ingenious
liberal-conceited (adj.)
law, according to the
judicious (adj.)
law, of civil
civil (adj.)
law, order to obey the
arrest (n.)
law, pre-ordained
pre-ordinance (n.)
law, suitor at
client (n.)
law of succession, French
Salic, Salique (adj.)
law unto oneself, be a
carver, be one's own
true (adj.)
action (n.)
lawyers, arrangement between
attorneyship (n.)
lax state, into a
wide (adv.)
laxity, with
loosely (adv.)
lay alongside
lay aboard (v.)
lay aside
lay by (v.)
lay claim
interess (v.)
lay down
couch (v.)
lay down previously
presuppose (v.)
lay hands on
hand (v.)
lay home
home (adv.)
lay out
range (v.)
lay someone out [in wrestling]
lie, give the
lay to rest
lie by (v.)
lay up securely
coffer up (v.)
lay waste to
waste (v.)
laying out
expense (n.)
slug-abed (n.)
lead back
reduce (v.)
lead out for a dance
take out (v.)
lead people forth
produce (v.)
lead weights, put on
lead (v.)
lead-covered flat roofs
lead (n.)
leaden coffin lining
lead (n.)
leader in a team of horses
forehorse, fore-horse (n.)
leader of the community
magistrate (n.)
leading citizens
best (n.)
leading light
mastership (n.)
leading practitioner
principal (n.)
leaf of paper showing the alphabet
hornbook, horn-book (n.)
leaf of the bay-tree
bay (n.)
leaflet, slanderous
libel (n.)
leafy glade
bower (n.)
league, enter into a
confederate (v.)
league, make a
bandy (v.)
leak, sprung a
leaked (adj.)
lean as carrion
carrion (adj.)
lean towards
incline to (v.)
leaning [in bowls]
bias (n.)
lean-looked (adj.)
leap [in horse-riding]
curvet (n.)
leap about [of a horse]
curvet (v.)
leap away
gambol (v.)
leap over
overleap (v.)
leap too far
overleap (v.)
leap with delight
caper (v.)
leap with feet kicked together, perform a
caper, cut a
learn about
understand (v.)
learned by heart
studied (adj.)
learned in natural philosophy
philosopher (n.)
learned opinion
learning (n.)
learning, field of
science (n.)
learning, full of
clerkly (adj.)
learning, in the ways of
clerk-like (adv.)
learning, patron of
Charlemain (n.)
learning, place of
academe (n.)
learning, ready
expedition (n.)
learning, sophisticated
letter (n.)
lease out
farm (v.)
holding (n.)
leash together
couple (v.)
leashed together
couples, in
least, not in the
whit, no
least bit
wink (n.)
leather, kid
cheverel (n.)
leather, stout ox-hide
buff (n.)
leather in the upper part of a shoe
overleather (n.)
leather jacket, wearing a
leathern-jerkin (adj.)
leathern (adj.)
glover (n.)
leave, allow to
slip (v.),slip, let
leave, permission to
discharge (n.),dismission (n.)
leave, take
depart (v.)
leave, take ceremonious
congee, congie (v.)
leave alive
leave (v.)
leave hold
hang off (v.)
leave out of consideration
bate (v.)
leave the area
give off (v.)
leave the field of combat
come off (v.)
leave unasserted
slip (v.)
leaving, sudden
expedition (n.)
leaving and return, right of
egress and regress
leaving aside
reservation (n.)
refuse (n.)
led on in organized formation
wing-led (adj.)
ledge by the hatch of a buttery
buttery bar
left, be
rest (v.)
left well-off
rich-left (adj.)
leg, lower
small (n.)
leg, stocking for the lower
boot-hose (n.),nether-stock (n.)
leg armour
grave (n.)
leg joint, swollen horse's
spavin (n.)
leg tumour on a horse
windgall (n.)
legal action
cause (n.)
legal action, taking
action-taking (adj.)
legal agreement
covenant (n.)
legal constraint, free from
free (adj.)
legal deed requiring payment
band (n.)
legal document
obligation (n.)
legal document containing a charge
indictment (n.)
legal form, written out in proper
engross (v.)
legal objection
challenge (n.)
legal practice
attorneyship (n.)
legal procedure, following normal
direct (adj.)
legal procedure, proper
process (n.)
legal proceeding
action (n.)
legal proceedings, with
law, by
legal process
action (n.)
legal ratification, without
unsealed (adj.)
legal right
interest (n.)
legal security
statute (n.)
legal style of handwriting
court-hand (n.)
legally appointed deputy
attorney general (n.)
legally assign
allow (v.)
legally belonging
liable (adj.)
legally bound
liable (adj.)
legally enter
enrol (v.)
legally entered
enrolled (adj.)
legally sanctioned
customed (adj.)
legendary race of dwarfs
Pigmies (n.)
legendary substance of great hardness and magnetism
adamant (n.)
Lycurgus (n.)
legitimacy rejected, have one's
unfathered (adj.)
legitimate authority
name (n.)
legitimate tender
sterling (n.)
true (adv.)
legs, having two
forked (adj.)
legs astride, with
colossus-wise (adv.)
lecher, play the part of a
lecher (v.)
size (n.)
length, at full
along (adv.),full, at
length, extended to full
stretched-out (adj.)
length, last the whole
outwear (v.)
length, narrate at
dilate (v.)
length and breadth
body (n.)
length of time
length (n.)
length of weapons
measure (v.)
favour (n.)
lens of the eye
eye-glass (n.)
Lent, made in
lenten (adj.)
lent, something
lending (n.)
less, make
wither out (v.)
lessen by digging
dig (v.)
lessen the evil
amend (v.)
lessening, means of
allay (n.)
lesson, classroom
lecture (n.)
lesson, teach a
lesson (v.)
let, to [rent]
farm, in
let fall
vail (v.)
let fly
shoot (v.)
let out
loose (v.)
let out to others
lease, out by
let pass
pass (v.)
let remain
let (v.)
let rise
take up (v.)
let run [with little or no sail]
spoon (v.)
lethally penetrating
mortal-staring (adj.)
lethargy, affect with
lethargy (v.)
letter [symbol]
character (n.)
letter, by the
print, in
letter, to the
point, to
letter displaying a particular sentiment
humour-letter (n.)
letter printed prominently to identify Sundays
dominical (n.)
level, draw
quit (v.)
level, go beyond a normal
overtop (v.)
level, low
fall (n.)
level, make
lodge (v.)
safe (adj.)
levy, military
contribution (n.)
levy a tax
tithe (v.)
levy a toll
toll (v.)
liability, release from all
discharge (n.)
liability to give in to temptation
frailty (n.)
liar, be an outrageous
throat, lie in one's
liberal arts, in
ingenious (adj.)
liberal way, in a
free (adv.)
liberality, gracious
bounty (n.)
liberties, take
grow upon (v.)
heat (n.)
lice-infested, become
louse (v.)
licence, improper
liberty (n.)
licence to travel as a beggar
passport (n.)
lid of a treasure-chest
coffer-lid (n.)
lie, ability to
leasing (n.)
lie at anchor
rid (v.)
lie close
hug (v.)
lie in ambush
couch (v.)
lie in prison
lie (v.)
lie in wait
hearken for (v.)
lie spread over
bestrew (v.)
lie to [nautical]
try (v.)
lies, fill with
belie (v.)
lies about, tell
belie (v.)
lieutenants, office of
lieutenantry (n.)
life, advancement in
promotion (n.)
life, come back to
revive (v.)
life, court
courtship (n.)
life, dear [in oaths]
lifelings (n.)
life, departure from
passage (n.)
life, duration left in
length (n.)
life, elements of
element (n.)
life, for my
heart, for my
life, high station in
calling (n.)
life, human
mortality (n.)
life, journey through
portage (n.)
life, lacking
cold (adj.)
life, last day of
doom, day of
life, lasting throughout
lengthened (adj.)
life, live out a
endure (v.)
life, mode/style of
rate (n.)
life, mortal/natural
nature (n.)
life, on my
a-life (adv.)
life, pass from
pass (v.)
life, pass into a new
transmigrate (v.)
life, past the prime of
stale (adj.)
life, place in
estate (n.)
life, prime of
prime (n.)
life, providing an easy
wheels, on
life, receive
quicken (v.)
life, respectable way of
good life
life, return of
quickening (n.)
life, span of
span (n.)
life, stage of
degree (n.)
life, stake my
death, take my
life, tormenting earthly
earth-vexing (adj.)
life, unprofitable way of
vanity (n.)
life, very
essence (n.)
life, whole
age (n.)
earth-vexing (adj.)
forlorn (adj.)
element (n.)
life-forming elements
germen (n.)
life-giving juice
blood (n.)
cheer (n.)
life-supporting substance
spirit (n.)
lifted up, always being
mountant (adj.)
light, bring to
unkennel (v.)
light, cast a bright
reflect (v.)
light, give
light (v.)
light, lacking in
dusky (adj.)
light, moving
firebrand (n.)
light, streaked with
flaky (adj.)
light, triumphal
triumph (n.)
light, yielding no
lightless (adj.)
light complexion, of
fair (adj.)
light meal taken hurriedly
banquet, running
light wind
air (n.)
skipper (n.)
light-filled arena
lantern (n.)
tripping (adv.)
torcher (n.)
lightness (n.)
light-hearted show
vanity (n.)
lightly, step
trip (v.)
lightly coloured
faint (adj.)
lightly deal
dally (v.)
lightly jump over
overskip (v.)
lightly pass over
overtrip (v.)
legerity (n.)
lightning, send down as
lighten forth (v.)
lightning flash
lighten (v.)
whitely (adj.)
lightweight cake, thin
wafer-cake (n.)
like [similar]
semblable (adj.)
like, make
like (v.)
like just as much, should
lief, had as
like the flavour
smack (v.)
like the mood of
humour (v.)
likely, look
look (v.)
likely outcome
likelihood (n.)
likely sounding
probable (adj.)
likely to succeed
successfully (adv.)
like (adj.)
likened, be
equal (v.)
likeness, make a new
refigure (v.)
likeness, personal
image (n.)
likeness, true
true (adj.)
lily (adj.)
lily-white colouring
lily-tincture (n.)
limb, strength of
limb (n.)
limb, sturdy
brawn (n.)
limb from limb
limb-meal (adv.)
limbs, torture machine which stretches
rack (n.)
limbs, with gaunt
arm-gaunt (adj.)
lime, mix wine with
lime (v.)
lime tree
line (n.)
lime (n.)
limestone-like deposit
limekiln (n.)
limit, allotted
time (n.)
limit, fix the
limit (v.)
limit, given a
determined (adj.)
limit, strain beyond the
outstretch (v.)
limit of property
bourn (n.)
confine (n.)
limited quantity
modicum (n.)
limited (adj.)
limitless nature
flatness (n.)
limits, due
compass (n.)
limits, operating within
bounded (adj.)
linden tree
line (n.)
line [of verse]
number (n.)
line, battle
range (n.)
line, fishing
angle (n.)
line, graduated
scale (n.)
line, in a straight
evenly (adv.)
line, in the direct
lineal (adj.)
line, in the front
forward (adj.)
line, stay in
file (v.)
line, weighted
plummet (n.)
line of fire
level (n.)
line of make-up
line (n.)
line of succession, in
removed (adj.)
lineage, in
derived (adj.)
lineage, noble
breeding (n.)
lineal order, proper
sequence (n.)
lineally descended
lineal (adj.)
line (n.)
linen, cheap coarse
dowlas (n.)
linen tape
inkle (n.)
whitster (n.)
lingering after
lag of
lining, give a
line (v.)
link up
join (v.)
linked, closely
twinned (adj.)
links, connecting
gimmers (n.)
lint, too deep to be cleansed with
untented (adj.)
lion, monstrous
Nemean lion
lip, curl a
lip, make a
lip, make a
make (v.)
lips, space between the
Lipsbury (n.)
lips, with wide loosely hanging
flap-mouthed (adj.)
hollowness (n.)
dissolution (n.)
liquid, drop of
bead (n.)
liquid, vessel for storing
bladder (n.)
liquid extract
infusion (n.)
liquid mercury
quicksilver (n.)
liquor, butt of
piece (n.)
liquor, draw [from barrels]
draw (v.)
liquor storeroom
buttery (n.)
liquor store-room
vault (n.)
list, add to the
parcel (v.)
list, detailed
inventory (n.)
list, read through a
overname (v.)
list, remove from a
unroll (v.)
list, voting
poll (n.)
list attributes
divide (v.)
list of accusations, present a
put up a bill
list of men, official
muster-file (n.)
listen further to
hear on (v.)
listeners, assembly of
auditory (n.)
ear (n.)
lit brightly
shining (adj.)
lit quickly
rash (adj.)
party (n.)
action (n.)
litter [of pigs]
farrow (n.)
little, in
little (adj.)
little, not a
meanly, not
little esteem, in
carelessly (adv.)
little fellow
nit (n.)
little goose
gosling (n.)
little herb
herblet (n.)
little man
manikin (n.)
little of, make
mince (v.)
little pedant
pedascule (n.)
little piece
quantity (n.)
little thing
consonant (n.)
little value, as of
light (adv.)
little world
microcosm (n.)
unknown (adj.)
mass (n.)
live, allow to
save (v.)
live abroad
air abroad
live again
revive (v.)
live in caves
cave (v.)
live in obscurity
obscure (v.)
live longer
outlive (v.)
live out a life
endure (v.)
live through
feel (v.)
live up to, not
fall (v.)
living (n.)
lively, be
caper (v.)
lively, tread
foot it
lively movement
frisk (n.)
lively person
wit (n.)
lively song
jig (n.)
rotten (adj.)
livery, array in a
livery (v.)
livery, sue one's
livery (n.)
living, earn a
get (v.)
living, ecclesiastical
benefice (n.)
living, standard of
cheer (n.)
living, style of
port (n.)
living, way of
diet (n.)
living, with the
alive (adv.)
living and breathing existence
breath (n.)
living area
office (n.)
living area divided off in a house
bay (n.)
living creature
liver (n.)
living in darkness
cave-keeping (adj.)
living three times as long as man
treble-dated (adj.)
lizard on the wall
wall-newt (n.)
load [a gun]
charge (v.)
load, drag a
draw (v.)
load twice over
double-charge (v.)
load up/with goods
pack (v.)
loaded, fully
full-charged (adj.)
loaf, cut away the crust of a
chip bread
loaf, menial who cuts away the crust of a
bread-chipper (n.)
loaf, small round lumpish
cobloaf (n.)
loan, forced
benevolence (n.)
loan, interest on a
usance (n.)
loan, make a
let out (v.)
loath, be
coy (v.)
loathed, something to be
abhorring (n.)
loathing, full of
sick (adj.)
loathing, with
loathly (adv.)
loathing, with deep
perniciously (adv.)
local church jurisdiction, subject to
provincial (adj.)
local inhabitant
birth-child (n.)
located underwater
ensteeped (adj.)
location, beneficial
vantage (n.)
lock of hair
flake (n.)
lock the door against
lock forth (v.)
locking mechanism
spring (n.)
locks, divided into
braided (adj.)
locks, instrument for picking
picklock (n.)
locks, matted
elf-lock (n.)
cage (n.)
locust (n.)
star (n.)
lodging, safe
harbour (n.)
logical conclusion
conclusion (n.)
logical deduction
argument (n.)
long [height]
tall (adj.)
long [yearn]
gape (v.)
long deserted period
vast (n.)
long term, in the
length, at
long time, for a
longly (adv.)
wished (adj.)
long-ingraffed (adj.)
longer, live
outlive (v.)
long-ingraffed (adj.)
longing, prompted by
longing (adj.)
longing eagerly
impatient (adj.)
long-lasting, exceptionally
stretched-out (adj.)
suffering (adj.)
prolixity (n.)
look, disapproving
wrinkle (n.)
look, fail to
wink (v.)
look, fierce
frown (n.)
look, fixed
setting (n.)
look, frightened
gastness (n.)
look, have the
seem (v.)
look, invite with a
wink on (v.)
look, serpent which killed with its
basilisk (n.)
look, unpleasant
ill-seeming (adj.)
look, with a pinched
half-faced (adj.)
look after officially
oversee (v.)
look after well
cherish (v.)
look ahead
prevent (v.)
look around
peep about (v.)
look aside
by-peep (v.)
look at
eye (v.)
look at directly
look against (v.)
look dark and threatening
lour, lower (v.)
look demurely
demure (v.)
look forward to
hearken for (v.)
look in fascination
wonder (v.)
look in the direction of
look upon (v.)
look in vain
pipe (v.)
look indulgently on
connive at (v.)
look likely
look (v.)
look lower
pluck off (v.)
look madly
stare (v.)
look once more at
review (v.)
look out
shift (v.)
look sideways
leer (v.)
look to
keep (v.)
look too much at
overeye, over-eye (v.)
look with favour on
look after (v.)
looking, direction of
gaze (v.)
looking, find by
look out (v.)
looking after
overlooking (n.)
looking ahead
provision (n.)
looking from outside
outward (adj.)
looking like
semblative (adj.)
looking upwards
upward (adj.)
glass (n.)
looks, change state through
look (v.)
looks, of fading
beauty-waning (adj.)
loom, wooden roller in a
beam (n.)
loop for holding a sword
carriage (n.)
loose, on the
free (adj.)
loose, tear
pluck down (v.)
loose consistency, of
unfirm (adj.)
loose shot
shot (n.)
loosely hang down
loll (v.)
loosely hanging lips, with wide
flap-mouthed (adj.)
loosely sew
baste (v.)
loosely stream
flare (v.)
lopped off branch
lop (n.)
lord, function of being a
lordship (n.)
lord, make a
lord (v.)
lord, young
lording (n.)
lord and master
patron (n.)
lord of thunder
thunder-master (n.)
lord's estate
lordship (n.)
royalty (n.)
lose at sea
wrack (v.)
lose heart
faint (v.)
lose influence
dissolve (v.)
lose one's breath
wind, break one's
lose one's position
displace (v.)
lose one's sense of identity
forget (v.)
lose out on
lose (v.)
lose possession, cause to
dispossess (v.)
lose sight of
lose (v.)
lose sight of one's position
forget (v.)
lose weight
bate (v.)
loss (n.)
loss, feel
want (v.)
loss, involving some degree of
losing (adj.)
loss, sense of
missingly (adv.)
loss of, involve the
cost (v.)
loss of beauty
defeature (n.)
loss of dignity
derogation (n.)
loss of heart
discomfort (n.)
loss of property
sequestration (n.)
loss of trade, suffering great
custom-shrunk (adj.)
lost for words
rapt (adj.)
lost in a good cause
well-lost (adj.)
lost in grief
tranced (adj.)
lost soul
castaway (n.)
lot [in a lottery]
sort (n.)
lot [portion]
dole (n.)
lots, cast
draw cuts
lots, result of casting
lot (n.)
lots to blanks
blank (n.)
loud noise, make a
noise it
loud reproach
exclamation (n.)
loudly, not so
door, within
loudly, speak more
out-tongue (v.)
loudly speak
cry (v.)
loudly supported
loud (adj.)
loud (n.)
lull (v.)
lout, blundering
lubber (n.)
lout, fickle
minute-jack (n.)
love, approach offering
assail (v.)
love, book about
love-book (n.)
love, declare
protest (v.)
love, displaying openly declared
professed (adj.)
love, exploit prompted by
love-feat (n.)
love, expressing
amorous (adj.)
love, expression of
love (n.)
love, faithful in
true (adj.)
love, game of
game (n.)
love, possess in
enjoy (v.)
love, totally in
affected (adj.)
love, trader in
fancy-monger (n.)
love, young shoots of
love-springs (n.)
love potion
medicine (n.)
love with oneself, in
self-endeared (adj.)
love's sake, for
loves, of all
love-causing arrow
loveshaft (n.)
loved ones, deprived of
prived (adj.)
love-prate (n.)
fairness (n.)
love-making, of allowed
chaste (adj.)
love-play, engage in
dally (v.)
elegy (n.)
lover, provided with a
lovered (adj.)
lover, young
squire (n.)
lovers than, have more
outparamour (v.)
love-lay (n.)
love (n.)
loving care
nursery (n.)
loving to the point of idolatry
superstitious (adj.)
loving voice, talk in a
lisp (v.)
low, brought
declined (adj.)
low, laid
lowly (adj.)
low, lay
lay (v.)
low birth, man of
lad (n.)
low birth, of
base-born (adj.)
low ebb
fall (n.)
low level
fall (n.)
low level, fall to a
decline (v.)
low opinion, with a
abjectly (adv.)
low position, in a
under (adv.)
low quality, of
base (adj.)
low rank, of
mean (adj.)
low regard, in
carelessly (adv.)
low spirits
dump (n.)
low spirits, in
lumpish (adj.)
low subjects
vassalage (n.)
low value, of
base (adj.)
low-born person
bastard (n.)
jaded (adj.)
lower [of sails]
strike (v.)
lower, look
pluck off (v.)
lower courtyard [of a castle]
base-court (n.)
lower in rank
degrade (v.)
lower leg
small (n.)
lower level, reach a
bottom (v.)
lower rank, of
base (adj.)
lower ranking
meaner (n.)
lower regions of the body
low country
lower stage, on the
below (adv.)
lower the dignity of
stale (v.)
lowering of tune
fall (n.)
lowest estimate
least (n.)
lowest point
bottom (n.)
lowest ranking
meanest (n.)
lowly activity
baseness (n.)
lowly state
baseness (n.)
low-lying land
flat (n.)
deep (adj.)
low-placed reject
abject (n.)
coarse (adj.)
loyal, showing to be
proof (n.)
loyalty, act of
duty (n.)
loyalty, bound by an oath
sworn (adj.)
loyalty, duty of
fealty (n.)
loyalty, future
after-love (n.)
liquor (v.)
luck, instance of bad
disaster (n.)
luck, piece of
goodness (n.)
luck, with
haply (adv.)
lucky chance
fortune (n.)
luggage, personal
necessaries (n.)
name (n.)
luminous emanation
meteor (n.)
lump, protruding
wallet (n.)
lump, white
limekiln (n.)
lump of congealed fat
keech (n.)
lungs, pair of
breast (n.)
lunch, have
dine (v.)
lust, burn with
fry (v.)
lust, inspired by
lust-breathed (adj.)
lust, urging of
sting (n.)
lustful (adj.)
lustful affection
liking (n.)
lustful excess
pride (n.)
lustful feeling
affection (n.)
lustful thoughts, inciting
provocation (n.)
lustre, add
flourish (v.)
lustre, lacking
dim (adj.)
lute, ridge for guiding the fingers
fret (n.)
wanton (adj.)
luxuriant, coarsely
gross (adj.)
luxuriant, excessively
rank (adj.)
luxuriant, too
overproud (adj.)
proud (adj.)
lying, accusation of
lie (n.)
lying down [heraldry]
couching (adj.)
lyrical outpouring
strain (n.)

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