Original textModern textKey line
You'l leaue your noyse anon ye Rascals: doe you You'll leave your noise anon, ye rascals. Do youH8 V.iv.1
take the Court for Parish Garden: ye rude Slaues, leaue take the court for Parish Garden? Ye rude slaves, leaveH8 V.iv.2
your gaping.your gaping.H8 V.iv.3
Belong to th'Gallowes, and be hang'd ye Rogue:Belong to th' gallows, and be hanged, ye rogue!H8 V.iv.6
Is this a place to roare in? Fetch me a dozen Crab-treeIs this a place to roar in? Fetch me a dozen crab-treeH8 V.iv.7
staues, and strong ones; these are but switches to 'em:staves, and strong ones: these are but switches to 'em.H8 V.iv.8
Ile scratch your heads; you must be seeing Christenings?I'll scratch your heads. You must be seeing christenings?H8 V.iv.9
Do you looke for Ale, and Cakes heere, you rudeDo you look for ale and cakes here, you rudeH8 V.iv.10
Raskalls?rascals?H8 V.iv.11
How got they in, and be hang'd?How got they in, and be hanged?H8 V.iv.17
You did nothing Sir.You did nothing, sir.H8 V.iv.21.2
I shall be with you presently, good M. I shall be with you presently, good masterH8 V.iv.29
Puppy, / Keepe the dore close Sirha.puppy. Keep the door close, sirrah.H8 V.iv.30
What should you doe, / But knock 'em downe by What should you do, but knock 'em down byH8 V.iv.32
th'dozens? Is this More fields to muster in? Or haue wee th' dozens? Is this Moorfields to muster in? Or have weH8 V.iv.33
some strange Indian with the great Toole, come to Court, some strange Indian with the great tool come to court,H8 V.iv.34
the women so besiege vs? Blesse me, what a fry of the women so besiege us? Bless me, what a fry ofH8 V.iv.35
Fornication is at dore? On my Christian Conscience this fornication is at door! On my Christian conscience, thisH8 V.iv.36
one Christening will beget a thousand, here will bee one christening will beget a thousand: here will beH8 V.iv.37
Father, God-father, and all together. father, godfather, and all together.H8 V.iv.38
These are the youths that thunder at a Playhouse,These are the youths that thunder at a playhouse,H8 V.iv.59
and fight for bitten Apples, that no Audience but theand fight for bitten apples, that no audience but theH8 V.iv.60
tribulation of Tower Hill, or the Limbes of Limehouse,tribulation of Tower Hill or the limbs of Limehouse,H8 V.iv.61
their deare Brothers are able to endure. I haue some oftheir dear brothers, are able to endure. I have some ofH8 V.iv.62
'em in Limbo Patrum, and there they are like to dance'em in Limbo Patrum, and there they are like to danceH8 V.iv.63
these three dayes; besides the running Banquet of twothese three days, besides the running banquet of twoH8 V.iv.64
Beadles, that is to come.beadles that is to come.H8 V.iv.65
And't please your Honour,An't please your honour,H8 V.iv.73.2
We are but men; and what so many may doe,We are but men, and what so many may do,H8 V.iv.74
Not being torne a pieces, we haue done:Not being torn a-pieces, we have done.H8 V.iv.75
An Army cannot rule 'em.An army cannot rule 'em.H8 V.iv.76.1
Make way there, for the Princesse.Make way there for the Princess.H8 V.iv.86.1
You i'th'Chamblet, get vp o'th'raile,You i'th' camlet, get up o'th' rail;H8 V.iv.88
Ile pecke you o're the pales else. I'll peck you o'er the pales else.H8 V.iv.89