Original textModern textKey line
And if words will not, then our Weapons shal.And if words will not, then our weapons shall.2H6 V.i.140
Oft haue I seene a hot ore-weening Curre,Oft have I seen a hot o'erweening cur2H6 V.i.151
Run backe and bite, because he was with-held,Run back and bite, because he was withheld;2H6 V.i.152
Who being suffer'd with the Beares fell paw,Who, being suffered with the bear's fell paw,2H6 V.i.153
Hath clapt his taile, betweene his legges and cride,Hath clapped his tail between his legs and cried;2H6 V.i.154
And such a peece of seruice will you do,And such a piece of service will you do,2H6 V.i.155
If you oppose your selues to match Lord Warwicke.If you oppose yourselves to match Lord Warwick.2H6 V.i.156
Fie, Charitie for shame, speake not in spight,Fie, charity, for shame! Speak not in spite,2H6 V.i.213
For you shall sup with Iesu Christ to night.For you shall sup with Jesu Christ tonight.2H6 V.i.214
If not in heauen, you'l surely sup in hell. If not in heaven, you'll surely sup in hell.2H6 V.i.216
So lye thou there:So, lie thou there;2H6 V.ii.66
For vnderneath an Ale-house paltry signe,For underneath an alehouse' paltry sign,2H6 V.ii.67
The Castle in S. Albons, SomersetThe Castle in Saint Albans, Somerset2H6 V.ii.68
Hath made the Wizard famous in his death:Hath made the wizard famous in his death.2H6 V.ii.69
Sword, hold thy temper; Heart, be wrathfull still:Sword, hold thy temper; heart, be wrathful still;2H6 V.ii.70
Priests pray for enemies, but Princes kill.Priests pray for enemies, but princes kill.2H6 V.ii.71
My Noble Father:My noble father,2H6 V.iii.7.2
Three times to day I holpe him to his horse,Three times today I holp him to his horse,2H6 V.iii.8
Three times bestrid him: Thrice I led him off,Three times bestrid him; thrice I led him off,2H6 V.iii.9
Perswaded him from any further act:Persuaded him from any further act;2H6 V.iii.10
But still where danger was, still there I met him,But still where danger was, still there I met him,2H6 V.iii.11
And like rich hangings in a homely house,And like rich hangings in a homely house,2H6 V.iii.12
So was his Will, in his old feeble body,So was his will in his old feeble body.2H6 V.iii.13
But Noble as he is, looke where he comes.But, noble as he is, look where he comes.2H6 V.iii.14