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Why do you stay so long, my Lords of France?Why do you stay so long, my lords of France?H5 IV.ii.36
Yond Iland Carrions, desperate of their bones,Yon island carrions, desperate of their bones,H5 IV.ii.37
Ill-fauoredly become the Morning field:Ill-favouredly become the morning field.H5 IV.ii.38
Their ragged Curtaines poorely are let loose,Their ragged curtains poorly are let loose,H5 IV.ii.39
And our Ayre shakes them passing scornefully.And our air shakes them passing scornfully.H5 IV.ii.40
Bigge Mars seemes banqu'rout in their begger'd Hoast,Big Mars seems bankrupt in their beggared host,H5 IV.ii.41
And faintly through a rustie Beuer peepes.And faintly through a rusty beaver peeps.H5 IV.ii.42
The Horsemen sit like fixed Candlesticks,The horsemen sit like fixed candlesticks,H5 IV.ii.43
With Torch-staues in their hand: and their poore IadesWith torch-staves in their hand; and their poor jadesH5 IV.ii.44
Lob downe their heads, dropping the hides and hips:Lob down their heads, dropping the hides and hips,H5 IV.ii.45
The gumme downe roping from their pale-dead eyes,The gum down-roping from their pale-dead eyes,H5 IV.ii.46
And in their pale dull mouthes the Iymold BittAnd in their pale dull mouths the gimmaled bitH5 IV.ii.47
Lyes foule with chaw'd-grasse, still and motionlesse.Lies foul with chawed grass, still and motionless;H5 IV.ii.48
And their executors, the knauish Crowes,And their executors, the knavish crows,H5 IV.ii.49
Flye o're them all, impatient for their howre.Fly o'er them all, impatient for their hour.H5 IV.ii.50
Description cannot sute it selfe in words,Description cannot suit itself in wordsH5 IV.ii.51
To demonstrate the Life of such a Battaile,To demonstrate the life of such a battleH5 IV.ii.52
In life so liuelesse, as it shewes it selfe.In life so lifeless as it shows itself.H5 IV.ii.53

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