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True: those that were your Fathers enemies, True: those that were your father's enemiesH5 II.ii.29
Haue steep'd their gauls in hony, and do serue you Have steeped their galls in honey, and do serve youH5 II.ii.30
With hearts create of duty, and of zeale. With hearts create of duty and of zeal.H5 II.ii.31
Sir, Sir,H5 II.ii.49
you shew great mercy if you giue him life, You show great mercy if you give him lifeH5 II.ii.50
After the taste of much correction. After the taste of much correction.H5 II.ii.51
And I my Royall Soueraigne. And I, my royal sovereign.H5 II.ii.65
Gray. Scro.GREY and SCROOP
To which we all appeale. To which we all appeal.H5 II.ii.78
Neuer did faithfull subiect more reioyce Never did faithful subject more rejoiceH5 II.ii.161
At the discouery of most dangerous Treason, At the discovery of most dangerous treasonH5 II.ii.162
Then I do at this houre ioy ore my selfe, Than I do at this hour joy o'er myself,H5 II.ii.163
Preuented from a damned enterprize; Prevented from a damned enterprise.H5 II.ii.164
My fault, but not my body, pardon Soueraigne. My fault, but not my body, pardon, sovereign.H5 II.ii.165

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