Original textModern textKey line
I cannot tellI cannot tellH8 I.i.66.2
What Heauen hath giuen him: let some Grauer eyeWhat heaven hath given him – let some graver eyeH8 I.i.67
Pierce into that, but I can see his PridePierce into that; but I can see his prideH8 I.i.68
Peepe through each part of him: whence ha's he that,Peep through each part of him. Whence has he that?H8 I.i.69
If not from Hell? The Diuell is a Niggard,If not from hell, the devil is a niggard,H8 I.i.70
Or ha's giuen all before, and he beginsOr has given all before, and he beginsH8 I.i.71
A new Hell in himselfe.A new hell in himself.H8 I.i.72.1
I do knowI do knowH8 I.i.80.2
Kinsmen of mine, three at the least, that haueKinsmen of mine, three at the least, that haveH8 I.i.81
By this, so sicken'd their Estates, that neuerBy this so sickened their estates that neverH8 I.i.82
They shall abound as formerly.They shall abound as formerly.H8 I.i.83.1
Is it thereforeIs it thereforeH8 I.i.96.2
Th'Ambassador is silenc'd?Th' ambassador is silenced?H8 I.i.97.1
A proper Title of a Peace, and purchas'dA proper title of a peace, and purchasedH8 I.i.98
At a superfluous rate.At a superfluous rate!H8 I.i.99.1
As the Duke said,As the Duke said,H8 I.i.214.2
The will of Heauen be done, and the Kings pleasureThe will of heaven be done, and the King's pleasureH8 I.i.215
By me obey'd.By me obeyed.H8 I.i.216.1