Original textModern textKey line
May't please your Maiestie to giue vs leaue May't please your majesty to give us leaveH5 I.ii.238
Freely to render what we haue in charge: Freely to render what we have in charge,H5 I.ii.239
Or shall we sparingly shew you farre off Or shall we sparingly show you far offH5 I.ii.240
The Dolphins meaning, and our Embassie. The Dauphin's meaning and our embassy?H5 I.ii.241
Thus than in few: Thus then, in few:H5 I.ii.246.2
Your Highnesse lately sending into France, Your highness, lately sending into France,H5 I.ii.247
Did claime some certaine Dukedomes, in the right Did claim some certain dukedoms, in the rightH5 I.ii.248
Of your great Predecessor, King Edward the third. Of your great predecessor, King Edward the Third.H5 I.ii.249
In answer of which claime, the Prince our Master In answer of which claim, the Prince our masterH5 I.ii.250
Sayes, that you sauour too much of your youth, Says that you savour too much of your youth,H5 I.ii.251
And bids you be aduis'd: There's nought in France, And bids you be advised there's naught in FranceH5 I.ii.252
That can be with a nimble Galliard wonne: That can be with a nimble galliard won;H5 I.ii.253
You cannot reuell into Dukedomes there. You cannot revel into dukedoms there.H5 I.ii.254
He therefore sends you meeter for your spirit He therefore sends you, meeter for your spirit,H5 I.ii.255
This Tun of Treasure; and in lieu of this, This tun of treasure; and, in lieu of this,H5 I.ii.256
Desires you let the dukedomes that you claime Desires you let the dukedoms that you claimH5 I.ii.257
Heare no more of you. This the Dolphin speakes. Hear no more of you. This the Dauphin speaks.H5 I.ii.258

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