This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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eager, be
gape (v.)
eager for information
inquisitive (adj.)
eager for renown
glorious (adj.)
eagerly longing
impatient (adj.)
eagerly peering
earnest-gaping (adj.)
eagerly ready
prompted (adj.)
eagerness, excessive
forwardness (n.)
eagerness to work
husbandry (n.)
ear, give
ear (v.)
ear, perceived by the
auricular (adj.)
earlier affirmed
fore-vouched (adj.)
earlier displayed
forespent (adj.)
earlier instruct
fore-advise (v.)
earlier part
backward (n.)
earlier point, at an
beforehand (adv.)
earlier suggest
presuppose (v.)
earlier violation
before-breach (n.)
earlier youth
minority (n.)
early age, from such an
young days, of so
early days
blade (n.)
early in the morning
betimes (adv.)
early morning
dawning (n.)
early part
fore-end (n.)
early warning, giving an accurate
well-forwarning (adj.)
early years
prime (n.)
forward (adj.)
earned through great hardship
distressful (adj.)
earnest, not in
sportful (adj.)
earnest penny
penny (n.)
industry (n.)
earning power
purchase (n.)
hire (n.)
ears, pulled along by the
head-lugged (adj.)
ears, with long hanging
flap-eared (adj.)
earshot, within
ear, in the
deafing (adj.)
earth, belonging to the
nether (adj.)
earth, brown-coloured
umber (n.)
earth, centre of the
centre (n.)
earth, corner of the
corner (n.)
earth, face of the
ground (n.)
earth, fiend from under the
under fiend (n.)
earth, piece of
clod (n.),plot (n.)
earth, put in the
earth (v.)
earth, rich
slime (n.)
earth, seen as midway between heaven and hell
middle earth (n.)
earth, sphere of the
rondure (n.)
earth, within the
earthly (adj.)
earth chestnut
pignut (n.)
earthly life, tormenting
earth-vexing (adj.)
ease, dignified
worship (n.)
ease, lack of
disease (n.)
ease, with
ease, in
easily endured
easy-held (adj.)
easily move
tickle (v.)
easily persuaded
easy-melting (adj.)
eastern part of the sky
orient (n.)
easy in mind
contented (adj.)
easy life, attached to the
tender (adj.)
easy life, providing an
wheels, on
easy to get through
open (adj.)
eat [as animals]
browse (v.)
eat, fit to
wholesome (adj.)
eat greedily
forage (v.)
eat into
pinch (v.)
eat one's fill
full-gorged (adj.)
eat pasture
grass (v.)
eaten away all over
overeaten, over-eaten (adj.)
eaten away by canker grubs
canker-bit (adj.)
eater, hearty
trencher-man (n.)
eater, insatiable
cormorant (n.)
eater, valiant
trencher-knight (n.)
eating, pleasures of
Epicurean (adj.)
eating away
pining (adj.)
eating together, people
mess (n.)
odd (adj.)
ecclesiastical appointments, trading in
simony (n.)
ecclesiastical court
consistory (n.)
ecclesiastical estate
spiritualty (n.)
ecclesiastical living
benefice (n.)
economy, good
husbandry (n.)
economy, practise
spare (v.)
edge, encircling
verge (n.)
edge, sharp
tang (n.)
edge, take off the
disedge (v.),dull (v.)
edge of the sea
sea-margent (n.)
edging, cloth
list (n.)
edible part
meat (n.)
edible part of grain
meal (n.)
edible produce
mast (n.)
edified, be
learn (v.)
education, field of
learning (n.)
razure (n.)
effect, bring into
effect (v.)
effect, clever
subtlety (n.)
effective, prove
make (v.)
effective remedy
medicine (n.)
sovereignty (n.)
effeminately delicate
lady (adj.)
effort, make extra
strain (v.)
effort, strong
strife (n.)
effort, with little
slightly (adv.)
efforts, make great
contend (v.),sweat (v.)
effuse (n.)
effusion, vocal
strain (n.)
eggs, deposit
blow (v.)
egress and regress
regress (n.)
elaborate, finely
curious-good (adj.)
elaborate, vividly
flaming (adj.)
elaborately adorn
fret (v.)
elated, passionately
wild (adj.)
elated by the thought of
proud (adj.)
elder tree
elder (n.)
old (n.)
election, offer for
stand for (v.)
elegance, artless
handsome (adj.)
element, chief
body (n.)
element, out of one's
welkin, out of one's
elements, composed of the
compound (adj.)
elements, made up of wicked
ill-composed (adj.)
elements of life
element (n.)
elevate in rank
raise (v.)
elevated manner, in an
highly (adv.)
elevated rostrum
tribunal (n.)
elevation [in navigation]
height (n.)
elision, mark of
apostrophus (n.)
elixir derived from gold
medicine potable
escape (n.)
define (v.)
opener (n.)
elves, hair treated by
elf-lock (n.)
emaciated, become
peak (v.)
emaciated being
starveling (n.)
emanation, luminous
meteor (n.)
emanation, worthless
vapour (n.)
balm (v.)
continent (n.)
embarrassed, be
shame (v.)
embarrassing conduct
extremity (n.)
embarrassment, be an
puzzle (v.)
varnished (adj.)
ruffling (adj.)
embellishment, formal
accoutrement (n.)
embellishment, rhetorical
flourish (n.)
ember, flaming
cinder (n.)
ember-days, evening before
ember-eve (n.)
emblem, distinctive
charact, caract (n.)
emblem of royalty
royalty (n.)
emblematic figure
device (n.)
bolden (v.)
boldened (adj.)
stud (v.)
yoking (adj.)
embroidered breast-piece
square (n.)
embroidered fabric, piece of
carpet (n.)
embroidery, piece of
sampler (n.),spot (n.)
embroidery, silk thread for
sleave-silk (n.)
emerge into view
peep about (v.)
eminent, least
meanest (n.)
eminent, less
meaner (n.)
eminent, most
best (adj.)
eminent company
presence (n.)
eminent person, most
best (n.)
vent (n.)
emission, steamy
vapour (n.)
emotion, carried away with
rapt (adj.)
emotion, express with great
passionate (v.)
emotion, feel a pang of
thrill (v.)
emotion, feeling strong
swelling (adj.)
emotion, intense
extreme (n.)
emotion, overpowering
passion (n.)
emotion, power to retain
retention (n.)
emotion, strong
blood (n.)
emotional, excessively
passionate (adj.)
emotional outcry
outrage (n.)
emotional passage
passion (n.)
emotional state
passion (n.)
emperor's domain
empery (n.)
enforce (v.)
emphatically state
urge (v.)
emplacement, battery
platform (n.)
employ badly
abuse (v.)
employ to advantage
improve (v.)
employed craftsman
journeyman (n.)
manager (n.)
employment, active
breathing (n.)
employment, await
serve (v.)
employment, in
foot, on
employment, insignia of
badge (n.)
nothing (n.)
emptiness, barren
desolation (n.)
empty [of a treasure]
untreasure (v.)
empty, stay
fast (v.)
empty manifestation
vapour (n.)
empty moment
froth (n.)
empty of people
unpeople (v.)
empty pretence
module (n.)
empty space
vacancy (n.)
empty space of time
vast (n.)
empty stomach, having an
empty (adj.)
empty thing
bubble (n.)
empty (adj.)
encampment, of an
quartered (adj.)
encircling band
compass (n.)
encircling edge
verge (n.)
enclose in glass
glass (v.)
enclosed in a case/setting
cased (adj.)
enclosed order, member of
cloistress (n.)
enclosed space
circuit (n.)
enclosure, put in an
frank up (v.)
inclusive (adj.)
encounter, dare to
tempt (v.)
encounter, forceful
brush (n.)
encounter, hostile
battle (n.)
encounter an obstacle [in bowls]
rub on (v.)
encourage into
put upon (v.)
encourage with false hopes
bear in hand
encouraging, most
fairest-boding (adj.)
encouraging noises, make
hum (v.)
fair (adv.)
encouragingly talk
move (v.)
encroach on
jet upon (v.)
usurpation (n.)
clogging (adj.)
clog (n.)
end, bring to an untimely
cut off (v.)
end, fight to the very
fight out (v.)
end, fitting
consummation (n.)
end, means to an
property (n.)
end, near one's
ending (adj.)
end, preserve to the
work out (v.)
end, provide an
end (v.)
end, stand on
stare (v.)
end, still an
end (n.)
end, stretch out to the
outstretch (v.)
end, to that
thither (adv.)
end, to the
home (adv.)
end, to the bitter
utterance, to the
end, to this
hither (adv.)
end of, make an
fetch off (v.)
end of a musical theme
close (n.)
end of all things
end (n.)
end the conversation
draw toward an end
end to everything, bringing an
all-ending (adj.)
end up with
arrive at
endangering oneself
self-danger (n.)
endeavour, showing
labouring (adj.)
ended, now
overpast (adj.)
ended, recently
scarce-cold (adj.)
endless repetition
iteration (n.)
endow with honour
crown (v.)
endowed, richly
rich-left (adj.)
endowed greatly
wide-enlarged (adj.)
endowing of possessions
endowment (n.)
estate (n.)
endowment, wedding
stock (n.)
endurance, of
undergoing (adj.)
endurance, with
patiently (adv.)
endure in fierce cold
starve out (v.)
endured, easily
easy-held (adj.)
enduring, always
ever-during (adj.)
enema syringe
clyster-pipe (n.)
enemies, joint action as
contestation (n.)
enemy, into the heart of the
home (adv.)
enemy, ruthless
dog (n.)
hard (adv.)
palled (adj.)
weak (adj.)
yoking (adj.)
enforce payment
exact (v.)
enforced service
impress (n.)
enfranched (adj.)
engage [fight]
buckle (v.)
engage in a dancing contest
caper (v.)
engage in a jousting contest
lance, break a
engage in an enterprise
embark (v.)
engage in fighting
strike (v.)
engage in manly sports
exercise (v.)
engage in warfare
buckle (v.)
engage with
answer (v.)
engaged, always
busy (adj.)
engaged, be actively
tire (v.)
engaged, recently
new-trothed (adj.)
engaged a second time
sub-contracted (adj.)
engaged in a struggle, be
broil (v.)
engaged in battle
fielded (adj.)
engaged in military operations
field, in the
engagement [betrothal]
troth-plight (n.)
engagement [encounter]
action (n.),hour (n.)
engagement, well commanded
stratagem (n.)
engagement elsewhere, have an
promise forth
cutter (n.)
engraving tool
gad (n.)
rapt (adj.)
engulfed with fire
inflamed (adj.)
advantage (n.)
charmed (adj.)
charmingly (adv.)
darkly (adv.)
enjoy a banquet
convive (v.)
enjoyable, find
humour (v.)
enjoying grace
gracious (adj.)
enjoyment, carnal
jollity (n.)
enjoyment, special
edge (n.)
enjoyment from, derive
joy (v.)
wax (v.)
enlarge in scope
extend (v.)
enlarge upon
dilate (v.)
propagation (n.)
light (n.)
enlist, forced to
impressed (adj.)
enlistment of soldiers
muster (n.)
lively (adj.)
enmity, full of
envious (adj.)
ennobled fellow
conversion (n.)
hugy (adj.)
enough, more than
old (adj.)
enough, powerful
able (adj.)
enough, soon
time enough
enough, well
meanly (adv.)
enquire about
question (v.)
enrich with fat
lard (v.)
enriching with property
endowment (n.)
gyve (v.)
limed (adj.)
entangled, become
ravel (v.)
entangled by roots
enrooted (adj.)
brake (n.)
order (n.)
enter, legally
enrol (v.)
enter, permission to
admittance (n.)
enter abruptly
break in (v.)
enter briskly
clap into (v.)
enter for sale in the toll-book of a market
toll (v.)
enter in the records
enact (v.)
enter into service
serve (v.)
enter on a scroll
inscroll (v.)
enter upon
entertain (v.)
entered, legally
enrolled (adj.)
entered into manhood
man-entered (adj.)
enter (n.)
entering, right of
entrance (n.)
enterprise, engage in an
embark (v.)
enterprise, risky
venture (n.)
enterprise, urgent
expedience (n.)
entertain in the kitchen
kitchen (v.)
entertain kindly
cherish (v.)
entertainingly speak
speak holiday
entertainment, comic
drollery (n.)
entertainment, courtly
revel (n.)
entertainment, go to an
jest (v.)
entertainment, grotesque
antic, antick(e), antique (n.)
entertainment, short
abridgement (n.)
crown (v.)
leap (v.)
wooingly (adv.)
enticingly baited
fine-baited (adj.)
enticingly delightful
flattering-sweet (adj.)
entire range
full (n.)
entitled to esteem
authentic (adj.)
entitled to honour, be
deserve (v.)
title (n.)
rapt (adj.)
entrance (n.)
entrapping, stratagem for
twig (n.)
entreat earnestly
conjure (v.)
entreat with
urge (v.)
suitor (n.)
entreating, persistently
suing (adj.)
entreats, one who
implorator (n.)
entreaty, pressing
importunacy (n.)
trenched (adj.)
entrenched way, in an
rootedly (adv.)
entrusted, be
command (v.)
entrusted money
charge (n.)
entrusted with one's secrets
bosom, of one's
entry, forced
intrusion (n.)
entry into society
admittance (n.)
reckoning (n.)
sound (v.)
casing (adj.)
hope (v.)
equal, having no
alone (adj.)
equal, make
match (v.)
equal, person without
nonpareil (n.)
equal amount
quantity (n.)
equal degree, to an
equally (adv.)
equal in value, consider
value (v.)
equal partnership
rivality (n.)
equal share
moiety (n.)
equal to, be
countervail (v.)
equality, claiming
hand-in-hand (adj.)
equality of stature
rivality (n.)
equally balanced
hand-in-hand (adj.)
line (n.)
equator, celestial
equinoctial (n.)
equilibrium, keep in
peise (v.)
equipment, without heavy
light (adv.)
poise (n.)
equipped, badly
ill-left (adj.)
equipped, sharply
sharp-provided (adj.)
equipped military force
preparation (n.)
equipped with trappings
tired (adj.)
equal (adj.)
equivalence of rank
sympathy (n.)
equivalent fortune, of
equal (adj.)
equivalent weight, of
counterpoise (n.)
quarrel (v.)
erect bearing, with
straight-pight (adj.)
erode through the rubbing away of time
grate (v.)
erotic stimulation
provocation (n.)
error, act in
mistake (v.)
error, free from
sound (adj.)
error, moral
escape (n.)
error in conduct
slip (n.)
erudite person
scholar (n.)
book (n.)
start (n.)
escape, look to
shun (v.)
escape, means of
bulwark (n.)
escape with
take (v.)
escort, act as
protect (v.)
escort, follow in
wait on / upon (v.)
scutcheon (n.)
shew (v.)
deep (adj.)
esoteric knowledge
concealment (n.)
affy (v.)
essence, animating
spirit (n.)
essence, fine
flour (n.)
essence, inexplicable
mystery (n.)
establish a position
lay knife aboard
establish in office
place (v.)
establish oneself firmly
ensconce, insconce (v.)
established, be
root (v.)
established by custom
customed (adj.)
established order
frame (n.)
planting (n.)
arming (n.)
estate, deprive of
unstate (v.)
estate, ecclesiastical
spiritualty (n.)
estate, lord's
lordship (n.)
estate, provision for passing to an heir
entail (n.)
estate settled upon a widow
widowhood (n.)
estate supervisor
surveyor (n.)
estates forfeited to the crown, officer for
cheater (n.)
esteem, commanding
venerable (adj.)
esteem, entitled to
authentic (adj.)
esteem, give
credit (v.)
esteem, in little
carelessly (adv.)
estimate, at the lowest
least, at the
estimate, lowest
least (n.)
estimated amount
estimation (n.)
estimates, make
calculate (v.)
estimation, beyond
sumless (adj.)
estimation of worth
valuation (n.)
estranged, become
fall off (v.)
strangeness (n.)
estrangement, reason for
divorce (n.)
eternity, for
aye (adv.)
Eucharist, without the
unhouseled (adj.)
evade an argument using flattery
mocked, well
rated (adj.)
evasion, capacity for
invention (n.)
evasion, without
directly (adv.)
evasive, be
go about (v.)
evasively, behave
shuffle (v.)
evasively, deal
palter (v.)
even, make
poise (v.)
even at best
best, in the
equal (adj.)
evening, previous
overnight (n.)
evening, this
night, at
evening, yesterday
overnight, at
evening before ember-days
ember-eve (n.)
evening bell
curfew (n.)
evening devotions
night-oblations (n.)
evening star
Hesperus (n.)
evening twilight
cockshut (n.)
evenly layered, with branches
even-pleached (adj.)
evenly shared
well-divided (adj.)
event, ominous
omen (n.)
event, opening
firstling (n.)
event, worst possible
devil (n.)
vesper (n.)
events, falling out of
chance (n.)
events, turn of
lottery (n.)
ever, lasting for
eternity (n.)
ever, make famous for
eternize (v.)
perdurably (adv.)
every inch of him
inches, even to his
every now and then
among (adv.),ever and anon
everyday acquaintance
community (n.)
everyday language
vulgar (n.)
everyday speech
common (n.)
everyone, affecting
common (adj.)
everyone, by
general, in
everyone, of
general (adj.)
everyone, touching
common-kissing (adj.)
everyone partaking, with
divided (adj.)
everything, sum of
all of all
evidence, available as
forthcoming (adj.)
evidence, be
attest (v.)
evidence, be in
put forth (v.)
evidence, gather in
collect (v.)
evidence, justify in the light of
testimony (v.)
evidence, not supported by solid
unfelt (adj.)
evidence, piece of
voucher (n.)
evidence, provide
inform (v.)
evidence against, give
peach (v.)
evidence against someone
evidence (n.)
evidence of, be
argue (v.),cite (v.)
evidence of passage
tract (n.)
evidence of unfaithfulness
detection (n.)
evidence of valour
trophy (n.)
evident, make
illustrate (v.)
evident, palpably
general-gross (adj.)
evil, associate in
yoke-devil (n.)
evil, attracting towards
vile-drawing (adj.)
evil, dread of
misdread (n.)
evil, flushing out of
purge (n.)
evil, free from
franchised (adj.)
evil, impending
imminence (n.)
evil, kept safe from
preserved (adj.)
evil, lessen
amend (v.)
evil, predicting
ill-boding (adj.)
evil, promising
prodigious (adj.)
evil, prompting towards
suggestion (n.)
evil, protecting from
charming (adj.)
evil, the king's
Evil, the
evil conduct
illness (n.)
evil doubt
conjecture (n.)
evil foe
fiend (n.)
evil influence
malignancy (n.)
evil influence, have an
strike (v.)
evil intent, made with
mistempered (adj.)
evil means, gained by
extorted (adj.)
evil spirits, expel
conjure (v.)
malicious (adj.)
ill-dispersing (adj.)
aggravate (v.)
exactly fitting
fulfilling (adj.)
exaggeration, free from
modest (adj.)
exaggeration, without
modestly (adv.)
exalted person
glory (n.)
examination, under
question, in
examine carefully
survey (v.)
examine closely
sift (v.)
examine scientifically
observe (v.)
examining, discover by
sift (v.)
example, find an
example (v.)
example, instructive
lecture (n.)
example, perfect
top (n.)
example, previous
pattern (n.)
example, supreme
mirror (n.)
example, teach by
moralize, moralise (v.)
example, worthy
precedent (n.)
exasperation [expression of]
come (v.)
dig (v.)
exceed, far
outspeak (v.)
exceed in daring
outdare (v.)
exceed in number
overcount (v.)
exceed in sweetness
outsweeten (v.)
exceed in worth
overbuy (v.)
excel in pride
out-brag (v.)
excel in splendour
outbrave (v.)
excel in workmanship
outwork (v.)
excelled, not able to be
unparagoned (adj.)
excellence, attaching
attributive (adj.)
excellence, greatest
sovereignty (n.)
excellence, model of
mirror (n.)
excellence, of great
holy (adj.)
excellence, supreme
divineness (n.)
virtue (n.)
excellent, make more
mend (v.)
excellent, supremely
super-dainty (adj.)
excellent, wholly
all-worthy (adj.)
excellently wrought
curious-good (adj.)
exception, without
generally (adv.)
exceptional homage
eminence (n.)
exceptional character
rareness (n.)
exceptional nature
rarity (n.)
exceptional quality
rariety (n.)
rarely (adv.)
exceptions, making no
exceptless (adj.)
excess, feed to
surfeit (v.)
excess, feeding to
surfeiting (n.)
excess, gorged to
overgorged (adj.)
excess, ill through
sick (adj.)
excess, in a state of
grossly (adv.)
excess, lustful
pride (n.)
excess, never filled to
never-surfeited (adj.)
excess, sensual
epicurism (n.)
excess, sickness brought on by
surfeit (n.)
excess, stuffed to
crammed (adj.)
excess, sufficiency without
competency (n.)
excess of happiness
overjoy (n.)
excessive, not
reasonable (adj.)
excessive behaviour
prank (n.)
excessive gratification
cloyment (n.)
excessive growth
rankness (n.)
excessive scruple
niceness (n.)
excessively devoted
superstitious (adj.)
excessively emotional
passionate (adj.)
excessively fierce
outrageous (adj.)
excessively large
gross (adj.)
excessively luxuriant
rank (adj.)
excessively productive
overteemed, over-teemed (adj.)
excessively swollen
overproud (adj.)
excited shouting
whooping (n.)
excited state
heyday (n.)
excitement, disturbed
commotion (n.)
whooping (n.)
exclaim (n.)
exclusive membership, with
limited (adj.)
ban (v.)
siege (n.)
vent (v.)
lawful (adj.)
excuses, devising
invention (n.)
execution [in fencing]
motion (n.)
execution, place of
stake (n.)
executioner's axe
hatchet (n.)
executor, be
oversee (v.)
sample (n.)
exampled (adj.)
example (v.)
exemption, gain
dispense with (v.)
exercise, free
franchise (n.)
exercised, be
tire (v.)
exert, maximally
stretch (v.)
exert oneself
purchase (v.)
exert oneself on behalf of
labour for (v.)
exert oneself strongly
sweat (v.)
exerting power
up (adv.)
exhaust by imposing excessive charges
rack (v.)
exhaust through breeding
breed out (v.)
exhausted after too much riding
overridden (adj.)
exhausted by child-bearing
overteemed, over-teemed (adj.)
exhausted from lack of sleep
overwatched (adj.)
exhaustion, drive to [in hunting]
emboss (v.)
exhaustion, made mad with
embossed (adj.)
capable (adj.)
exchange [in fencing]
pass (n.)
exchange, angry
word (n.)
exchange, bill of
bill (n.)
exchange, familiar
mutuality (n.)
exchange, mock-hostile
have at (v.)
exchange greetings
congreet (v.)
exchange of words
bandying (n.)
exchequer, official of the
auditor (n.)
existence, bring into
breed (v.), past form bred
existence, come into
come forth (v.),grow (v.)
existence, continuing
life (n.),standing (n.)
existence, entity with a real-world
subject (n.)
existence, living and breathing
breath (n.)
existence, period of
date (n.)
existence, perpetual
eternity (n.)
existence, physical
being (n.)
existence, term of
date (n.)
existing, carry on
hang together (v.)
existing, not
unborn (adj.)
existing still
present (adj.)
exorbitant demand
exaction (n.)
conjure (v.)
exorcist, not driven out by an
unlaid (adj.)
expanse, broad
main (n.)
expanse, great
vast (n.)
expanse of open countryside
champain, champaign (n./adj.)
expect, lead to
promise (v.)
expectant stance, in an [of a deer]
gaze, at
expectant state
expectance (n.)
expectation, foster
bear in hand
expectation, wait in
tend (v.)
expectation, with quiet
patiently (adv.)
expectation of possession
reversion (n.)
apt (adj.)
expected, situation of being
expectation (n.)
expected arrangement
composition (n.)
expedient circumstance
occasion (n.)
speed (v.)
expedition, hasty
expedience (n.)
expedition, make a hasty
speed (v.)
expeditious, most
haste-post-haste (adj.)
expel evil spirits
conjure (v.)
expelled, be
vanish (v.)
expense (n.)
expenditure, extra
waste (n.)
expense, cause
charge (v.)
expense of, receive at the
share from (v.)
expensive item
cost (n.)
experience, from
masterly (adv.)
experience, knowledge drawn from
art (n.)
experience, on the basis of
experimental (adj.)
experience, painful
aloe (n.)
experience, with worldly
knowingly (adv.)
experience deep feeling
passion (v.)
experienced, be
dog at, be a
experienced, most
ancient, aunchient (n.)
experienced, not
unfelt (adj.)
experienced, not previously
strange (adj.)
experienced, regularly
ordinary (adj.)
enjoying (n.)
book, by the
die (v.)
explain that
good, make that
explain to oneself, able to
self-explication (n.)
explanation, detailed
circumstance (n.)
explanation, normal
account, accompt (n.)
explanation, straightforward
even (n.)
gross (adv.)
explode, make
rive (v.)
explode on
blow (v.)
exploit prompted by love
love-feat (n.)
bounce (n.)
petar (n.)
explosive charge
crack (n.)
exposed situation, in an
weather, in the
exposed to general view
open (adj.)
exposition, deliberate
position (n.)
exposition, tedious
prolixity (n.)
exposition, written
invention (n.)
opener (n.)
express an opinion
yield (v.)
express as a dialogue
dialogue (v.)
express badly
misspeak (v.)
express discontent
fret (v.)
express disdain
scorn (v.)
express from the heart
unbosom (v.)
express great sorrow
condole (v.)
express in fresh words
vary (v.)
express messenger
post (n.)
express one's mind
deliver (v.)
express oneself
come (v.),deal (v.)
express speed
post-horse (n.)
express sympathy with
condole (v.)
express with feeling
sympathize (v.)
express with great emotion
passionate (v.)
express with lamentation
deplore (v.)
expressed, deliberately
set (adj.)
expressed, just
passed (adj.)
expressed content
method (n.)
expressing significance
importing (adj.)
expression, give a morose
sour (v.)
expression, high-flown
state (n.)
expression, passionate
outrage (n.)
expression, physical
form (n.)
expression, settled
setting (n.)
expression, troubled
cloud (n.)
expression, vigorous
emphasis (n.)
expression of approval
approbation (n.)
expression of gratitude
thanking (n.)
vizard-like (adj.)
rolling (adj.)
exquisite nature, of
delicate (adj.)
exquisitely formed
fine (adj.)
extended to full length
stretched-out (adj.)
extending [of descent]
passage (n.)
extending [of politeness]
extent (n.)
extent [to which a bow can be bent]
bent (n.)
extent, greatest
head and front
extent, increasing in
propagation (n.)
extent, permitted
limit (n.)
extent, to a great
volume, by the
extent, to a slight
slenderly (adv.)
extent, to this
hitherto (adv.)
extent, to too great an
overfar, over-far (adv.)
extent, to whatever
howsoever, howsoe'er (adv.)
extent, total
bottom (n.)
extent not to be exceeded
measure (n.)
extent of land
bound (n.)
extent of time
respite (n.)
flatter (v.)
extermine (v.)
external honour
addition (n.)
external observer, acting as an
outward (adj.)
external show
sight (n.)
external sign of pomp
ceremony (n.)
external thing, mere
outside (n.)
without (adv.)
extortionate taxation
exaction (n.)
extra, charge
inflame (v.)
extra burden
imposition (n.)
extra effort, make
strain (v.)
extra expenditure
waste (n.)
extra function
adjunct (n.)
extra quantity
more (n.)
extract, liquid
infusion (n.)
extract with force
extort (v.)
extraordinary nature
monstruosity (n.)
super-subtle (adj.)
extravagant, foolishly
prodigal (adj.)
extravagant turn of phrase
quirk (n.)
prodigal (adv.)
extravagantly behaved individual
phantasime (n.)
extreme intensity
extremity (n.)
extreme unction, without
unaneled (adj.)
extreme urgency
extremity (n.)
extremes, driven to
embossed (adj.)
extremity of the spur-wheel
rowel-head (n.)
redeem (v.)
lavish (adj.)
exulting, contemptuously
insulting (adj.)
exulting manner, in an
rejoicingly (adv.)
eye, cast an
overglance (v.)
eye, follow with the
after-eye (v.),look after (v.)
eye, giant with one
Cyclops (n.)
eye, lens of the
eye-glass (n.)
eye, muscles of the
eye-strings (n.)
eye, winking of an
twink (n.)
eye on, keep an
look after (v.)
eye to eye, see
through, be
brow (n.)
spectacles (n.)
eyelids, dear [in oaths]
liggens (n.)
eyes, attack with the sun in the
sun of, get the
eyes, closing of the
wink (n.)
eyes, cover one's
hoodwink (v.)
eyes, hurting the
eye-offending (adj.)
eyes, peer through half-closed
peep (v.)
eyes, shut one's
wink (v.)
eyes, shutting the
winking (n.)
eyes, with closed
winking (adj.)
eyes, with glaring
eyes of all, in the
generally (adv.)
eyes of mixed colours, with
parti-eyed (adj.)
eyesight, with bad
thick-sighted (adj.)
poring (adj.)

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