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I am fearefull: Wherefore frownes he thus?I am fearful – wherefore frowns he thus?H8 V.i.87.2
'Tis his Aspect of Terror. All's not well.'Tis his aspect of terror. All's not well.H8 V.i.88
It is my dutieIt is my dutyH8 V.i.90.2
T'attend your Highnesse pleasure.T' attend your highness' pleasure.H8 V.i.91.1
I humbly thanke your Highnesse,I humbly thank your highness,H8 V.i.108.2
And am right glad to catch this good occasionAnd am right glad to catch this good occasionH8 V.i.109
Most throughly to be winnowed, where my ChaffeMost throughly to be winnowed, where my chaffH8 V.i.110
And Corne shall flye asunder. For I knowAnd corn shall fly asunder, for I knowH8 V.i.111
There's none stands vnder more calumnious tongues,There's none stands under more calumnious tonguesH8 V.i.112
Then I my selfe, poore man.Than I myself, poor man.H8 V.i.113.1
Most dread Liege,Most dread liege,H8 V.i.121.2
The good I stand on, is my Truth and Honestie:The good I stand on is my truth and honesty.H8 V.i.122
If they shall faile, I with mine EnemiesIf they shall fail, I with mine enemiesH8 V.i.123
Will triumph o're my person, which I waigh not,Will triumph o'er my person, which I weigh not,H8 V.i.124
Being of those Vertues vacant. I feare nothingBeing of those virtues vacant. I fear nothingH8 V.i.125
What can be said against me.What can be said against me.H8 V.i.126.1
God, and your MaiestyGod and your majestyH8 V.i.140.2
Protect mine innocence, or I fall intoProtect mine innocence, or I fall intoH8 V.i.141
The trap is laid for me.The trap is laid for me!H8 V.i.142.1
I hope I am not too late, and yet the GentlemanI hope I am not too late, and yet the gentlemanH8 V.ii.1
That was sent to me from the Councell, pray'd meThat was sent to me from the Council prayed meH8 V.ii.2
To make great hast. All fast? What meanes this? Hoa?To make great haste. All fast? What means this? Ho!H8 V.ii.3
Who waites there? Who waits there?H8 V.ii.4.1
Sure you know me?Sure, you know me?H8 V.ii.4.2
Why?Why?H8 V.ii.5.2
So.So!H8 V.ii.6.2
'Tis Buts.'Tis Butts,H8 V.ii.9.2
The Kings Physitian, as he past alongThe King's physician. As he passed along,H8 V.ii.10
How earnestly he cast his eyes vpon me:How earnestly he cast his eyes upon me!H8 V.ii.11
Pray heauen he sound not my disgrace: for certainePray heaven he sound not my disgrace! For certainH8 V.ii.12
This is of purpose laid by some that hate me,This is of purpose laid by some that hate me – H8 V.ii.13
(God turne their hearts, I neuer sought their malice)God turn their hearts! I never sought their malice – H8 V.ii.14
To quench mine Honor; they would shame to make meTo quench mine honour. They would shame to make meH8 V.ii.15
Wait else at doore: a fellow CouncellorWait else at door, a fellow Councillor,H8 V.ii.16
'Mong Boyes, Groomes, and Lackeyes. / But their pleasures'Mong boys, grooms, and lackeys. But their pleasuresH8 V.ii.17
Must be fulfill'd, and I attend with patience.Must be fulfilled, and I attend with patience.H8 V.ii.18
My good Lords; Hitherto, in all the ProgresseMy good lords, hitherto in all the progressH8 V.iii.32
Both of my Life and Office, I haue labour'd,Both of my life and office, I have laboured,H8 V.iii.33
And with no little study, that my teachingAnd with no little study, that my teachingH8 V.iii.34
And the strong course of my Authority,And the strong course of my authorityH8 V.iii.35
Might goe one way, and safely; and the endMight go one way, and safely; and the endH8 V.iii.36
Was euer to doe well: nor is there liuing,Was ever to do well. Nor is there living – H8 V.iii.37
(I speake it with a single heart, my Lords)I speak it with a single heart, my lords – H8 V.iii.38
A man that more detests, more stirres against,A man that more detests, more stirs against,H8 V.iii.39
Both in his priuate Conscience, and his place,Both in his private conscience and his place,H8 V.iii.40
Defacers of a publique peace then I doe:Defacers of a public peace than I do.H8 V.iii.41
Pray Heauen the King may neuer find a heartPray heaven the King may never find a heartH8 V.iii.42
With lesse Allegeance in it. Men that makeWith less allegiance in it! Men that makeH8 V.iii.43
Enuy, and crooked malice, nourishment;Envy and crooked malice nourishmentH8 V.iii.44
Dare bite the best. I doe beseech your, Lordships,Dare bite the best. I do beseech your lordshipsH8 V.iii.45
That in this case of Iustice, my Accusers,That, in this case of justice, my accusers,H8 V.iii.46
Be what they will, may stand forth face to face,Be what they will, may stand forth face to face,H8 V.iii.47
And freely vrge against me.And freely urge against me.H8 V.iii.48.1
Ah my good Lord of Winchester: I thanke you,Ah, my good Lord of Winchester, I thank you;H8 V.iii.58
You are alwayes my good Friend, if your will passe,You are always my good friend. If your will pass,H8 V.iii.59
I shall both finde your Lordship, Iudge and Iuror,I shall both find your lordship judge and juror,H8 V.iii.60
You are so mercifull. I see your end,You are so merciful. I see your end:H8 V.iii.61
'Tis my vndoing. Loue and meekenesse, Lord'Tis my undoing. Love and meekness, lord,H8 V.iii.62
Become a Churchman, better then Ambition:Become a churchman better than ambition.H8 V.iii.63
Win straying Soules with modesty againe,Win straying souls with modesty again;H8 V.iii.64
Cast none away: That I shall cleere my selfe,Cast none away. That I shall clear myself,H8 V.iii.65
Lay all the weight ye can vpon my patience,Lay all the weight ye can upon my patience,H8 V.iii.66
I make as little doubt as you doe conscience,I make as little doubt as you do conscienceH8 V.iii.67
In doing dayly wrongs. I could say more,In doing daily wrongs. I could say more,H8 V.iii.68
But reuerence to your calling, makes me modest.But reverence to your calling makes me modest.H8 V.iii.69
Is there no other way of mercy,Is there no other way of mercy,H8 V.iii.92.2
But I must needs to th'Tower my Lords?But I must needs to th' Tower, my lords?H8 V.iii.93.1
For me?For me?H8 V.iii.95.2
Must I goe like a Traytor thither?Must I go like a traitor thither?H8 V.iii.96.1
Stay good my Lords,Stay, good my lords,H8 V.iii.97.2
I haue a little yet to say. Looke there my Lords,I have a little yet to say. Look there, my lords.H8 V.iii.98
By vertue of that Ring, I take my causeBy virtue of that ring I take my causeH8 V.iii.99
Out of the gripes of cruell men, and giue itOut of the gripes of cruel men, and give itH8 V.iii.100
To a most Noble Iudge, the King my Maister.To a most noble judge, the King my master.H8 V.iii.101
The greatest Monarch now aliue may gloryThe greatest monarch now alive may gloryH8 V.iii.163
In such an honour: how may I deserue it,In such an honour. How may I deserve it,H8 V.iii.164
That am a poore and humble Subiect to you?That am a poor and humble subject to you?H8 V.iii.165
And let HeauenAnd let heavenH8 V.iii.172.2
Witnesse how deare, I hold this Confirmation.Witness how dear I hold this confirmation.H8 V.iii.173
And to your Royall Grace, & the good Queen,And to your royal grace, and the good Queen!H8 V.v.4
My Noble Partners, and my selfe thus prayMy noble partners and myself thus prayH8 V.v.5
All comfort, ioy in this most gracious Lady,All comfort, joy, in this most gracious lady,H8 V.v.6
Heauen euer laid vp to make Parents happy,Heaven ever laid up to make parents happy,H8 V.v.7
May hourely fall vpon ye.May hourly fall upon ye!H8 V.v.8.1
Elizabeth.Elizabeth.H8 V.v.9.2
Amen.Amen.H8 V.v.11.2
Let me speake Sir,Let me speak, sir,H8 V.v.14.2
For Heauen now bids me; and the words I vtter,For heaven now bids me, and the words I utterH8 V.v.15
Let none thinke Flattery; for they'l finde 'em Truth.Let none think flattery, for they'll find 'em truth.H8 V.v.16
This Royall Infant, Heauen still moue about her;This royal infant – heaven still move about her! – H8 V.v.17
Though in her Cradle; yet now promisesThough in her cradle, yet now promisesH8 V.v.18
Vpon this Land a thousand thousand Blessings,Upon this land a thousand thousand blessings,H8 V.v.19
Which Time shall bring to ripenesse: She shall be,Which time shall bring to ripeness. She shall be – H8 V.v.20
(But few now liuing can behold that goodnesse)But few now living can behold that goodness – H8 V.v.21
A Patterne to all Princes liuing with her,A pattern to all princes living with her,H8 V.v.22
And all that shall succeed: Saba was neuerAnd all that shall succeed. Saba was neverH8 V.v.23
More couetous of Wisedome, and faire VertueMore covetous of wisdom and fair virtueH8 V.v.24
Then this pure Soule shall be. All Princely GracesThan this pure soul shall be. All princely gracesH8 V.v.25
That mould vp such a mighty Piece as this is,That mould up such a mighty piece as this is,H8 V.v.26
With all the Vertues that attend the good,With all the virtues that attend the good,H8 V.v.27
Shall still be doubled on her. Truth shall Nurse her,Shall still be doubled on her. Truth shall nurse her,H8 V.v.28
Holy and Heauenly thoughts still Counsell her:Holy and heavenly thoughts still counsel her;H8 V.v.29
She shall be lou'd and fear'd. Her owne shall blesse her;She shall be loved and feared. Her own shall bless her;H8 V.v.30
Her Foes shake like a Field of beaten Corne,Her foes shake like a field of beaten corn,H8 V.v.31
And hang their heads with sorrow: / Good growes with her.And hang their heads with sorrow. Good grows with her;H8 V.v.32
In her dayes, Euery Man shall eate in safety,In her days every man shall eat in safetyH8 V.v.33
Vnder his owne Vine what he plants; and singUnder his own vine what he plants, and singH8 V.v.34
The merry Songs of Peace to all his Neighbours.The merry songs of peace to all his neighbours.H8 V.v.35
God shall be truely knowne, and those about her,God shall be truly known, and those about herH8 V.v.36
From her shall read the perfect way of Honour,From her shall read the perfect ways of honour,H8 V.v.37
And by those claime their greatnesse; not by Blood.And by those claim their greatness, not by blood.H8 V.v.38
Nor shall this peace sleepe with her: But as whenNor shall this peace sleep with her; but as whenH8 V.v.39
The Bird of Wonder dyes, the Mayden Phoenix,The bird of wonder dies, the maiden phoenix,H8 V.v.40
Her Ashes new create another Heyre,Her ashes new-create another heirH8 V.v.41
As great in admiration as her selfe.As great in admiration as herself,H8 V.v.42
So shall she leaue her Blessednesse to One,So shall she leave her blessedness to one – H8 V.v.43
(When Heauen shal call her from this clowd of darknes)When heaven shall call her from this cloud of darkness – H8 V.v.44
Who, from the sacred Ashes of her HonourWho from the sacred ashes of her honourH8 V.v.45
Shall Star-like rise, as great in fame as she was,Shall star-like rise, as great in fame as she was,H8 V.v.46
And so stand fix'd. Peace, Plenty, Loue, Truth,Terror,And so stand fixed. Peace, plenty, love, truth, terror,H8 V.v.47
That were the Seruants to this chosen Infant,That were the servants to this chosen infant,H8 V.v.48
Shall then be his, and like a Vine grow to him;Shall then be his, and like a vine grow to him.H8 V.v.49
Where euer the bright Sunne of Heauen shall shine,Wherever the bright sun of heaven shall shine,H8 V.v.50
His Honour, and the greatnesse of his Name,His honour and the greatness of his nameH8 V.v.51
Shall be, and make new Nations. He shall flourish,Shall be, and make new nations. He shall flourish,H8 V.v.52
And like a Mountaine Cedar, reach his branches,And like a mountain cedar reach his branchesH8 V.v.53
To all the Plaines about him: Our Childrens ChildrenTo all the plains about him; our children's childrenH8 V.v.54
Shall see this, and blesse Heauen.Shall see this, and bless heaven.H8 V.v.55.1
She shall be to the happinesse of England,She shall be, to the happiness of England,H8 V.v.56
An aged Princesse; many dayes shall see her,An aged princess; many days shall see her,H8 V.v.57
And yet no day without a deed to Crowne it.And yet no day without a deed to crown it.H8 V.v.58
Would I had knowne no more: But she must dye,Would I had known no more! But she must die – H8 V.v.59
She must, the Saints must haue her; yet a Virgin,She must, the saints must have her – yet a virgin;H8 V.v.60
A most vnspotted Lilly shall she passeA most unspotted lily shall she passH8 V.v.61
To th'ground, and all the World shall mourne her.To th' ground, and all the world shall mourn her.H8 V.v.62