Original textModern textKey line
By Chrish Law tish ill done: the Worke ish By Chrish, la, 'tish ill done! The work ishH5 III.ii.85
giue ouer, the Trompet sound the Retreat. By my Hand give over, the trompet sound the retreat. By my handH5 III.ii.86
I sweare, and my fathers Soule, the Worke ish ill done: it I swear, and my father's soul, the work ish ill done: itH5 III.ii.87
ish giue ouer: I would haue blowed vp the Towne, so ish give over. I would have blowed up the town, soH5 III.ii.88
Chrish saue me law, in an houre. O tish ill done, tish ill Chrish save me, la, in an hour. O, tish ill done, 'tish illH5 III.ii.89
done: by my Hand tish ill done. done – by my hand, 'tish ill done!H5 III.ii.90
It is no time to discourse, so Chrish saue me: It is no time to discourse, so Chrish save me!H5 III.ii.102
the day is hot, and the Weather, and the Warres, and the The day is hot, and the weather, and the wars, and theH5 III.ii.103
King, and the Dukes: it is no time to discourse, the King, and the Dukes – it is no time to discourse, theH5 III.ii.104
Town is beseech'd: and the Trumpet call vs to the breech, town is beseeched, and the trumpet call us to the breach,H5 III.ii.105
and we talke, and be Chrish do nothing, tis shame for vs and we talk, and, be Chrish, do nothing; 'tis shame for usH5 III.ii.106
all: so God sa'me tis shame to stand still, it is shame by all: so God sa' me, 'tis shame to stand still; it is shame, byH5 III.ii.107
my hand: and there is Throats to be cut, and Workes to be my hand – and there is throats to be cut, and works to beH5 III.ii.108
done, and there ish nothing done, so Christ sa'me law. done, and there ish nothing done, so Chrish sa' me, la!H5 III.ii.109
Of my Nation? What ish my Nation? Ish a Of my nation? What ish my nation? Ish aH5 III.ii.118
Villaine, and a Basterd, and a Knaue, and a Rascall. What villain, and a bastard, and a knave, and a rascal. WhatH5 III.ii.119
ish my Nation? Who talkes of my Nation? ish my nation? Who talks of my nation?H5 III.ii.120
I doe not know you so good a man as my selfe: I do not know you so good a man as myself.H5 III.ii.127
so Chrish saue me, I will cut off your Head. So Chrish save me, I will cut off your head.H5 III.ii.128

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