This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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bay (n.)
gad, pricked with a
gad, upon the
gage, take up a
engage (v.)
gain, desire for
commodity (n.)
gain, financial
lucre (n.)
gain, wrongful
wrong (n.)
gain a foothold
foot (v.)
gain advantage
win (v.)
gain benefits
advantage, on that
gain by force
enforce (v.)
gain honour
grace (v.)
gain information
gather (v.)
gain instruction
edify (v.)
gained by evil means
extorted (adj.)
gained from toil
distressful (adj.)
manly (adv.)
gallantry, laborious
industry (n.)
gallery, in the
above (adv.)
gallop, at a
spur, on the
gallop at full speed
manage (n.)
crack-hemp (n.)
alarumed (adj.)
jauncing (adj.)
game [in hunting]
hunt (n.)
game, land used for breeding
warren (n.)
game, one who plays the
gamester (n.)
game, win a
play one's prize
game of love
game (n.)
ranger (n.)
games, series of [in cards, tennis]
set (n.)
cheater (n.)
gang of four
mess (n.)
gaol, put in
engaol (v.)
gap in a dress
cut (n.)
gaping idiot
mussel-shell (n.)
garb, clerical
coat (n.)
draff (n.)
garden, small building in a
garden-house (n.)
garden of fertility
Adonis, gardens of
garden path
walk (n.)
garment, expensive
sable (n.)
garment, christening
bearing-cloth (n.)
garment, long loose outer
robe (n.)
garment, loose upper
gaberdine (n.),gown (n.)
garment, male upper
jerkin (n.)
garment, outer
case (n.)
garment, remove an outer
dismantle (v.)
garment made of fine cloth
camlet, chamblet (n.),chamblet (n.)
garments, fancy
trumpery (n.)
garments, remove rich
undeck (v.)
garments, take off outer
discase (v.),uncase (v.)
garrison town
war, town of (n.)
garter, not wearing a
ungartered (v.)
garter made of coloured worsted yarns
caddis-garter (adj.)
garters crossed, with
cross-gartered (adj.)
garters crossed along the legs, wearing
cross-gartering (n.)
gashed, incapable of being
intrenchant (adj.)
gashes, with no
unhacked (adj.)
gasp for breath
wind, break one's
gate, side
postern (n.)
gather in evidence
collect (v.)
gather together
knot (v.),muster (v.)
gather together indiscriminately
shark up (v.)
gathered, not
unpicked (adj.)
gathering, clandestine
conventicle (n.)
gathering of meaning
collection (n.)
harvest-home (n.)
gaudy toy
gaud (n.)
gauging depth
sounding (n.)
gaunt limbs, with
arm-gaunt (adj.)
gage (n.)
bareness (n.)
gauze cloth
cypress (n.)
gaze after
after-eye (v.)
gaze decorously
demure (v.)
gaze upon
regard (v.)
gazing, mindlessly
contemplative (adj.)
gazing with special intensity
earnest-gaping (adj.)
general, in
large, at
general points
general (n.)
general rule
truth (n.)
generally adopted
received (adj.)
generally known
vulgar (adj.)
leading (n.)
generating, perpetually
still-breeding (adj.)
generation, capable of
generative (adj.)
generation, lacking the power of
ungenerative (adj.)
generosity, great
bounty (n.)
generosity, innate
self-bounty (n.)
generous present
largess (n.)
genitals, lacking
ungenitured (adj.)
blood (n.)
gentle (n.)
gentleman, below the rank of
common (adj.)
gentleman, courtly
Cavalery (n.)
gentleman, fine
gallant (n.)
gentleman, fine young
younker (n.)
gentleman, French
monsieur (n.)
gentleman, like a
gently (adv.)
gentleman, position of
gentry (n.)
gentleman, young
lording (n.)
gentleman bearing a coat-of-arms
gentleman in arms (n.)
gentleman below a knight in rank
squire (n.)
gentleman of the royal bodyguard
pensioner (n.)
gentry (n.)
gentlemen, body of fine
cavalleria (n.)
gentlemen, ladies and
gentle (n.)
temperate (adj.)
gently falling
sweet-seasoned (adj.)
gently rebuke
control (v.)
gently shelving
shelvy (adj.)
gentry, landowner ranking below the
franklin (n.)
leg (n.)
genuine [as of a coin]
current (adj.)
genuine [intensifying use]
good (adj.)
genuine, not
false (adj.)
genuine article
substance (n.)
genuinely [intensifying use]
good (adv.)
liberal arts
spirt up (v.)
gesture, make a significant
beckon (v.)
gesture, make an angry facial
lip, bite one's
gesture, significant
beckoning (n.)
gesture, word used with a rude
fig (v.),figo (n.)
gesture or token of regard
favour (n.)
gestures, indicated by
figured (adj.)
get at
hit (v.)
get away with
carry (v.)
get out
toaze (v.)
get possession
inherit (v.)
get through
rid (v.)
ghost, appear as a
ghost (v.)
fustian (n.)
gibbets, person who constructs
gibbet-maker (n.)
staggers (n.)
gift, free
largess (n.)
gift, give as a
bestow (v.)
gift, marriage
portion (n.)
gift, special
bounty (n.)
gift, spiritual
benediction (n.)
gift of no value
nothing-gift (n.)
gifts, bring
offer (v.)
gilded, partly
parcel-gilt (adj.)
gillyvor (n.)
gingerbread, hot-spiced
pepper-gingerbread (n.)
girl, baby
child (n.)
girl, fast
flirt-gill (n.)
girl, fragile as a young
maid-pale (adj.)
girl, shabbily dressed
dowdy (n.)
girl, slave
bondmaid (n.)
kicky-wicky (n.)
girls, of young
virginal (adj.)
give, nothing to
empty (adj.)
give as a gift
bestow (v.)
give in marriage
bestow (v.)
give in to
recoil (v.)
give or take
hob, nob
give out sparingly
scant (v.)
give over
allow (v.)
give over to
stand on (v.)
give rein to
enjoy (v.)
give up again
reliver (v.)
give up completely
enfeoff (v.)
give up everything
unstate (v.)
give up the spirit
yield the ghost (v.)
give up the throne
surrender (v.)
give up totally
deliver up (v.)
given freely
free (adj.)
given over to unusual happenings
strange-disposed (adj.)
given slowly
slow (adj.)
gives up, one who
yielder (n.)
giving, freely
open (adj.)
giving nature, of a
fruitfulness (n.)
giving way
ruin (n.)
glad, be
fain (v.)
glade, leafy
bower (n.)
sworder (n.)
glad (n.)
gladness, make a
glad (v.)
glance, cast a side
leer (v.)
glance, give a significant
wink on (v.)
glance, sidelong
blench (n.)
glance, with a side
askance, askaunce (adv.)
glance over
overglance (v.)
glare, with death-like
mortal-staring (adj.)
glaring eyes, with
glass, enclose in
glass (v.)
glass, frail as
glassy (adj.)
glass, made of
glassy (adj.)
glasses, clink the
strike the vessels
glasses, give
spectacle (v.)
oil (n.)
gliding quietly by
stealing (adj.)
light (n.)
candied (adj.)
glitter, add
spangle (v.)
glittering with gold or silver
clinquant (adj.)
gloating, without
bragless (adj.)
globe, celestial
sphere (n.)
globe, half of the
half-world (n.)
globy (adj.)
gloom, cast a
overshade (v.)
gloom, state of
cloud (n.)
gloomy mood
sullen (n.)
famously (adv.)
glory, add
glorify (v.)
glory, seeking
glorious (adj.)
glove, armoured
gauntlet (n.)
glover (n.)
bent (adj.)
glutting, not
cloyless (adj.)
glutton (adj.)
gluttony, cultivating
Epicurean (adj.)
gnaw away
begnaw (v.)
gnawed at on all sides
overeaten, over-eaten (adj.)
gnawing grief
canker-sorrow (n.)
go, on the
afoot (adv.)
go, plan to
intend (v.)
go along
step in (v.)
go around
compass (v.)
go away in a rush
fling (n.)
go beyond a (normal) level of
overtop (v.)
go down
down (v.)
go for it
possess it
go for it, just
even to't
go into
take (v.)
go on about
chat (v.)
go on with
hold on (v.)
go out and about
forage (v.)
go past
leave (v.)
go round with
compass (v.)
go this way and that
dodge (v.)
go through systematically
decline (v.)
go without [food]
fast (v.)
gobble ravenously
ravin down (v.)
go-between, abject
broker-lackey (n.)
go-between, act as a sexual
pander (v.)
go-between, acting as
intelligencing (adj.)
goblin apparition
urchin-show (n.)
goblin that causes nightmares
mare (n.)
god, adore as a
deify (v.)
God, coming from
inspired (adj.)
God, lacking reverence towards
impious (adj.)
God, not ready to meet
unprovided (adj.)
God, not reconciled with
irreconciled (adj.)
God, serve
serve (v.)
God, word of
word (n.)
God and the service book, by
cock and pie, by
god of, make a
god (v.)
God's blood [oath]
'sblood (int.)
God's death [oath]
'sdeath (int.)
God's eyelid [oath]
'slid (int.)
God's foot [oath]
'sfoot (int.)
God's light [oath]
'slight (int.)
gossip (n.)
godparent, act as a
gossip (v.)
going, get
stir (v.)
going, opportunity of
recourse (n.)
going about by night
night-walking (adj.)
going at one's usual pace
going (n.)
going down
vail (n.)
going out with whores late at night
late-walking (n.)
going over the past
repetition (n.)
gold, clip of
crack (v.)
gold, coated with
gilt (adj.)
gold, elixir derived from
medicine potable
gold, god of
Plutus (n.)
gold, object made of
gold (n.)
gold, turning base metals into
philosopher's two stones
gold bar
ingot (n.)
gilded (adj.)
gold-coated effects
gilt (n.)
gilded (adj.)
golden state
gold (n.)
gold-gilded state
gilt (n.)
gone, order to be
avaunt (n.)
gone by, that has just
bygone (adj.)
good [in exclamations]
goodly (adj.)
good, do
profit (v.)
good, hold
stand (v.)
good, making
proof (n.)
good, may it do you
proface (int.)
good, quite
meetly (adj.)
good as, hold
stand (v.)
good birth
gentility (n.)
good books
book (n.)
good breeding, of
noble (adj.)
good cause, lost in a
well-lost (adj.)
good conduct
manner (n.)
good deed
alms (n.)
good faith
troth (n.)
good fellow
good (n.)
good for the health
wholesome (adj.)
good fortune, bringing
fortunate (adj.)
good fortune, by
perchance (adv.)
good fortune, replete with
full-fortuned (adj.)
good fortune, with
happily (adv.)
good front on, put a
become (v.)
good hand, in a
fair (adv.)
good order, in
trim, in the
good qualifications, with
seen, well
good qualities, endowed with
qualified (adj.)
good reception
cheer (n.)
good sense, endowed with
sensible (adj.)
good shape
plight (n.)
good spirits, in
heart, in,merry (adj.)
good times to come
good-years (n.)
good turn
bounty (n.)
good use, make
improve (v.)
good will, one who offers
well-willer (n.)
good wishes
wish (n.)
good word
voice (n.)
good works
merit (n.)
good-for-nothing creature
rag (n.)
good-for-nothing woman
baggage (n.)
good-looking, make
fair (v.)
kindly (adj.)
goodness, test the
try (v.)
goods, stolen
manner (n.)
good (n.)
goose, confound the little
whip the gosling
goose, little
gosling (n.)
goose, species of
barnacle (n.)
goose pen (n.)
gorged to excess
overgorged (adj.)
gory blood
gore-blood (n.)
goshawks, keeper of
astringer (n.)
writ (n.)
gospel, converted to the
gospelled (adj.)
film (n.)
gossip about
chat (v.)
buzzer (n.)
gossiping woman
gossip (n.)
governed by circumstances
circumstanced (adj.)
governing body
bench (n.)
government, member of the
magistrate (n.)
government, new
reformation (n.)
government, seat of Roman
Capitol (n.)
government instruction
commission (n.)
gown [in Roman consulship]
palliament (n.)
gown, put on a
enrobe (v.)
grab, hasty
snatch (n.)
grace, enjoying
gracious (adj.)
grace, filled with divine
gracious (adj.)
grace, full of
graceful (adj.)
grace, goddesses of
Three Graces
grace, herb of
grace (n.)
grace, through divine
graciously (adv.)
grace, without
ungracious (adj.)
grace before meals
grace (n.)
grace before meals, say
give thanks
grace with the name of
entitule, intitule (v.)
graceful movement
measure (n.)
gracefully, move
swim (v.)
gracefulness, natural
handsome (adj.)
graces, social
society (n.)
gracious but empty promises
court holy-water
gracious liberality
bounty (n.)
gracious self
presence (n.)
graciously receive
vouchsafe (v.)
handsomeness (n.)
gradually, very
inches, by
graduated line
scale (n.)
graft, tree supplying a
grafter (n.)
graft into
inoculate (v.)
grafted badly
misgraffed (adj.)
grafted plant
graff (n.)
grain, edible part of
meal (n.)
grain, inedible part of
bran (n.)
grain of sand
sand (n.)
grammar, inflections of Latin
accidence (n.)
Priscian (n.)
grandsire (n.)
grand-hearted lads
heart (n.)
large (adj.)
nephew (n.)
grant as a possibility
entertain (v.)
grant of occupation
holding (n.)
granted, kindly
vouchsafed (adj.)
grant (n.)
granting of titles
grant (n.)
grapes, sun-dried
raisins of the sun
graphic symbol
character (n.)
grasp a matter
apprehend (v.)
grasping, firmly
hold-fast (adj.)
grasping by the mind
apprehension (n.)
grasping of hands
seizure (n.)
grass, fodder
stover (n.)
grass-covered land
green (n.)
grassy mound
green (n.)
grassy space
laund (n.)
gratification, excessive
cloyment (n.)
gratification, wearisome
satiety (n.)
gratifying deception
flattery (n.)
pleasantly (adv.)
thank (n.)
gratitude, deserving of
deserving (adj.)
gratitude, expression of
thanking (n.)
gratitude, later
after-love (n.)
gratitude, show
gratify (v.)
vail (n.)
grave, awake from the
araise (v.)
cerements (n.)
delver (n.)
grease, smear with
enlard (v.)
grease the palms of
corrupt (v.)
great, exceedingly
intolerable (adj.)
great, exceptionally
excellent (adj.)
great and small
more and less
great army, in charge of a
high-battled (adj.)
great extent, to a
much (adv.)
great lengths, to
far (adv.)
great thing, it's a
world, it is a
greatest amount
extremity (n.)
greatly endowed
wide-enlarged (adj.)
pomp (n.)
greatness of spirit
magnanimity (n.)
greedily drink
swill (v.)
greedily eat
forage (v.)
greedily feed
tire (v.)
greedy scavenger
puttock (n.)
Absyrtus (n.),Achilles (n.),Actaeon (n.),Adonis (n.),Adonis, gardens of,Aeacus (n.),Aegles (n.),Aeolus (n.),Aeson (n.),Agamemnon (n.),Agenor (n.),Ajax (n.),Alcides (n.),Alecto (n.),Althaea (n.),Anchises (n.),Anna (n.),Antiopa, Antiope (n.),Apollo (n.),Argus (n.),Ariachne (n.),Ariadne (n.),Arion (n.),Aristotle (n.),Ascanius (n.),Astraea (n.),Atalanta (n.),Ate (n.),Athene (n.),Atlas (n.),Atropos (n.),Bacchanal (n.),Boreas (n.),Briareus (n.),Cadmus (n.),Capaneus (n.),Castor (n.),Cerberus (n.),Charon (n.),Circe (n.),Cleitus (n.),Cocytus (n.),Colchos (n.),Creon (n.),Cyclops (n.),Daedalus (n.),Damon (n.),Daphne (n.),Deucalion (n.),Diomed, Diomede (n.),Elysium,Enceladus (n.),Endymion (n.),Epicurus (n.),Erebus (n.),Europa (n.),Fates (n.),Furies (n.),Galen (n.),Ganymede (n.),harpy (n.),Hecat, Hecate (n.),Hector (n.),Helen (n.),Helicons (n.),Hercules (n.),Hermes (n.),Hero (n.),Hesperides (n.),Hippocrates (n.),Hippolyta (n.),Hydra (n.),Hymen (n.),Hyperion (n.),Hyrcan tiger,Icarus (n.),Io (n.),Iris (n.),Jason (n.),Laertes (n.),Leander (n.),Leda (n.),Lichas (n.),Medea (n.),Meleager (n.),Menelaus (n.),Merops (n.),Milo (n.),Minos (n.),Minotaur (n.),Myrmidons (n.),Naiades (n.),Narcissus (n.),Nemean lion,Nemesis (n.),Neoptolemus (n.),Nereids (n.),Nessus (n.),Nestor (n.),Niobe (n.),Orpheus (n.),Pandarus (n.),Pandion (n.),Paris (n.),Pegasus (n.),Pelops (n.),Penelope (n.),Perigenia (n.),Perseus (n),Phaethon, Phaeton (n.),Philemon (n.),Philomel, Philomela (n.),Pluto (n.),Plutus (n.),Priam (n.),Priapus (n.),Procne, Progne (n.),Procrus (n.),Prometheus (n.),Proteus (n.),Pygmalion (n.),Pyramus (n.),Pyrrhus (n.),Pythagoras (n.),Rhesus (n.),Rhodope (n.),RIngwood (n.),Sagittary (n.),Scylla (n.),Sibyl, Sybilla (n.),Sinon (n.),Siren (n.),Socrates (n.),Solon (n.),Stygian (adj.),Styx (n.),Tantalus (n.),Tartar (n.),Telamon (n.),Telemonius (n.),Tereus (n.),Thersites (n.),Theseus (n.),Thetis (n.),Three Graces,Triton (n.),Troilus (n.),Typhon (n.),Ulysses (n.),Xanthippe (n.)
green (n.)
blade (n.)
greet again
regreet (v.)
greet once more
re-salute (v.)
greet one another
congreet (v.)
greeting, daily
time of day
greeting, fresh
regreet (n.)
greeting to monarchs
hail (int.)
greetings, convey
commend (v.)
grey hairs, sprinkling of
grizzle (n.)
grey-blue [of eyes]
grey (adj.)
dun (adj.)
greyish-yellow [as of limestone or sandstone]
freestone (n.)
hoar (adj.)
grief, break down in
dissolve (v.)
grief, come to
blast (v.)
grief, deep
passion (n.)
grief, folded in
sorrow-wreathen (adj.)
grief, gnawing
canker-sorrow (n.)
grief, hymn of
anthem (n.)
grief, lost in
tranced (adj.)
grief, made thin with
pined (adj.)
grief, tell with
deplore (v.)
grief, with great
grievously (adv.)
care-tuned (adj.)
grievance, sense of
exception (n.)
grieve with
condole (v.)
care (n.)
grievous, make more
aggravate (v.)
grievously deceived person
sore-betrayed (n.)
grilled piece of meat
carbonado, carbinado (n.)
grilling, scored across for
carbonadoed (adj.)
grimace, derisive
mow (n.)
grim-looked (adj.)
grin scornfully
fleer (v.)
fixed (adj.)
grinding corn, hand-mill for
quern (n.)
grips, get to
close (v.)
groans during childbirth
groan (v.)
groom [horses]
dress (v.)
fatness (n.)
grotesque entertainment
antic, antick(e), antique (n.)
grotesque figure, make
antic, antick(e), antique (v.)
grotesquely carved head on a cittern
cittern-head (n.)
ground, alleged
pretence (n.)
ground, bed on the
field-bed (n.)
ground, bit of
piece (n.)
ground, dead on the
down (adv.)
ground, existing in the
earthly (adj.)
ground, fix in the
plant (v.)
ground, good
colour (n.)
ground, hunting
chase (n.),park (n.)
ground, large pit in the
hole (n.)
ground, swampy
flat (n.)
ground, tournament
tilt-yard (n.)
ground of belief
theme (n.)
ground plan
model (n.)
grounded badly
ill-ta'en (adj.)
causeless (adv.)
model (n.)
trial (n.)
grounds, give
promise (v.)
grounds, give good
warrant (v.)
group, forming into a
faction (n.)
group features
general (n.)
group of followers
company (n.)
grove of broom
broom-grove (n.)
grove of lime trees
line-grove (n.)
grow, cause to
cherish (v.)
grow, make
graft (v.)
grow again
renew (v.)
grow fat
batten (v.)
grow to full form [in pregnancy]
round (v.)
growing, prevent from
keep down (v.)
growing in abundance
rank (adj.)
growing person
crescent (n.)
grown large enough for flight
fledge (adj.)
growth, bulging
wallet (n.)
growth, capable of great
virtuous (adj.)
growth, cut short
nip (v.)
growth, displaying
fledge (adj.)
growth, excessive
rankness (n.)
growth, fullness of
pride (n.)
growth, insert new
ingraft, engraft (v.)
growth, noisy
mandrake (n.)
growth, profuse in
wanton (adj.)
growth, wildness of
savagery (n.)
growth, young
spring (n.)
grub that destroys blossom
canker-blossom (n.)
grub that destroys plants
canker (n./adj.)
gruel, medicinal warm
caudle (n.)
guarantee, give a
engage (v.)
guarantee of freedom
bail (n.)
guarantee of safe passage
safeguard, on
vouched (adj.)
guarantor, act as a
surety (v.)
guarantor, like a
surety-like (adv.)
guard , stand
sentinel (v.)
guard, be on
look to it
guard, get inside the [in fencing]
get within (v.)
guard, keep
watch (v.)
guard, Swiss
Switzer (n.)
guard, take off
surprise (v.)
guarded, be
keep (v.)
guarded well
reserved (adj.)
guardian spirit
genius (n.)
guardianship, under
ward, in
guess correctly
level at (v.)
guesses, make
divine (v.)
guesswork, by
guessingly (adv.)
guest, as a
guestwise (adv.)
guidance, authoritative
direction (n.)
guidance, needing
incertain (adj.)
guidance, without
shapeless (adj.)
guide, accurate
card (n.)
guide one's efforts [in archery]
aim, give one
guiding position
stern (n.)
guiding power
sway (n.)
simplicity (n.)
guilt, clearing away of
purgation (n.)
guilty, not
clear (adj.)
guilty, person deemed
spotted (adj.)
gudgeon (n.)
carriage (n.)
platform (n.)
powder (n.)
gunpowder, flaming
wildfire (n.)
gunpowder, substance used for making
saltpetre (n.)
gunpowder case
flask (n.)
guns on, play
play upon (v.)
bounce (n.)
gut, voracious
gulf (n.)

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