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But how my Lord shall we resist it now? But how, my lord, shall we resist it now?H5 I.i.6
This would drinke deepe. This would drink deep.H5 I.i.20.1
But what preuention? But what prevention?H5 I.i.21
And a true louer of the holy Church. And a true lover of the holy Church.H5 I.i.23
We are blessed in the Change. We are blessed in the change.H5 I.i.37.2
The Strawberry growes vnderneath the Nettle, The strawberry grows underneath the nettle,H5 I.i.60
And holesome Berryes thriue and ripen best, And wholesome berries thrive and ripen bestH5 I.i.61
Neighbour'd by Fruit of baser qualitie: Neighboured by fruit of baser quality:H5 I.i.62
And so the Prince obscur'd his Contemplation And so the Prince obscured his contemplationH5 I.i.63
Vnder the Veyle of Wildnesse, which (no doubt) Under the veil of wildness, which, no doubt,H5 I.i.64
Grew like the Summer Grasse, fastest by Night, Grew like the summer grass, fastest by night,H5 I.i.65
Vnseene, yet cressiue in his facultie. Unseen, yet crescive in his faculty.H5 I.i.66
But my good Lord: But, my good lord,H5 I.i.69.2
How now for mittigation of this Bill, How now for mitigation of this billH5 I.i.70
Vrg'd by the Commons? doth his Maiestie Urged by the Commons? Doth his majestyH5 I.i.71
Incline to it, or no? Incline to it, or no?H5 I.i.72.1
How did this offer seeme receiu'd, my Lord? How did this offer seem received, my lord?H5 I.i.82
What was th'impediment that broke this off? What was th' impediment that broke this off?H5 I.i.90
It is. It is.H5 I.i.94
Ile wait vpon you, and I long to heare it. I'll wait upon you, and I long to hear it.H5 I.i.98
Awake remembrance of these valiant dead, Awake remembrance of these valiant dead,H5 I.ii.115
And with your puissant Arme renew their Feats; And with your puissant arm renew their feats.H5 I.ii.116
You are their Heire, you sit vpon their Throne: You are their heir, you sit upon their throne,H5 I.ii.117
The Blood and Courage that renowned them, The blood and courage that renowned themH5 I.ii.118
Runs in your Veines: and my thrice-puissant Liege Runs in your veins; and my thrice-puissant liegeH5 I.ii.119
Is in the very May-Morne of his Youth, Is in the very May-morn of his youth,H5 I.ii.120
Ripe for Exploits and mightie Enterprises. Ripe for exploits and mighty enterprises.H5 I.ii.121

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