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Shall we call in th' Ambassador, my Liege? Shall we call in th' ambassador, my liege?H5 I.ii.3
They know your Grace hath cause, and means, and might; They know your grace hath cause and means and might – H5 I.ii.125
So hath your Highnesse: neuer King of England So hath your highness. Never King of EnglandH5 I.ii.126
Had Nobles richer, and more loyall Subiects, Had nobles richer and more loyal subjects,H5 I.ii.127
Whose hearts haue left their bodyes here in England, Whose hearts have left their bodies here in EnglandH5 I.ii.128
And lye pauillion'd in the fields of France. And lie pavilioned in the fields of France.H5 I.ii.129
But there's a saying very old and true, But there's a saying very old and true:H5 I.ii.166
If that you will France win, ‘ If that you will France win,H5 I.ii.167
then with Scotland first begin. Then with Scotland first begin.’H5 I.ii.168
For once the Eagle (England) being in prey, For once the eagle England being in prey,H5 I.ii.169
To her vnguarded Nest, the Weazell (Scot) To her unguarded nest the weasel ScotH5 I.ii.170
Comes sneaking, and so sucks her Princely Egges, Comes sneaking, and so sucks her princely eggs,H5 I.ii.171
Playing the Mouse in absence of the Cat, Playing the mouse in absence of the cat,H5 I.ii.172
To tame and hauocke more then she can eate. To tame and havoc more than she can eat.H5 I.ii.173
How smooth and euen they do bear themselues, How smooth and even they do bear themselves!H5 II.ii.3
As if allegeance in their bosomes sate As if allegiance in their bosoms sat,H5 II.ii.4
Crowned with faith, and constant loyalty. Crowned with faith and constant loyalty.H5 II.ii.5
Of fighting men they haue full threescore thousand.Of fighting men they have full threescore thousand.H5 IV.iii.3
O that we now had hereO that we now had hereH5 IV.iii.16.2
But one ten thousand of those men in England,But one ten thousand of those men in EnglandH5 IV.iii.17
That doe no worke to day.That do no work today!H5 IV.iii.18.1
Perish the man, whose mind is backward now.Perish the man whose mind is backward now!H5 IV.iii.72
Gods will, my Liege, would you and I alone,God's will, my liege, would you and I alone,H5 IV.iii.74
Without more helpe, could fight this Royall battaile.Without more help, could fight this royal battle!H5 IV.iii.75
The King hath graunted euery Article:The King hath granted every article:H5 V.ii.325
His Daughter first; and in sequele, all,His daughter first, and then, in sequel, all,H5 V.ii.326
According to their firme proposed natures.According to their firm proposed natures.H5 V.ii.327
Lords. LORDS
Amen.Amen!H5 V.ii.348
All. ALL
Amen.Amen!H5 V.ii.361

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